WoW category showcases characters and their inventory from the renowned MMORPG games, such as World of Warcraft, Runes of Magic, Age of Conan, TERA and others. If you are a fan of the Fantasy World to which these heroes belong, you will certainly like to have them all in your 3D models collection. Now you have that chance! Go on and browse through the category and choose the character you are so attracted to.

WoW 3D printable models

The goal we want to address by introducing this category of models on our platform is to make interesting and highly powerful characters available in the real world, where you can touch them, play with them and even give them as a nice surprise to your beloved ones, who are familiar with the video game universe. Being one of the most subscribed MMORPG videog ames in the online realm, our designers do their best to create highly unique, true to the game figures.

They spend a lot of time researching, finding out what users’ expectations are and transfer what they learn into reality. These high definition 3D designs for printing are the perfect addition to your evenings with your friends. You can create together your own game script, inventing and completing quests and interactive missions. Involve all your friends in the fantasy adventure, make them all envy the fun that you have with these amazing characters. Let your imagination go wild!

Our designers offer the possibility to choose from such characters, as humans, dwarves, orcs or trolls. They are all created to the highest accuracy of details. You will definitely enjoy and like the result.

Make Your Own Fantasy with 3D Printing Characters

Now you are able to dive into the mysterious world of magic and endless adventure with these outstanding figures. We have opened the door to the amazing and mesmerizing world of the fantasy video game so that you can step into it at every time of the day. And if you are one of those passion-crazy fans, these 3D print designs are exactly the thing that you’ve been waiting for so long.