If you are passionate about military science fiction games and you spend all your free time in this amazing world, then this category is designed exactly for you. StarCraft II: Legacy of the World, StarCraft III, War for the Overworld, Total War: Rome II, Tryst, Achron, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and other certainly ring a bell to you.

You probably are one of those people who can’t sleep if the game was put on pause in the most exciting moment. You are eager to turn on your computer and enter the world of fight and battle, to give a helping hand to your favorite heroes seeking revenge.

Here is Your Chance to Bring the Game in the Real World with these Amazingly Crafted 3D Models

With the possibility of 3D printing your favorite characters from the hugely popular video game, this is your best opportunity. You can join in their missions of fighting against foes at any moment of the day. With the amazing 3D technology you can build your team of unstoppable assassins , choosing from a wide range of characters displayed on our platform. Terran 3D models, Protoss 3D models, Zerg 3D models and Xel’naga 3D model and many others will complement your collection of trained warriors. We know how admired these characters are for their fearless nature.

They know no mercy for alien aggressors. That’s why our 3D designers make sure that the final model is genuine to the video game prototype. You will see the striking resemblance of our models to the videogame heroes. Every detail is crafted in the tiniest detail, every enhancement of powerful weapons and apparel will leave you speechless to the accuracy of the design.

Fearless Fighter Leaders in 3D Print Form

If military science fiction video games are your thing then go ahead and browse through our category and find the characters you dream of having in real life. You can print them and enjoy outstanding results. They come either in static or assembly form. You can add them to your board or action game, put them on the shelf or make a nice present to your friends. Whatever you choose, the printable 3D files are a great way to get the replica of you favorite game star or inventory.