Best 3D Printed BattleTech Large-Scale Models and Miniatures

Fans of tabletop gaming enjoy numerous war games that could feature 3D printed BattleTech warriors. From Warhammer 40K to the original BattleTech and D&D, the rules might be different. Still, the characters can easily intersect with each other. Thus, you can 3D print your most beloved BattleTech miniatures and large-scale models and prepare your mechs for armoured combat on a battlefield.

3D printing has already revolutionized both miniature sculpting and large-scale models’ creation. With a 3D printer, it is possible to build multiple highly detailed BattleTech models that could replace figurines in your tabletop game or decorate your shelf. All you need are premium 3D printing files, your 3D printer, some creativity, some painting skills and some free time for your hobby.

BattleTech 3D printed models

BattleTech 3D Models with Files for Your 3D Printer

You will find many great MWO BattleTech 3D models with STL files on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace. The impressive level of detail will show off in all 3D printed large-scale BattleTech models, as seen on numerous images of finished mechs shared by talented enthusiasts from across the world.

You can also 3D print BattleTech miniatures for your tabletop games and surprise your friends with a unique mech team ready to battle. So, get inspired by the 3D printed mechs and turn the best 3D models into real masterpieces.

Large-Scale BattleTech Models

Fans of large-scale BattleTech models will find many impressive mechs for 3D printing on the Gambody marketplace. The level of detail and remarkable likeness of each piece to the original character will genuinely impress every 3D printing enthusiast.

Hobbyist Chris Corsello, for example, used silver PLA to 3D print Cyclops on his Anycubic i3 Mega 3D printer. This action assembly model boasts many impressive details as well as movable parts. Would you also like to add one to your collection? Download the Cyclops STL files for 3D printing on Gambody marketplace.

Large-scale BattleTech models Cyclops
Cyclops model 3D printed by Chris Corsello

Timber Wolf is one of the most iconic characters in the BattleTech universe. This mech is very aggressively looking. The model has a twisting body and movable arms and legs, making the Timber Wolf STL files a candy for every 3D printing hobbyist, including Darren Hadland. This maker added life-like rockets with the wow FX effects.

BattleTech Timber Wolf model 3D print
Life-like 3D printed Timber Wolf model made by Darren Hadland

A popular bipedal vehicle from the BattleTech universe, MWO War Hammer, is another example of an impressive mech with armour and deadly weaponry. Maker Thomas Cate showed how detailed the 3D printed War Hammer is even without paint. And hobbyist Keith Kosmal chose grey and bright yellow colours to complete this model. You can 3D print it as well after downloading the BattleTech War Hammer STL files.

BattleTech 3D printer files MWO War Hammer
War Hammer models made by Thomas Cate and Keith Kosmal

Enthusiast Scott Murphy 3D printed a large-scale BattleTech model UrbanMech on his Creality Ender-3 using UrbanMech STL files. He made sure to paint the mech with bright green decor over a metallic body. In addition, the maker showed the BattleTech mech next to miniatures to demonstrate the impressive model’s size.

Large-scale BattleTech UrbanMech model
Large-scale BattleTech UrbanMech model 3D printed by Scott Murphy

Besides, Scott Murphy recreated Jenner Oxide. He modified the original Jenner STL files and added some tubes and armour parts to the national pride of the Draconis Combine.

BattleTech 3D printed model Jenner Oxide
Jenner Oxide created by Scott Murphy

Matthias Schotten 3D printed a mighty BattleTech Shadow Hawk model. Then he planned to sand and paint it, but even unpainted, his project wows with a high level of details. Moreover, all the limbs are movable; thus, the maker can pose his mech. You can do this as well after getting the Shadow Hawk model STL files for 3D printing.

3D print BattleTech models Shadow Hawk
Shadow Hawk made by Matthias Schotten

3D printing is not only about bringing to life your most beloved characters. It is also about creativity. Different hobbyists make different versions of the same model and amaze with stunning ideas.

Fans of BattleTech models will enjoy the large-scale Archer mechs 3D printed and painted by Tony Adkins and Scott Murphy. These two machines impress with one-of-a-kind looks, and you can fantasize too once you download the Archer STL files.

3D printed BattleTech Archer mechs
Archer mechs 3D printed by Tony Adkins and Scott Murphy

Gambody hobbyists created many fantastic BattleTech Catapult 3D prints. Still, the work by Alexei Bruton truly stands out and is a must-see. The maker recreated the mech in 1/64 scale and showed how giant this large-scale project appears when compared to the 28mm miniatures standing next to it. You can also further extend your BattleTech universe by 3D printing the Catapult STL files.

Large-scale BattleTech model Catapult 3D print next to 28 mm miniatures
Catapult made in 1/64 scale by Alexei Bruton

Enthusiast Nawaf Bunashi presented his version of a 3D printed BattleTech Mad Cat MkII model. The creative maker added a shark smile to the bottom of the mech’s cabin. Therefore, this piece of art looks unique and can decorate your shelf as well. Of course, you would need to download the Mad Cat MkII STL files to 3D print this project in its original 1/60 scale or at a larger size.

BattleTech Mad Cat MkII 3D printed model
Mad Cat MkII model 3D printed by Nawaf Bunashi

Hobbyists know how incredible it is to finish 3D printing all the parts of the project. And many believe that it is equally essential to paint 3D printed models. Still, not everyone has enough time to complete this task right after 3D printing.

Luckily, the large-scale BattleTech models you can find on Gambody have many intricate details and features. Therefore, your mech will look stunning even without paint, just like the Hellbringer made by Buddy Magsipoc. You can get the Hellbringer model STL files to 3D print this mech warrior for your collection.

3D print BattleTech Hellbringer in large scale
Hellbringer made by Buddy Magsipoc

Talented Buddy Magsipoc also painted his Hellbringer mech and brought to life the BattleTech Raven model (which STL files are available here). Both mechs look like real masterpieces.

3D printed BattleTech Hellbringer and Raven models
Hellbringer and Raven models 3D printed by Buddy Magsipoc

The stunning BattleTech Mad Dog model can also inspire every fan of mechs for new creations. Hobbyists McGuigan Michael and Greg Mason have already built these spectacular machines. You might wish to download Mad Dog STL files to add this 3D printed mech to your backyard scene or shelf display too.

3D printed BattleTech Mad Dog mech models
BattleTech Mad Dog model 3D printed by Greg Mason and McGuigan Michael

Enjoy the photos of 3D printed large-scale BattleTech models and get MWO STL files for recreating the best projects on your 3D printer.

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3D Printed BattleTech Miniatures

Usually, the large-scale BattleTech models are offered at 1/60 scale, or you can make them way bigger. But you can also 3D print BattleTech miniatures in 1/144 scale if you love MWO games or 1/285 scale if you are a fan of BattleTech games. You can find many mini-versions of war machines online.

Of course, the size of the 3D printed BattleTech miniatures mainly depends on the size of the terrain you are using for tabletop games. Some hobbyists love to build giant terrains where even 1/100 scale mechs would look relatively small.

This stunning 16-cm BattleTech Rifleman, for instance, was made in 1/100 scale on an Anycubic Photon Mono X 3D printer by Nicolas Reiser. Adore all the beautiful details and download the Rifleman STL files to do a similar project.

3D printed BattleTech Rifleman model
Rifleman model 3D printed by Nicolas Reiser

Hobbyist Alan Murray built an impressive collection of 1/100 scale resin 3D printed BattleTech models. His every project adores eyes with bright colours, great details and fantastic paint job. As for you, it is easy to find all these and many more BattleTech models for 3D printing on the Gambody marketplace.

BattleTech 3D models turned into 3D printed mechs
Cataphract, Marauder, Stalker and Shadow Cat 3D prints by Alan Murray

Alan also 3D printed Locust models and shared a photo that allows comparing the 1/60 scale DLP 3D print and 1/100 scale resin mech.

Locust models in 1/60 and 1/100 scale made by Alan Murray

But if you are a big fan of 3D printed BattleTech miniatures, you can make even smaller mech models of 40mm, 35mm, 28mm and less using your 3D printer. Such tiny projects will fit on your palm. In addition, you can use them in your tabletop and board games.

Below are great examples of small 3D printed mechs. You can also 3D print BattleTech miniatures at a bigger scale than the ‘standard board’ size as done by Thingiverse makers hungryspacelizard and clandaith.

3D printed BattleTech miniatures
3D printed BattleTech miniatures by clandaith and hungryspacelizard

Or you might wish to design your one-of-a-kind 3D printing BattleTech models in 1/144 or 1/285 scale making the tiny 6mm-10mm figurines for a standard terrain.

It is now time to 3D print BattleTech miniatures and large-scale mech models. Build your machine army using a 3D printer, and join Gambody 3D Printing Community to showcase your stunning ‘iron’ warriors. May your 3D printed mechs encourage other creators for new activities.

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