Fantastic MechWarrior 3D Print Collection of 25 Models to Build in 2021

Fans of BattleTech universe and MechWarrior video games love the giant robots. Perfect war machines can combat for hours in a row in games. They look convincing in the wargaming franchise, and they look fantastic in MechWarrior 3D print collection on the shelves.

Even a simple MechWarrior 3D model printed at home can look life-like and give you a sense of an upcoming attack, just like in the wargame.

Enthusiasts who love the fictional profession created in BattleTech and adore the original MechWarrior Online, role-playing and miniature-based wargames, will enjoy to 3D print stunning MWO projects.

MechWarrior 3D Print Models

A vast collection of MWO 3D printing robots keeps growing as more and more people enjoy crafting these mech machines. Some of the most popular characters are Catapult, BattleMaster, King Crab, Timber Wolf, Mad Cat and Mad Dog, Cataphract, Summoner, Urbanmech.

Still, Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace offers many more mech projects to build on your 3D printer at home. Each model has impressive details and high-quality STL files that are smooth to print.

Besides, you can always download additional MWO weapon and machine guns kits to upgrade your mech character, make it unique and more powerful.

MechWarrior 3D print collection of robots and machines

Top 25 MWO 3D Printing Models with STL Files

While you are playing your favourite wargame online or looking for a new MechWarrior 3D model to download and print on your 3D printer, Gambody offers a selection of top 25 MWO projects to make in 2020. You will find STL files next to each machine reviewed in this digest.

1. MechWarrior Catapult 3D Print

Designed by Maverik, Catapult has missiles to fire into its enemies. Of course, missiles are only 3D printed and do not rain down anything in reality. But this 3D printing robot is perfect for a true BattleTech fan.

In games, the Catapult fire-support mech was a predecessor of the more successful BattleMaster. Still, this 3D printing model is fantastic to craft and add to your collection.

MechWarrior Catapult 3D printing model STL
Maker: Alexei Bruton

You are welcome to download Catapult 3D printing files and make an impressive figurine.

2. MWO Best Locust to 3D Print

If you are in search of the best Locust robot to 3D print, look no further. Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace offers fantastic STL files of the figurine designed by Maverik.

Locust is a standard mech that exists in the BattleMech universe. This is why it is a must to craft at home. This character is well-known for its fast speeds in the games. It can easily outrun most enemies or use its weapons for self-defence.

Locust mech 3D printing model STL
Maker: Alan Murray

Download Locust STL files and create an impressive super mech of the Inner Sphere.

3. Raven MechWarrior Online 3D Printing Model

Electronic warfare from the popular wargame by name Raven was designed to work great in combat. This fast machine, however, turned out to be not as effective as its creators hoped.

Still, with its small weapons array, sturdy “legs” and bird-like resemblance, this mech is an outstanding 3D printing robot. You can download Raven STL files on Gambody and 3D print a perfect figurine for your collection of mechs.

MechWarrior Raven model to 3D Print STL files

Maverik who designed this model knows how to create a fantastic project with moveable limbs and combine two robots’ weapons, RVN-H and RVN-3L, in one figure.

4. MWO Best BattleMaster to 3D Print

Hobbyists who are looking to create one of the most agile robots in the BattleMech universe can build BattleMaster. This machine is a powerful robot with professional armouring and firepower.

You can get BattleMaster STL files and build a stunning project designed by Vertex. This massive character resembles its MWO video game prototype. It boasts terrific battle machine features, perfect articulation and remarkable details.

MechWarrior BattleMaster 3D printed model STL
Maker: Tony Adkins

The model is built from 3D printed parts (body, feet, hands) that can be joined to make a poseable robot and a memorable action figure.

5. MechWarrior Rifleman 3D Printing Figure

An excellent shooter with impressive armour and firepower ability, Rifleman, is another perfect MWO project to 3D print for your collection.

Designed by Fredy Durst, Rifleman 3D printing model boasts incredible medium and large lasers, two autocannons and subtle details.

MWO Rifleman 3D printed MechWarrior with STL files
Maker: Alwin Chan

This character is a perfect shooter in games. It will be a fantastic addition to your collection of mechs.

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6. MWO Best Hellbringer Figurine to 3D Print

Some mechs are fully equipped with armour while others, like Hellbringer, boast advanced electronics and high speed.

Hellbringer 3D printing model offered on Gambody is designed by Maverik. This heavy mech has an anti-personnel buildup that consists of several machine guns, lasers, ER PPC, and has an anti-missile system. This robot is a professional killer in the wargame.

MWO Hellbringer MechWarrior Online model STL files

You can 3D print Hellbringer to add this stunning figure to your mech collection.

7. MechWarrior Jenner 3D Printing Robot

Jenner is fast and agile. This light robot from a popular computer game is well-known for its striking power and fighter talent.

Fantastic Jenner MWO STL files you can download on Gambody can help you build a stunning figurine with jump-sets on the torso and medium lasers armour. The moveable limbs result in the creation of a unique action figure 3D printed by you. Assembly of all parts is trouble-free and straightforward.

MechWarrior Jenner MWO STL files to 3D print

Even though Jenner’s arm-mounted weapons cannot traverse sideways, this version of JR7-D mech is a must-have in any BattleMech fan collection of action figures and souvenirs.

8. MWO King Crab Model to 3D Print

One of the best close-range mechs to 3D print, King Crab, received his name for his design. This robot has crab-inspired claws and boasts some of the hardest hitting weapons available in the world of BattleMech games.

Download King Crab STL files to craft a fantastic mech robot. It is designed by Vertex who made sure to add all the fine details to the 3D printing project. This MechWarrior boasts an autocannon in each claw, easy-to-connect joints and a crab-like shell on the torso with long sturdy legs.

MechWarrior King Crab model 3D print MWO STL files
Maker: Joe Broggio

This King Crab is an imposing warrior.

9. MechWarrior Zeus Best 3D Printing Model

One of the great Inner Sphere mechs, Zeus, is a bipedal assault machine. It is a shooter with guns and multipurpose weaponry that can withstand most combats without a loss.

The 3D printing model of Zeus comes with over 40 parts to build. The assembly is smooth. Gambody offers several versions of this project, including a few-detailed robot to keep costs down while making it.

MechWarrior Zeus model to 3D Print with STL files

Besides, there is Zeus with and without antennas. There are versions for different 3D printer types, and all the files can be scaled by you if needed.

10. MWO Kodiak 3D Printing Robot

Kodiak is another bipedal vehicle from the fictional world of MechWarrior Online. It is a real beast, a dream machine for many fans of the game.

A stunning 3D printing model of Kodiak found on Gambody is a fire powered assault vehicle with several lasers, Streak SRM-6s and Series II Ultra AC/20 weapons. The project consists of over 40 parts that are necessary to 3D print and assemble.

MechWarrior Kodiak model to 3D print
Maker: Scott Murphy

The result will be stunning because Kodiak is poseable. This action figure has movable arms and legs and a rotating torso.

11. Timber Wolf Mech 3D Printing Model

This OmniMech is heavy and fast. Its design resembles the cross-over between two models, Catapult and Marauder. Still, Timber Wolf is more potent than these machines.

The project designed by Maverik comes with many fine details and stunning weapons. Once you download Timber Wolf STL files and 3D print this OmniMech, you can imagine how it uses its powerful weaponry and armour to shoot enemies.

MechWarrior Timber Wolf model to 3D print STL files
Maker: Erick Taillon

Timber Wolf 3D printing robot is designed with movable arms, feet, articulated foot pedals and a twisting torso.

12. MechWarrior Mad Cat Model to 3D Print

Timber Wolf is also known as Mad Cat (Mad stands for Marauder and Cat stands for Catapult). This aggressive-looking, powerful beast is a perfect combat machine to use in the wargame.

Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace has two versions of Mad Cat STL files available to download and 3D print (both Mad Cat II and Timber Wolf are designed by Maverik).

MechWarrior Mad Cat II model to 3D print STL files
Maker: Alan Murray

Mad Cat MkII has nice joints for articulation, impressive game-like armour and guns, including LRM-10 positioned at 45 degrees.

13. MWO Warhammer 3D Printing Robot

Warhammer or War Hammer is a popular heavy mech in the famous computer game. This robot is well protected by tons of armour and might look bulkier than some other machines.

Still, Warhammer is manoeuvrable and sturdy. You can download Warhammer STL files to build an outstanding action figure.

MechWarrior Warhammer robot to 3D print STL files
Maker: Alan Murray

Assembling all the printed parts with joints makes a fantastic poseable mech with guns instead of “fingers” and firepower weaponry that resembles a game character.

14. MechWarrior Mad Dog to 3D Print

Mad Dog is also known as MechWarrior Vulture because it resembles one with its bird-like legs and protruding head.

This heavy OmniMech is a great machine to use for indirect fire support. In games, Mad Dog or Vulture wins over enemies using its missiles and lasers. A 3D printing model of Mad Dog available on Gambody boasts several guns and stunning weaponry.

MechWarrior Mad Dog OmniMech figure to 3D print
Maker: Alan Murray

This poseable action figure can become a jewel of your collection once 3D printed, assembled and painted by you.

15. MWO Thunderbolt 3D Printing Model

Being one of the most massive mechs of its time, Thunderbolt was meant as an assault machine. It received a varied arsenal and could deliver fast speeds. While the project could not jump, its heavy armour could protect its master from enemies.

Thunderbolt MechWarrior is also known as T-Bolt. You can download Thunderbold STL files on Gambody and enjoy making a fantastic model designed by Maverik.

MechWarrior T-Bolt or Thunderbolt robot to 3D print

T-Bolt comes with lasers and guns. Like other MWO 3D printing models from Gambody, it boasts movable parts of the body and weapons.

16. MechWarrior Cataphract STL Files

Created specifically for wars, Cataphract is a famous BattleMech whose appearance resembles Frankenstein and gives the model another name of FrankenMech.

This front-line brawler comes with stunning weaponry. You are advised to 3D print this robot to enhance your MWO collection. Cataphract high-quality 3D printing model available on Gambody is a real masterpiece. It comes with unique joints that require no glue during assembly.

MechWarrior Cataphract robot to 3D print

Besides, you can potentially remove FrankenMech’s armour and replace it with alternative kits.

17. MWO UrbanMech 3D Printing Robot

This is the slowest among light mechs released within the BattleMech universe. UrbanMech was designed for urban defence and municipal combat and was useless in the open countryside wars.

A 3D printing model of UrbanMech, still, is a beautiful piece of art for your collection. This robot comes with a small laser and one autocannon. It has 3D printable joints that allow assembling an action figure with movable limbs.

MechWarrior UrbanMech robot to 3D print
Maker: Scott Murphy

The project is a smooth one. It requires the least number of supports and has about 20 parts to assemble, which is way smaller than necessary for building a heavy mech.

18. MechWarrior Shadow Hawk to 3D Print

A speedy and multitasking robot Shadow Hawk is one of the top medium mechs. This machine boasts short- and long-range weaponry. It comes with fantastic armour, which also makes it an impressive 3D printing model.

You can download Shadow Hawk STL files to craft an action figure. This mech project comes with excellent joints and claws. Once assembled, it impresses with its rotating torso, poseable legs and weapons.

MechWarrior Shadow Hawk model to 3D print
Maker: Matthias Schotten

It is a pleasure to set such a print on a shelf or use it in table wargames.

19. MWO Summoner BattleMech STL Files

Having a slight resemblance to the Thunderbolt, Summoner is another heavy OmniMech to add to your collection of 3D printed mech robots.

Summoner is well-known as Thor Mech among gamers and hobbyists who love the Inner Sphere creations. Gambody offers stunning Summoner “Thor” STL files to download and craft. This model was designed by Fredy Durst, who outlined all its distinguishing features.

MechWarrior Summoner or MWO Thor robot to 3D print
Maker: Leonid Motorin

“Thor” comes with an autocannon, LRM-15 launcher and missiles. It is a valuable action figure for real collectors.

20. MechWarrior Stalker 3D Printing Model

If you are looking for a top-class assault-weight robot for your collection, Stalker is a perfect choice. This project is over-gunned, and it seems exclusive in a variety of different mechs.

Stalker has no hands. But this feature does not leave it unprotected. There is plenty of room for impressive armour and guns, which are featured in the stunning Stalker 3D printing robot designed by Black Wolf and available on Gambody marketplace.

MechWarrior Online Stalker model to 3D print

You can connect all 3D printed parts of MWO Stalker without glue. Unique joints are created for it to be a perfect action figure with poseable limbs.

21. MWO Atlas Robot to 3D Print

It only takes Atlas one quick shot to kill its lighter enemies. It is mighty in the computer game and loved by many fans of the BattleTech universe.

The 3D printed prototype of Atlas looks impressive. It features all the remarkable armour of its original character. Highly-detailed Atlas model STL files include 49 parts, which become movable parts of this action figure when you assemble all the elements along with joints.

MechWarrior Atlas BattleTech model to 3D print STL files
Maker: Alan Murray

Atlas is not only one of the most potent mechs, but it is also fierce-looking and can look stylish if you choose to paint it in bright colours.

22. Female MechWarrior 3D Printing Model

Heavy BattleMech machines should be piloted. And women are famous pilots in this computer game world. They can drive their robots as good as men.

Fans of mechs who play the lead role in the wargame can download female MechWarrior STL files to craft these unique characters. Gambody offers great models designed by Maverik.

MechWarrior female pilots STL files to 3D print

The latest updates offer female warriors in new combat suits, unique for each of the three poses available. Such a variety of poses and outfits makes it possible to build a small female army for your collection.

23. MWO Omega Mech Model to 3D Print

Some robots have no heads. Instead, they are armoured with Gauss Riffles that replace the head and add extra power to the machine.

Omega 3D printing model is an exciting project that boasts a massive skeleton, sturdy feet, and stunning firepower. This machine can be built with joints to make its leg workable.

MechWarrior Omega STL files to 3D print

The design reminds many of a three-head dragon, just made of “metal” and weaponry instead of scales and “natural” fire.

24. MechWarrior Marauder 3D Printing Robot

Marauder looks fierce. This killing machine is designed to fire its impressive cannon that looks like a crown on its powerful torso.

You can 3D print an impressive Marauder mech for your collection. This bipedal vehicle performs excellently in the massive combats in a game, and it can proudly lead other mechs on your shelf.

MechWarrior Marauder model to 3D print
Maker: RK Designs Studio

It is fantastic to 3D print robots with removable weapons. It is possible with Marauder, and once you remove its default firepower and autocannons, you can download various gun and armour kits for your favourite mech machines.

25. MechWarrior Online Machine Guns and Weapon 3D Printing Kits

Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace has many impressive packages you can use to upgrade your mech model. You can download STL files to build new guns and weapons for some of the most popular characters, including Raven, Marauder, Mad Cat, King Crab, Timber Wolf and others.

MechWarrior guns and weapons 3D printing kits STL files

Here is a list of available STL files with particular mech support:

It is time to grow your stunning MechWarrior 3D print collection with new machines and weapon upgrades. Make sure to showcase your favourite characters in Gambody Facebook group. Let everyone adore your beautiful MWO 3D printed models.

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