15 Fantastic 3D Printed Cartoon Character Models to Collect

While mass-market cartoon figure toys are always popular among children, adults also like to collect famous heroes from animated films and series. Only, as you grow up, you choose to go with a 3D printed cartoon character model instead of buying something ready to ship. It is way better when you make something with your hands and creative mind, and such DIY projects are unique and priceless to your heart.

There are several impressive famous cartoon heroes on Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace. You can download any model in STL format and craft on your affordable 3D printer at home.

3D print cartoon

3D Printed Cartoon Character

Among cartoon collectible items you can create yourself if you have a 3D printer are many recognized characters from various cartoons. The list includes the good old Rick and Morty, Gravity Falls, Futurama, Asterix the Gaul, Transformers, Pokemon the Series, the latest Cuphead Show from Netflix, and other projects.

3D Printed cartoon character models

Crafting cartoon figure toys at home on a 3D printer is a fantastic idea. It has become a hobby for thousands of men and women. You can also make and paint cute figurines and statues on your own if you are not afraid to fall in love with this pastime. Because once you begin your adventure into the world of 3D printing, it will be too difficult to stop.

Top 15 Cartoon 3D Models to 3D Print

Each of the 3D print STL cartoon models offered at Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace has been checked for errors. You can be sure that your figure would be crafted in the smoothest way possible with the least number of supports and filament required for a good print.

1. Futurama Fry 3D Model to Print

The multiple-award winner cartoon Futurama has many fans who would like to 3D print one of the show’s characters. Gambody has a nice 3D printing figurine of Fry, the cartoon’s main protagonist, available to download.

In the story, Fry is a pizza-delivery man who is a child in his heart. He was born in the twenties century but got frozen until 2999. It is when his adventures begin.

The bust of Philip J. Fry looks very similar to the original design. It can be used in your office, at home, in board games, or you can make it a fantastic gift to a friend who is a fan of Futurama series.

Futurama Fry 3D Model

Download Futurama STL files to craft a realistic Fry bust.

2. Bender Futurama 3D STL

If you have crafted Fry figurine, you could add another Futurama character to your collection. Robot Bender who works with Philip J. Fry in the cartoon series is also available to download as a 3D printing model at Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace.

Bender is a hilarious antihero. His “belly” is a perfect hide-place for drinks and beverages. It works as a squeezer where you can always find a hidden bottle.

The 3D printing figurine also has a door in the “belly” with a bottle inside. Besides, it offers several versions of Bender’s hands and two versions of the head. The 23-centimetres-tall (9 inches) statue comes with two accompanies (girlfriends) and a New Year cap.

Bender Futurama cartoon 3D STL files

Download premium 3D printing STLs with robot Bender figure 3D model.

3. Gravity Falls Figurines

Famous twins from Gravity Falls cartoon, Mabel and Dipper Pines, look impressive as 3D prints. Their summer adventures are fantastic, and your diorama can look just as remarkable.

The 3D printing model is cut into seven easy-to-print pieces. Assembly will not take too long, and your final project will boast some great details. For example, Dipper Pines carries a book and holds a flashlight in his hands. His sister Mabel has her grappling hook. Thus, they are ready for another unforgettable adventure in your collection of famous cartoon figures.

Here is a perfect 3D printed and painted Gravity Falls diorama made by minibricks.co:

Gravity Falls 3D printed cartoon characters
Maker: minibricks.co‎

Download STL files to 3D print diorama Gravity Falls.

4. Pickle Rick 3D Printed Cartoon Character

Have you watched Rick and Morty animated series? One of its episodes told a story about a scientist whose experiments turned him from Rick into a pickle. It would not be a big deal if he had not to attend therapy that day. His adventures were memorable, and you can also turn your filament into a funny Pickle Rick figure if you wish.

Your figurine will be fantastic, and your friends will surely notice the pickle with guns. The model stands at over 22 centimetres (nearly 9 inches) tall. Pickle Rick FDM 3D print looks fantastic with and without a laser or weapons in his hands because these hands are changeable. Besides, the figure is cut into several parts to result in the best printing experience.

Look at this smooth printing achieved by Nico Skull. It is incredible:

Pickle Rick 3D Print
Maker: Nico Skull

Here is an excellent example of Pickle Rick character painted by Roman Wolf:

Pickle Rick figurine
Maker: Roman Wolf‎

Your cartoon figurine can sometimes look dangerous and horrifying (if needed) just like this model crafted by Sam Fenimore:

Rick and Morty cartoon figurine
Maker: Sam Fenimore

You can ‘grow’ your model from 22 centimetres to 40 centimetres by scaling the STL files if you wish. RCLifeOn took such a step and achieved excellent results:

3D printed Pickle Rick
Maker: RCLifeOn
RCLifeOn’s video about making Pickle Rick

Download STLs with Pickle Rick 3D cartoon figure model.

5. Asterix Cartoon 3D Model to Print

Popular comics are often turned into cartoons and movies. The story about two Gauls Asterix and Obelix began as a series of French comics The Adventures of Asterix. But it was so much loved by people that the village of Gauls was depicted in several animated films and live actions.

If you remember the cartoon and wish to 3D print these famous cartoon figures, you can begin your collection with a cute Asterix figurine. This fearless and smart Gaulish warrior is nearly 11 centimetres (4 inches) in height if you choose to craft it on any inexpensive FDM 3D printer. The assembly of twelve parts is rather simple and allows you to paint each piece separately to achieve the best result possible.

Look how cute painted Asterix figurine looks (Thomas Kunert did this project):

Maker: Thomas Kunert

You can enjoy some handy advice on how to make Asterix figurine from Jérémie Bizart on the video.

Download premium 3D printing files to make Asterix statue.

6. Obelix Cartoon 3D Model

If Asterix is tiny but smart, Obelix is much bigger than his friend, and he possesses superhuman strength. Who would not like to add such an exclusive and the most powerful member of the Asterix’s village to his or her collection of famous cartoon characters?

Luckily, Gambody has a fantastic Obelix 3D printing figurine which you can craft yourself after getting the STL files. Cut into thirteen parts; this model is one of the most effortless 3D prints for beginners, which is simple to assemble and turns out beautiful even if you are not a pro artist yet.

Obelix cartoon 3D printing model
Maker: Thomas Kunert

Download Obelix STLs to make this cartoon hero.

7. Dogmatix Cartoon Figure Toys

A tiny white terrier dog loves to accompany his master Obelix. The dog’s name is Dogmatix, and it makes a beautiful addition to Asterix diorama.

You can use this 3D printed cartoon character with its stand, Romans armour and a tree trunk to create a lovely scene from the animated film. Your project will be of 16 cm x 32 cm x 32 cm (6 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches) size without Obelix. It can be slightly taller if you add this famous Gaul along with Asterix figurine to finalize the scene.

The painted Dogmatix figure is genuinely fantastic. Well done by 3D printing enthusiast Thomas Kunert:

Maker: Thomas Kunert

If you decide to 3D print cartoon characters one by one, you can complete a beautiful Asterix and Obelix diorama. Here is a fantastic project completed by maker Thomas Kunert:

Maker: Thomas Kunert

Enjoy another Asterix diorama made by Matthew Nicholas at an incredible 300 per cent scale:

Asterix and Obelix cartoon figure toys 3D printed
Maker: Matthew Nicholas

Download premium STL files for building a Dogmatix 3D printing figurine.

8. Cuphead and Mugman Cartoon-like Figures

Sometimes cartoon collectible items emerge from computer games. Cuphead is a great run and gun game that was introduced in 2017 and found millions of fans by 2019. Its creators chose to follow the animation cartoon-like style of the 1930s, and this idea has proven to be brilliant.

The game became so popular and recognized all across the globe that Netflix announced the production of The Cuphead Show, an animated cartoon series based on the game. While the release date of this cartoon is currently unknown, you can go ahead and 3D print the main characters from the future series.

Cuphead cartoon 3d model to print

Download STLs for Cuphead and Mugman 3D printing figurines.

9. Pokemon Charizard vs Pikachu 3D Model to Print

The history of Pokemon franchise boasts many fantastic moments for the fans of Pikachu and other creatures. It all started as computer games but later grew into a big project with anime cartoons, films, books, comics, music, and much more.

Anyways, if you love to collect famous cartoon figures, you will find some excellent 3D printing models at Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace. This site has many fantastic statues and figurines to enjoy. Charizard vs Pikachu is a diorama you are to like a lot if you are fond of Pokemon characters.

The dragon and Pikachu are in a fight. You can see electricity strikes and dragon fire in the scene that reaches the size of 25 cm x 42 cm x 30 cm (10 inches x 16 inches x 12 inches). It contains all the fun elements of a real battle, including thunder and fire, as well as two cartoon figurines.

Here is this ideal scene “captured” by 3D printing enthusiast Pipier Michel:

Pikachu 3d print
Maker: Pipier Michel

The models look stunning even before being painted by Nyby Perez:

Maker: Nyby Perez

Of course, colour adds more fun to the battle scene. Here is a great Pokemon diorama shared by Bro Makers 3D:

Pokemon Charizard vs Pikachu figurines
Maker: Bro Makers 3D

Download STLs to craft Charizard vs Pikachu diorama on your 3D printer.

10. Misty Pokemon Figure

This smiling anime character is a Water Pokemon Master. She is training the famous creatures and is always accompanied by her best friend Togepi.

Being a gym leader, this girl likes to wear sneakers, shorts and a yellow t-shirt. Her bright red hair and a ponytail make her look beautiful. The 3D model you can download from Gambody is 22 centimetres (9 inches) tall. It is simple to 3D print and to assemble. Misty and Togepi, whom she holds in her hands, are cheerful and happy together.

Look at this fantastic girl Misty who is a Pokemon trainer that was created by Alex Cruz on Zortrax M200 FDM 3D printer:

Misty Pokemon figure
Maker: Alex Cruz

Download STL files for Misty 3D printing figurine.

11. Cartoon Character Ash Ketchum 3D Print

Just like Misty, Ash is also a Pokemon trainer. His story begins in Pallet Town and offers him many adventures as he wishes to become a Pokemon Master. His first creature friend is Pikachu, and Misty is one of the girls he meets on his way.

If you already have Misty and Pikachu fighting Charizard in your collection of famous cartoon characters, you might also like to make Ash Ketchum figurine. This way you can expand your Pokemon series of 3D prints. The size of this model is 22 centimetres (9 inches) in height, just like the one of Misty. There are ten parts to make. Still, everything is finalized by Gambody team in a way to make sure your printing process will be easy, fast and smooth.

Here is a perfect 3D print of Ash Ketchum character crafted by Zach Kirk:

Cartoon character Ash Ketchum 3D print
Maker: Zach Kirk

Download premium 3D printing files for making Ash Ketchum cartoon figurine.

12. Bob Belcher Figure

Have you watched Bob’s Burgers? This Fox animated series is devoted to the family of restaurateur by the name of Robert or shortly Bob Belcher. Together with his wife and three kids, Bob runs his Bob’s Burgers.

This cartoon character is pretty good at cooking burgers. However, his business skills are weak, and various life situations often challenge his luck. Overall, it is a positive character that looks impressive as a 3D print.

Depicted in his apron and with a burger in his hands, Bob Belcher 3D printing model seems to shout his favourite phrase “Oh My God.” He is shocked by something unexpected that could ruin his business. The height of this statue is 23 centimetres (9 inches). There is also a stand to support the figure.

Bob Belcher figure

Download STLs for making your Bob Belcher 3D printing cartoon figurine.

13. Lucky Luke Cartoon Character

Even though Lucky Luke animated TV series was broadcast in 1984 in France, its main character is still loved by many in 2019. Based on comics, Lucky Luke has conquered hearts of both comics and cartoon fans. This cowboy represents the 20th century and describes the Far West culture through his adventures.

Since the cowboy travelled on his horse and was accompanied by a dog in the cartoon, the model you can find at Gambody marketplace also comes with additional characters. Lucky Luke, Jolly Jumper and Rantanplan are willing to begin a new adventure in your collection of cartoon figure toys.

These three friends, even not yet painted, look fantastic in diorama created by Ronny Raimondi:

Lucky Luke cartoon character
Maker: Ronny Raimondi

The scene finalized by Stampa 3D Art is astonishing:

Lucky Luke 3D printed figurine
Maker: Stampa 3D Art

Download STL files for Lucky Luke 3D printing model.

14. Transformers Optimus Prime 3D Print

Real toy lines influence some cartoons. It happened to Transformers animated TV series that aired in the 1980s and was based on Hasbro’s toys. The giant robots were initially introduced in Japan by Takara toy manufacturer. They became extremely popular across the world; thus the “metal characters” were depicted not only in the cartoons but also in the movies.

Optimus Prime is one of the main characters of the original story. He has many fans among kids and adults. Adding his figurine to your collection is a great idea.

The figurine you can 3D print can boast the height of nearly 33 centimetres (13 inches). It has a platform, locks, and a total of 17 parts. All details are simple to craft on your own.

This freshly made Optimus Prime looks very detailed even without the paint. However, when Nicolas Dafnis painted his project, it became fantastic:

Transformers Optimus Prime 3D print figurine
Maker: Nicolas Dafnis

Download STL files for Transformers Optimus Prime 3D printing model.

15. Transformers Megatron 3D Model

Megatron is another famous character from the Transformers franchise. It is often turned into cartoon figure toys and used in animated series and movies. While Hasbro Megatron Transformer toy exists, it could be more enjoyable for you to create a 3D printed figurine of this character instead of getting the mass-market figure.

You will have much fun making the character from Transformers: The Last Knight film. While it is a little bit different from the cartoon version of Megatron, your project will look life-like and exclusive to your collection of Transformers figurines.

The model stands at over 20 centimetres (8 inches) tall. With the base, it is slightly taller. It is cut into nine parts plus has connectors that have to be 3D printed as well to assemble the figure.

Wayne Auditore printed this incredible Megatron 3D model on Shining Elite resin 3D printer:

Transformers Megatron 3D model to print
Maker: Wayne Auditore

Download premium 3D printing files to make Megatron figurine.

It might be a real challenge to choose your most favourite 3D printed cartoon character among many great masterpieces. But you can always 3D print something yourself and post the photos of the figures to Gambody Facebook Group. This community is beneficial with sharing tips, tricks and experience of other hobbyists with anyone interested in 3D printing.

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