Gambody challenges you to share your 3D prints with the entire world

London, 04 May 2016 – How is your 3D printing process going? Have you finished to 3D print the model you have purchased on Gambody?

We are anxious to see how your 3D prints look like and will be more than happy if you agree to share them with us. In return, we reward you with 15%, 20% or even 25% discount on your next order on Gambody.

1. Add a picture of your 3D printed model along with a comment on the model’s page on Gambody and get 15% discount.

To be able to leave a comment you need to have a Disqus account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up here. Once you have created the account, login and write your thoughts on the model’s page you’ve purchased from us.

Kayle 3D Model LOL

3D printed Kayle model #gambody STL file

2. Leave a review on Gambody G+ Review page or Facebook page20% discount

Facebook reviews for Gambody

3. Write a comment on your Facebook wall tagging Gambody (@Gambody) and make it public – 25% discount. Tag some friends of yours who share your interest in 3D printing. Use the hashtag #gambody in your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Google+ posts (including private and public groups) and let us know what you’re working on or what you’ve 3D printed recently, from the 3D models purchased on our marketplace. Every time you tag @Gambody and use the hashtag #gambody, we can see it and grant you the well-deserved 25% discount for your next 3D model STL files on

Don’t waste your chance to win discounts for your 3D prints. Share them on Gambody’s 3D model’s page (comments section), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+.

What’s next?

Send a message to support [at] gambody [dot] com along with the link to your comment/review. We will analyze it, then award you the discount code and send it to your email address.

How can you use your Code?

Each discount code will be valid for a one-time purchase. Write three comments on different platforms and get 3 promotional codes you can use for 3 different purchases on Gambody.

Next time, when you are about to order one or more models, enter the discount code at the checkout and get 15%, 20% or even 25% off the total amount.


As you know, constructive reviews or comments are not just 10 words long. Your comment has to be UNIQUE on every of these platforms and about 100 words long.

Describe your buying experience with Gambody, tell us what you like about the printed models and highlight some important printing moments you would like others to know.

Show off your 3D print to the entire world now!

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