The Less You Spend, The More You Have

Every new item in your cart always comes with a higher discount!

London, 3 January 2022 – For the past year, newcomers to Gambody marketplace had the chance to enjoy the lucrative discounts with the ‘New Customers Double Exclusive’ campaign. But our Gambody Team wants every hobbyist to have the most advantageous shopping experience, so we are launching a new offer which will gift you just that!

From now on, our new ‘Spend Less, Have Morecampaign will treat newbies and frequenters of Gambody marketplace to amazing discounts! You won’t need to do anything out of the ordinary – only be a part of Gambody, explore the rich variety of high-quality STL files for 3D printing by our contributing 3D artists, load your cart with the projects you wish to pursue, and save on every purchase.

That is the perfect offer to make all of your dreams come true!

Spend less

How does the ‘Spend Less, Have More’ campaign work?

The following discount scheme will apply to all orders that you place on Gambody marketplace anytime using your Gambody account:

  1. The 1st item added to your cart comes at a regular price;
  2. The 2nd item comes with a 10% discount;
  3. The 3rd item comes with a 15% discount;
  4. The 4th item comes with a 20% discount;
  5. The 5th item comes with a 25% discount;
  6. The 6th item comes with a 30% discount;

NB: The promotion scheme applies in descending order of value: the less the 3D printing model costs, the higher the percentage of a discount that applies to it.

How do I see the discounts that will apply?

The Discount field on the Checkout page of your order will state the discounted sum with the ‘organic’ nature of this discount indicated in the brackets.

The Amount due on the Checkout page of your order will be automatically calculated with the campaign’s discounts already applied.

If you add a model marked as ‘non-discountable‘ to your cart, the ‘Spend Less, Have More’ discount will not apply to said model.

Spend Less on 3D printing

How does the ‘Spend Less, Have More’ offer work with other running campaigns?

Only one kind of discount can be applied to one order. Thus, here’s how different discounts will apply to your order when the ‘Spend Less, Have More’ offer is active:

  1. All discount coupons have the highest priority. If you apply a discount coupon to your order, the ‘Spend Less, Have More’ discounts will not apply;
  2. If you add any bundle* to your cart, the ‘Spend Less, Have More’ discounts will not apply unless their value is higher than the bundle discount

*A bundle comprises 2 or more models with the ‘In Bundle’ sticker that come with a discount when purchased in one order. You can find the list of bundles on our ‘Campaigns’ page, ‘Bundles’ section.

We wish you a wonderful shopping on Gambody!

About Gambody

Gambody is a premium 3D printing marketplace. It brings together a large community of 3D printing enthusiasts by giving them the possibility to have their beloved movie/video game/comic book characters or objects in tangible form, through 3D printing. The marketplace provides highly detailed STL files, optimized for all types of 3D printers and connects virtuality with reality. To learn more visit

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