Trending 3D Printed Toys STL: Dragons, WOW Characters, Villains

Every month Gambody 3D printing enthusiasts and hobbyists share many incredible photographs of their projects. It is time to recap trending 3D printed toys of September and share STL files for the most popular models you can craft yourself.

The list of cool 3D printed toys is pretty long. You can check Gambody’s digest of 3D printing trends of August and most 3D printed figurines of July. You will surely find an exciting 3D printing model to make on your 3D printer the upcoming weekend. Why are we so sure? Well, the tastes of crafters differ, and the list of completed projects is very diverse.

Trending 3D printed toys STL 2019

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Hall of Fame of September: 18 Honoured 3D Printing Models

Crafters who choose to join Gambody – 3D Printing Gaming Community on Facebook can take part in different campaigns. The monthly Hall of Fame was a project in 2019. That discount program awarded the most popular makers with excellent discounts to further purchases of 3D printing models on the Gambody marketplace.

Winners of the first half of September:

Gambody Hall of Fame 2019 winners

Winners of the second half of September:

Hall of Fame 2019 winners on Gambody 3D printing shop
Gambody hobbyists Hall of Fame 2019 winners

Cool 3D Printed Toys

It is a real honour to pay our tribute to talented Gambody enthusiasts, whose trending 3D printed toys, figurines and busts can be an inspiration to other artists.

1. Pennywise Toy Figure to 3D Print

A bust of Pennywise, designed by Docik, is one of the top 3D printed desk toys, STL files for which can be downloaded at Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace. This impressive project was done by João Pardinha:

Pennywise 3D printed desk toys
Maker: João Pardinha

Download Pennywise bust STL files to 3D print these toys now.

2. 3D Printed Toys of Iron Man

A fantastic Iron Man 3D printing model designed by Rodman always looks impressive. However, the toy painted by Thomas Kunert is a real masterpiece:

Iron Man 3D printed toys STL
Maker: Thomas Kunert

Download STL files with 3D printing Iron Man toy.

3. Grom Hellscream Toy

Fans of WOW 3D printing figurines will fall in love with the model designed by Docik. Once you 3D print toys of Grom Hellscream, your projects will look as stunning as the one crafted by Trần Hữu Phước:

3D print toys Grom Hellscream
Maker: Trần Hữu Phước

Download premium STL files with Grom Hellscream 3D printing figurine.

4. Terran Marine 3D Printed Toys STL

StarCraft fan Jacob Smith knows how to design incredible 3D printing models. His Terran Marine creation can be turned into the cool 3D printed toys, that might look as gorgeous as the project made by David Emanuel:

Cool 3D printed toys Terran Marine
Maker: David Emanuel

Download Terran Marine STLs to 3D print cool toys for your collection.

5. Viserion Ice Dragon Toy

Among cool 3D printed desk toys you can make with a 3D printer is a gorgeous Viserion dragon model designed by Xander3D. Take a look at this fantastic video shared by Nate Deezy:

Maker: Nate Deezy

6. Viserion 3D Printed Toys

Here is another beautiful version of a famous Game of Thrones dragon crafted by Kurt Brown:

Viserion cool 3D printed toys
Maker: Kurt Brown

7. Drogon The Winged Shadow 3D Printed Toy

Gambody enthusiast Péter Bene used Viserion STL files to 3D print his version of Drogon The Winged Shadow. The result is outstanding:

Drogon The Winged Shadow 3D printed toy
Maker: Péter Bene

Download STL files with Viserion Ice dragon 3D print model.

8. R2D2 Toy You Can 3D Print

Those artists who love Star Wars 3D printing figurines might enjoy a cute design by Zelman Heifetz. His project looks stunning, especially after David Ventola chose to 3D print toys everyone loves so much:

R2D2 toy to 3D print
Maker: David Ventola

Download R2D2 STL files to 3D print this cool toy.

9. 3D Print Toys of Dr Strange

Superheroes are always among cool 3D printed toys to make for any occasion. If you love Marvel Comics 3D printing models, you should enjoy a cute Dr Strange 3D model designed by Alex Cruz (Bbmbbf). It turns into a stunning desk toy in the hands of Yannik Tillmann:

Dr Strange 3D print desk toys
Maker: Yannik Tillmann

Download premium STL files with Dr Strange 3D printing model.

10. Illidan WOW Toy

Fans of the World of Warcraft universe enjoy making a demon hunter Illidan designed by David Knight. This cool 3D printed toy made by Dénis Lacerda Vitorino looks very impressive:

Illidan WOW 3D print toys
Maker: Dénis Lacerda Vitorino

11. Illidan World of Warcraft 3D Print

Here is another fantastic version of the trending WoW 3D printed toys made by Damien Faguier:

Illidan World of Warcraft 3D printed toys STL
Maker: Damien Faguier

Download premium STL files with Illidan WOW 3D print model.

12. Thanos Toy Trending 3D Prints

The design of this Thanos 3D model created by Rodman is beautiful. This figurine is rather life-like when made by Mike Foxtrot:

Thanos 3D print toys
Maker: Mike Foxtrot

Download Thanos STL files to 3D print toys for Christmas or another holiday.

13. Avatar Dragon Toruk Toy

This 3D printing Toruk model designed by Zack Miller looks gorgeous even without paint when made by Jukree Liamtong:

Avatar dragon Toruk 3D printed toys
Maker: Jukree Liamtong

Download STLs with Toruk 3D printing figurine.

14. Lich King WOW Toy

This highly detailed figurine was crafted by Deejay El-zink in silk gold filament:

Lich King WOW toy trending 3D prints
Maker: Deejay El-zink

Download Lich King STLs to 3D print this trending toy for Christmas.

15. King Varian Wrynn 3D Print

Designed by Dennis, this warrior 3D model is outstanding. Thanks to Steven James Calcky, his 3D printed King Varian Wrynn got an incredible photoshoot:

King Varian Wrynn 3D print
Maker: Steven James Calcky

Download premium STL files with King Varian Wrynn 3D printing model.

16. Megathron Eve 3D Print

Those who like to play Eve Online game should enjoy a stunning 3D model design by William Adams. The project printed by Nawaf Bunashi is terrific:

Megathron Eve 3D printed desk toys
Maker: Nawaf Bunashi

Download STL files with Megathron 3D printing model.

17. Pennywise 3D Printed Toy

A famous “It” clown holding a balloon in his hand looks creepy. This design is created by Alex Cruz (Bbmbbf), and the figurine is made by David Gidony:

Pennywise cool 3D printed toys
Maker: David Gidony

Download STL files of Pennywise 3D printing model.

18. Wight Horse Game of Thrones Toy

A beautiful horse designed by Xander3D looks fantastic as a toy 3D printed by Carl Grunsell:

Wight Horse Game of Thrones 3D print toy
Maker: Carl Grunsell

Download premium STL files with Wight Horse 3D print figure.

As you can see, winners whose names were honoured by the Hall of Fame award in September 2019 gave their preference to 3D printing such cool toys as dragons and WOW characters.

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3D Printed Desk Toys

It is exciting to continue our list of cool 3D printed toys. Besides the 18 figurines chosen for the Gambody’s Hall of Fame in September, there were other fantastic statues and desk toys shared by Gambody enthusiasts.

1. Doom Mask Dota 2

Having a 3D printer at home can save you some time when preparing for Halloween. Reuben Burciaga created this fantastic Doom mask 3D print, which can complete any costume for the All Saints’ Eve:

Doom Skull mask for Halloween
Maker: Reuben Burciaga

Download premium STL files with Doom mask 3D printing model.

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2. Santa Claus 3D Printed Toys

It seems that Christmas is just around the corner. Some artists get into the holiday spirits as they choose to 3D print toys of Santa Claus. Here is an excellent figurine made by Stephen Wilson:

Santa Claus 3D printed toys for Christmas
Maker: Stephen Wilson

Download premium STLs with Santa Claus sleigh 3D printing model.

3. Baby Groot Ravager Toy

A cute Baby Groot is among the cool 3D printed toys, which STL files you can find on the Gambody marketplace. Herb HARURU designed this 3D model. It looks fantastic when printed by Yannik Tillmann:

Baby Groot Ravager 3D print toys
Maker: Yannik Tillmann

Download premium STLs with Groot Ravager 3D printing figurine.

4. K9 Mark 3D Print

Robots are also among the cool 3D printed toys every year. Gregory Belland crafted this cute K9 model:

K9 Mark 3D model to 3D print as toys
Maker: Gregory Belland

Download STL files with K9 Mark 3D printing figurine.

5. WOW Gul’dan Toy Cool 3D Prints

Crafter Michelangelo Chasseur 3D printed this great statue, which would look even better once painted:

WOW Gul'dan toy cool 3D prints
Maker: Michelangelo Chasseur

Download premium STL files with Gul’dan 3D printing figurine.

6. Alien Xenomorph Bust

The list of cool 3D printed desk toys also includes a fantastic bust of Alien Xenomorph. It looks stunning when created by Bjørn Fiskvik:

Alien Xenomorph bust 3D printed desk toys
Maker: Bjørn Fiskvik

Download premium STL files with Alien Xenomorph 3D printing bust.

7. It Clown 3D Printed Toys

While the Hall of Fame honoured two versions of Pennywise 3D prints in September 2019, two more cool 3D printed toys of It Clown were crafted by two Gambody enthusiasts, Riccardo Bambi and Wim Dussenbroek‎:

It Clown cool 3D printed toys
Makers: Riccardo Bambi and Wim Dussenbroek‎

8. Freddy Krueger Bust

This famous villain is one of the trending Halloween 3D printed desk toys for collectors. Marcio Kouyoumdjian created this fantastic project:

Freddy Krueger bust 3D printed toys for Halloween
Maker: Marcio Kouyoumdjian

Download premium STLs with Freddy Krueger 3D printing bust.

9. Space Godzilla Toy

Godzilla is on the list of trending 3D printed toys for Christmas. There are several versions of this kaiju character on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace. This fantastic Space Godzilla was made by Trần Hữu Phước‎:

Space Godzilla cool 3D printed toys
Maker: Trần Hữu Phước

Download premium STL files with Space Godzilla 3D printing figurine.

10. Leon Kennedy Resident Evil Toy

Here is another fantastic 3D print shared by Yannik Tillmann in September:

Leon Kennedy Resident Evil 3D print toys
Maker: Yannik Tillmann

Download premium STL files with Leon Kennedy 3D printing model.

11. Chewbacca Cool 3D Printed Toys

Star Wars characters are among 3D printed toys that are always trendy. Stephen Wilson made this beautiful model:

Cool 3D printed toys Chewbacca
Maker: Stephen Wilson

Download Chewbacca STL files to 3D print toys for your Star Wars collection.

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12. Timber Wolf Mech 3D Print

MechWarrior Online is a famous shooter that has millions of fans across the world. Michael Janse continues working on his impressive Timber Wolf 3D printing project:

Timber Wolf mech 3D printed toys
Maker: Michael Janse

Download STL files with Timber Wolf mech 3D printing model.

13. Trending 3D Printed Toys: Hydralisk, Gipsy, Terran Marine

Julien Adam‎ loves to craft huge 3D printed toys. Some of his projects are over 50 cm (20 inches), while others, like Gipsy Danger 3D print, are over 2 meters (79 inches) tall:

3D printed toys
Maker: Julien Adam

Download STL files with Hydralisk and Gipsy Danger 3D printing figurines.

14. Balrog 3D Printed Toy

Balrog is one of the trending 3D printing models that are crafted and shared by hobbyists every month. Javito Martinez made this stunning figurine:

Balrog 3D printed toy
Maker: Javito Martinez

Download premium Balrog STLs to create this trending toy for Christmas.

15. The Punisher Toy

This great Punisher 3D print reminds many of an actor Jon Bernthal who plays Frank Castle. Bob Moats made it‎ on his 3D printer:

The Punisher toy 3D print
Maker: Bob Moats

Download premium STL files with Punisher 3D printing model.

16. Viserion Dragons: Trending Toys to 3D Print

Viserion is one of the most fancied dragons 3D printed by Gambody enthusiasts every year.

Sacha Stipic made this glorious figurine:

Viserion dragon 3D printed toy
Maker: Sacha Stipic

Bjørn Fiskvik 3D printed a gorgeous dragon figurine scaled at 120 per cent:

Dragon 3D printed toys for Christmas
Maker: Bjørn Fiskvik

Mark Hunt also crafted the cool 3D printed desk toy of Viserion dragon:

Dragon 3D printed desk toy
Maker: Mark Hunt

Bo Barook‘s flexible Viserion figurine looks impressive and fire-flame-bright:

Viserion dragon cool 3D printed toys
Maker: Bo Barook

17. Smaug Dragon 3D Printed Toy

Smaug is also among the cool dragon toys you can 3D print. This figurine 3D crafted by Grégory Quedec‎ is outstanding:

Smaug dragon 3D printed toys STL files
Maker: Grégory Quedec

Download premium STL files with Smaug 3D printing model.

18. Darth Vader Toy

Joseph John Borg‎ 3D printed a prominent figurine of Darth Vader:

Darth Vader 3D printed toys
Maker: Joseph John Borg‎

Download STL files with Darth Vader trending model to 3D print.

It is always exciting to download 3D printed toys STL files and craft some of the cool trending figurines yourself. If you have a 3D printer at home, are fond of arts and like to paint statues, you can also participate in different campaigns to enjoy benefits. Join Gambody Facebook Group, post photos of your masterpieces, discuss the 3D printing process with other hobbyists and get fantastic bonuses.

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