What was the first superhero you learned about when you were a kid? We’re sure that most of you would give one and the same answer to this question. Yes, it was Superman for me, it was Superman for my sister, and it was Superman for my best friend.

It was in the early 90’s when we got acquainted with the Man of Steel. And it felt as if there was only one superhero in the world. But time changed fast and more and more superhero movies, TV shows and, cartoons paved their way into the media. Bombarded with a large choice of superheroes, the audience now is very picky when it comes to choosing sides.

Nevertheless, Superman is the one who introduced most of us to the world of superheroes. That’s why we decided to put together a small selection of Superman 3D printing figurines and Superman-inspired miniatures to reminiscent the good old days.

So, here they are!

Superman 3D Printing Miniature Symbol

Superman Symbol 3D print

What is it? The crimson ‘S’ letter on the yellow background is already a symbol of power, speed, strength and everything related to Superman. It evolved and got many upgrades throughout the time. But it still associates with the abilities that the superhero possesses.

The Superman 3D printing symbol is a replica of the symbol seen in the 2013 Man of Steel movie. Wear it as a pendant or attach it to your keychain.

Where can you get the STL files? Download Superman 3D Printing symbol files here.

Superman 3D Printing Tablet Support

Superman 3D Printing Tablet Support

What is it? Superman, like any other superhero, has inspired the artists to create various items for daily use. Those who are really into the topic would like to have such a useful thing on their desk. Perfect for tablets and phones, the support features the colours of the Superman’s costume and the iconic symbol.

This is a great solution for those who don’t like to keep the tablet on the desk in a horizontal position but would rather scroll on it while it is somehow vertically positioned.

Where can you get the STL files? Here you can find a Superman-inspired support for your phone or tablet.

Superman 3D Printing Miniature Screw

Superman 3D Printing Screw

What is it? We don’t think that those who have created Superman have ever thought that this hero will become an inspiration for a mini screw. But everything is possible with 3D printing, and even more.

What does it take to surprise your best friend? A crazy idea and a 3D printer. This guy made for his best friend a Batman and Superman 3D printed mini screw. One of the most ingenious surprises we have ever seen. Don’t you agree?

Where can you get the STL files? Give it a try by downloading the files here.

Superman Holding Rocket

Superman holding rocket

What is it? Enough with crazy ideas to put Superman’s image on. Let’s get down to real business.

What is the best way to recreate Superman 3D printing toys? It is by depicting the superhero holding an entire rocket over his head. We know he is a strong fella’ so a rocket holding will not harm him. Rather, it will make all his muscles pop.

We suppose he doesn’t need a gym membership when there are rockets to be held pretty often.

Where can you get the STL files? Just go here and download either 2 separate files for the Superman miniature and the rocket, or a single file for both of them.

Kryptonite Crystal

Superman 3D Printing Kryptonite

What is it? It’s the only thing that Superman is vulnerable to. The crystal is not from Planet Earth but from Kryptonite, the home planet of Superman.

Kryptonite comes in various forms and colours but that doesn’t mean that one is less dangerous for Superman than the other. By the way, it was discovered that kryptonite can also affect humans, but at a slower rate, causing them to develop superhuman abilities.
Is there a market somewhere that sells these gems? We would like to buy one kilo, thank you very much.

Where can you get the STL files? If no market sells them, then you can only 3D print one by downloading the files here.

Superman 3D Printing Miniature Bust

What is it? Everybody knows what a bust is. But do you know what a bust of Superman miniature is? No? Well, it’s just a regular bust, like any other. Nothing special, except it is the bust of your favourite superhero and you can use it as an item on your desk or a piece in your collection.

Where can you get the STL files? We have found 2 Superman miniature busts – one here and another one here.

Chibi Superman Miniature

Chibi Superman 3D Printing Miniature

What is it? It is another approach of depicting Superman miniature. Chibi statues are funny and cute at the same time. You cannot remain indifferent to this statue’s features. If you are not in possession of such a miniature yet, we recommend it to do it as soon as possible. They are also suitable for table games.

Where can you get the STL files? Get the files now from Gambody 3D printing marketplace

Superman 3D Printing Miniature

Superman 3D Printing Miniature

What is it? Of course, what kind of roundup about Superman 3D printing miniatures without a regular Superman miniature? The statue depicts the Man of Steel landing most likely on a piece of Kryptonite crystal.

The miniature is provided with some special features:

  • You can remove the cloak and 3D print it in flexible material;
  • You can print the crystal platform in transparent material for additional effect;
  • The 3D printing miniature is available for FFF/FDM and SLS/SLA 3D printers.

Where can you get the STL files? Find it at Gambody.

Superman Body Armour Suit

Superman 3D Printing armour

What is it? We are already used to the fact that we can 3D print almost every superhero’s suit and armour. So it is no surprise that there is 3D printing armour suit of Superman. For any respected cosplayer, putting on the suit of one of the most popular superheroes in the Universe is an honour. Thus, catch up with the trend and start printing the Superman armour suit right now. We’ve already started counting the days to Halloween party!

Where can you get the STL files? Get one here.


Is Superman 3D printing miniature on your ‘to do list’ yet? If not, we highly recommend you to fit this character into it. It will take you no longer than any other similar 3D printing miniature. So go ahead and choose the one that you like the most.

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