Cool 3D Printed Sword Designs and Ideas

Everyone knows how awesome cosplay events are when cool swords complete the costumes. And if you have a 3D printer for beginners, you can add a 3D printed sword to your video game and movie props collection.

The variety of cool sword designs you can transform into a 3D print makes it difficult to choose the one that suits the character you are impersonating the best. But we are sure you will find your best sword design STL files below.

3D Printed Sword

Gambody’s sword 3D model roundup will give a little push into getting your hands on the 3D printable files. So, turn on your 3D printer and build a 3D printed katana, collapsible sword, weapons from Halo, Legends of Zelda, Dota 2 and other video games.

If you think of your beloved characters and try to recreate their costumes, you will see that a 3D printed sword is a must to finish off your look and impress everyone. Thanks to 3D printing websites, you can find 3D sword STL files and breathe life into many awesome and unique projects.

3D printing cool swords let you work on immense detail. Further, the interior of the 3D printed swords can be modified to incorporate elements that simply facilitate assembly or make space for electronic components like LED lights and sounds. Fair warning, though, a 3D printed sword isn’t usually known for its strength; still this prop is fantastic to build yourself.

In this post, we want to show you some cool sword designs 3D printed and painted by enthusiasts worldwide.

1. WoW Frostmorne Sword 3D Model

Fans of WoW video games can replicate one of the most fabulous large-scale props. The World of Warcraft Frostmourne 3D printed sword stands 1.3 meters (over 51 inches) tall.

Only imagine having it as a centrepiece of your Halloween party or cosplay costume. No trick; only treats will fall into your basket!

Sword 3D model free

You can print this sword 3D model in several separate parts. The 0.2mm layer height ensures accurate and error-free printing results. You can download WoW sword STL for free or get it already printed and painted for $499.

2. Skyrim Sword Design

The fantasy video game Skyrim played from the first and third-person perspective is the inspiration for many cosplayers worldwide. The cool sword designs the video game characters flaunt in the game mesmerize and amaze.

One company, Gateros Plating from the United Kingdom, has been turning 3D printable sword versions into the too-real thing indeed. A high degree of reality is achieved with the unique technique of printing and finishing each object.

3D print sword

These cool swords from Skyrim are printed in PLA and finished with metal plating. Although they look real, you cannot mistake the objects for weapons. They are not sharp enough, and the purpose behind 3D printing video game props is to collect exceptional items.

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3. Master Sword 3D Print

The cool swords you see while playing the Legend of Zelda video game can become a reality. Fans of this game love showing off their Zelda-inspired creations, such as Master sword 3D print.

You can even combine different sword design ideas into one project. It was what one maker did when working with sword STL files of two models. And because the hilt was too large to print entirely on a 3D printer’s heat bed, the Zelda fan broke it down into several parts and glued them after 3D printing. He then spray-painted the Master sword 3D print and gave it a glossy upper coat.

Master sword 3D print

Another iconic 3D printed sword from The Legend of Zelda reaches 1.2 meters (over 47 inches). Due to its giant size, this interpretation of the Master sword 3D print will appeal to you. The creator made it available in two different heights because most of those who saw the first variant thought it to be too big. Thus, a smaller scale of Master Sword appeared (you know that Link’s height is different in each video game).

The awesome sword 3D model consists of eleven parts and comes with dowel joints making it very strong. Also, this project requires no glue to put it together.

3D sword models

According to the maker, you can use a 0.2mm layer height. The infill can reach 10%. Also, you can 3D print a sword in 35 hours or 20 hours, depending on the size.

You can create more cool swords based on your beloved video game and the same legendary Blade of Evil’s Bane 3D model STL files. Use your imagination while painting it, and you can come up with numerous versions that will be unique.

Cool swords
Cool swords. Image credit: MyMiniFactory

The Legend of Zelda brought more cool sword designs for 3D printing. If you already own a Master Sword 3D print, you can recreate the Guardian Sword exerted by Link.

It looks as wild as the game itself. Add a battery, NeoPixel lights and amaze everything with your unique creation. Make sure to download the 3D sword STLs and build it at 0.1mm layer height without supports.

Coolest sword designs
Guardian sword 3D print. Image credit: Thingiverse

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4. 3D Printed Katana

Every fan of a sword model with a long handle and super-sharp black would be happy to add a 3D printed katana to their collection. Such cool swords boast a sleek body and offer enough fun while you are working on them.

3D printed katana
Image source of a 3D printed katana: Cults

Dethu Guillaume designed a stunning katana 3D model after watching Kill Bill movies. Its STL files can be downloaded for free here. The project includes the sheath, display platform and printable sword made of ten parts.

But to complete this katana 3D print, you will need a 3D printer, M3 screws and rods, plastic glue, sandpapers and your time. When you get the STL files, read the instructions shared by the author who explains how to make this katana awesome, smooth, strong and nearly perfect.

5. Fiora Sword Model

A superb replica of the Fiora sword model from the League of Legends video game can appear in your collection of props. This project attracts everyone’s attention with its enormous size and stunning effects among various sword design ideas.

The 3D printed sword made by a LOL fan reaches 1.3 meters (over 51 inches) and boasts an incorporated LED that lights the sword’s blade.

The printable sword comes in several parts, which must be glued to reinforce the design and make it strong enough. According to the maker, the Fiora sword STL files were available for free on MyMiniFactory, under MMF Copyright.

6. Halo Energy Sword STL

If you have ever played Halo, you must be familiar with the Energy Sword. It is one of the most potent close-range weapons in the video game, requiring excellent skills to use it.

3D model sword

It didn’t take too long for this 3D sword replica STL files to appear on the MyMiniFactory repository. The elegant lines and noble feeling make it a fantastic piece to hang on your wall or display on your shelf.

The strongest of Sangheili, this sword design inspires fear in those who face it. Thus, you can 3D print this unique project and transform yourself into a Halo character.

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7. DOTA 2 Bloodseeker 3D Sword

An awesome 3D printed sword from DOTA 2 is perfect for cosplaying. The impressive Bloodseeker blade is printed in PLA material and painted with a dash of very high realism. It isn’t easy to distinguish between a real and a cosplay item.

Various cool swords designed by video game creators make it easy to choose your best fake weapon for parties and collecting. All you need is a 3D printer under $300, STL files of a printable model, your time and your desire to build a unique piece.

8. 3D printed Daedric Greatsword

Even more cool sword designs are seen in Skyrim video games. For example, you can recreate an awesome Daedric Greatsword featured in The Elder Scrolls V release.

Sword stl

The 3D printed sword replica stands 11.9 cm (4 ft) tall and is printed in plastic material. According to the person who made it, the model is solid and can be easily manoeuvred without fear of breaking it.

Yet another awesome Daedric Dagger sword from Skyrim can complete your collection. This 3D printed sword contains eight parts that you can build at 0.12-0.2mm layer height and 25% infill density. It is best to use support.

Sword 3D model
Daedric Dagger sword model. Image credit: Thingiverse

You will love the unique curved design. If you wish to own cool swords, ensure you smooth your model and paint it like true metal. Adding realistic effects to a 3D print always makes it stand out.

9. Destiny Printable Sword

Destiny’s unique Raze-Lighter Exotic sword can be your next 3D printed sword. The popular Destiny video game inspires many 3D printing enthusiasts, giving them great items to reproduce with a small or large 3D printer.

Are you ready to 3D print your sword? The Raze-Lighter Exotic piece truly deserves the title of the king of metal weapons with hilts. The replica showcases a great deal of detail, including the glowing crystal on the hilt. Despite many details, this sword 3D model is pretty easy to print. And you can download its STL files now.

Cool sword designs

10. Scissor Blade 3D Sword for Printing

This printable sword model is half of a pair of gigantic scissors. Depending on your 3D printer’s heat bed, there are two different sizes. The scissor blade is assembled from 11 separate parts that the designer recommends glueing to make it stronger.

Sword design

If you also wish to see this model among your cool swords, download the Scissor Blade STL files here.

11. Collapsible Sword 3D Print

Our list of cool swords includes another unique project, a collapsible sword 3D print that you can really collapse down to its handle. Such a prop looks great and adds an awesome spirit to your collection.

Are you ready to 3D print a collapsible sword? Download the 3D model STL files for free and enjoy 3D printing this unique project.

Collapsible sword 3D print
Collapsible sword 3D print. Image source: Thingiverse

This 3D sword model can be printed as one part. Its full length when extended is 8.6 cm (about 3.39 inches). Yet when you finish your collapsible sword 3D print it will be only 1.42 cm high (approximately 0.56 inches). The model collapses thanks to the concentric cylinders inside.

The maker of this best sword design notes that you can use your 0.4mm nozzle and succeed with 0.15mm coast and 3mm wipe. At least, such settings worked well for the Original Prusa i3 MK3 3D printer.

12. 3D Printable Lightsaber

Those who love the Star Wars franchise should turn an awesome Lightsaber 3D model into a physical product. Whether you wish to become Kylo Ren for Halloween, Christmas or your next cosplay costume is devoted to this character, this traditional fantasy crossguard weapon can serve you well.

3D printable Lightsaber
Lightsaber model. Image credit: Thingiverse

Download the 3D printable Lightsaber STL files at no cost and work on over 40 parts which assemble into a great thing. You can try printing this project at 0.2-0.3mm layer height and with no supports.

Paint your Lightsaber model to resemble the cool weapon from Star Wars, and you will be ready to impress your friends and other cosplayers.

Expand your Star Wars sword design collection by adding a unique Darksaber. It will look awesome next to your 3D printable Lightsaber.

3D printed Darksaber
3D printed Darksaber. Image credit: Thingiverse

Get Darksaber 3D model STL files to pay tribute to The Mandalorian Season 2 and The Clone Wars where these cool swords appear.

The Darksaber 3D model transforms into a collapsible sword 3D print. It boasts a great level of detail and can complete your cosplay costume of Din Djarin. Make sure to add a 3D printed Baby Yoda to your bag to ensure resemblance to your hero.

13. Narsil Sword Model

Would you like to be the one who cuts the One Ring from the Sauron’s finger? You will need to 3D print the Narsil sword model from The Lord of the Rings and take it to the cosplay event where the Sauron costume is featured.

This 3D printed sword has a broken blade. Thus, you will look as if your weapon was in a fight. Polish the blade, paint your model with silver paints, and your finished eye-catching project will impress The Lord of the Rings fans.

Best sword design
Image credit: Thingiverse

Users, who love making cool sword designs with a 3D printer, note that you will have to use supports and print Narsil with 0.12mm layer height.

14. Kryptonite 3D Sword Model

DC offers an impressive world of fantasy creatures and Kryptonite swords. If you love that universe, you can become a part of it by 3D printing an awesome Kryptonite sword.

You can make your 3D printed sword unique by introducing LED lights. Green illumination will make this prop shine like Kryptonite seen in the movies. And fans of cool sword hilts will love the stunning handle design.

Sword model
Image source: MyMiniFactory

Those ready for some electronic and 3D printing adventures can download the Kryptonite sword 3D model STL files and breathe life into this beautiful project.

15. Cool Sword Designs

Breathe life into cool swords styled as Renaissance-era weapons. Look at this unique piece that is something in between the one-handed arming sword and the dagger.

Printable sword
Image source: MyMiniFactory

The author of this Side sword 3D model notes that you can finish this project if you find additional components. Besides 3D printing 18 parts, you will need a nut, a bolt and a rod to connect them.

The pretty hilt and a triangular blade with a pointed tip will look great if you add this piece to your cool swords collection.

Besides, you can recreate many cool sword hilts. Use STL files of ThunderCats Omens Dagger, a weapon inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean films and Gladiator-styled dagger.

Sword design ideas
ThunderCats Omens Dagger. Image credit: Thingiverse

Above is a remarkable example of Juancgarcia’s Sword of Omens Dagger 3D print you can also make. Its grip boasts incredible decor elements, and its long blade looks dangerous.

3D printed swords
Triton sword. Image source:

And if you choose Blackbeard’s costume for Halloween or cosplay events, you might need his broken Triton sword.

3D sword model
Gladius dagger. Image credit: Thingiverse

Fans of ancient history will love their 3D printed sword styled as weapons used once in Roman Empire. This Gladius dagger might look simple yet elegant.


Regardless of the 3D design you choose to make, each 3D printed sword can become your props for fun, cosplay, and collection purposes. But no cool swords made with a 3D printer should be considered real weapons.

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