Top 10 3D Printed Video Game Sword Props

These 10 epic 3D printed video game sword models from some of the most popular video games out there will make the perfect Halloween prop for video game enthusiasts.

With so many designs available, it can be difficult to choose the one that best suits the character you want to impersonate.

This 10 3D printed video game sword roundup will give a little push into getting your hands on the 3D printable files, heat up your 3D printer, and print one of the coolest video game swords. Or, you can simply get inspired by them and create a sword design that isn’t featured on the list.

1. WoW Frostmourne 3D printed video game sword

Have you ever thought that a video game item can be replicated in of the coolest, large-scale 3D printed sword ever? Well, guess what? Somebody did. The World of Warcraft Frostmourne 3D printed sword stands 1.3 meters tall.

Now, this is a prop to dream of. Imagine having it as a centerpiece of your Halloween costume. No trick, only treats will fall into your basket.

World of Warraft 3d printed video game sword

The sword prints in several separate parts. The 0.2mm layer height ensures accurate and error-free printing result.

The files for the 3D printable sword are available for free download at MyMiniFactory, or you can get it already printed and painted for $499.

2. Skyrim 3D printed video game sword

The fantasy abundant video game played both for the first and the third-person perspective, is the inspiration for many cosplayers around the world, due to its fantasy swords that the video game characters flaunt in the game.

One company, Gateros Plating, from the United Kingdom, has been 3D printing replicas of swords, looking like the real thing indeed. The high degree of reality is achieved with the special technique of printing and finishing the object.

3Dprinted video game swod props

The swords are printed in PLA and finished with metal plating. Although they look real, the objects cannot be mistaken for weapons. They are not sharp enough and the purpose behind 3D printing video game swords is just for the sake of collecting amazing items.

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3. 3D printed video game sword – Zelda Master Sword

It’s amazing how every video game has its devoted community. They spend time on gem’s community forums, sharing their progress within the game, asking for advice, and showing off their video game inspired creations.

Zelda video game is lucky to have such a devoted fan base. One of its members has created the Master Sword using his own 3D printer. The files for the sword have been taken from 2 different swords available at Thingiverse.

However, the hilt was too large to print it entirely on his 3D printer’s heat bed. That’s why the Zelda fan broke it down into several separate parts that have been glued together, after printing. He, then, spray painted the sword and gave it a glossy upper coat.

Zelda 3D printed video game sword

4. 1.2 meters 3D printed Legend of Zelda Master Sword

This is another interpretation of the iconic Zelda sword. Although there are other 3D printed Master Swords, this one definitely will appeal to you, due to its size. And, the creator, made it available in two different sizes because most of those who saw the first variant thought it to be too big. So he solved the problem by creating a smaller scale Master Sword, because Link’s height is different in each game.

The huge 3D printed sword is provided with dowel joints, which make it very strong and it doesn’t require glue to put it together.

Zelda Master Sword 3D printed large scale

According to the creator, the larger sword will print in 35 hours, while the smaller one – in 20. And they can make cool props and cosplay items as well.

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5. 3D printed Fiora Sword from the League of Legends

Our roundup could not have been complete if we missed this incredible replica of Fiora Sword from the League of Legends video game. The 3D printed project is 1.3m tall and has an incorporated led that lights the sword’s blade.

The 3D printed sword comes in several separate parts which must be glued together, to reinforce the design and make it strong enough.

The files for the sword are available for free download at MyMiniFactory and the project is under MMF Copyright.

6. 3D printed Energy Sword from Halo

If you have ever played Halo, you must be familiar with the Energy Sword. It is definitely one of the most powerful close-range weapons in the video game, requiring great skills to use it.

Halo Energy 3D printed video game sword

So it didn’t take too long until its 3D printed replica files have been added to MyMiniFactory repository.

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7. 3D printed video game sword – DOTA 2 Bloodseeker

This replica of DOTA 2 Bloodseeker sword is the perfect prop for cosplaying. The impressive blade is printed in PLA material and painted with a very high degree of realism, so that it is difficult to distinguish between a real and a cosplay item.

8. 3D printed Daedric Greatsword

Daedric Greatsword is featured in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video game.

Daedric Greatsword 3D printed video game sword

The replica of the video game sword stands 4ft tall and is printed in plastic material. According to the person who printed it, the sword is very strong and can be easily maneuvered without fearing to break it.

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9. 3D printed video game sword – Raze-Lighter Exotic Sword from Destiny

Destiny video game is actually an inspiration for many 3D printing enthusiasts, giving them great items to reproduce with 3D printing. Just look at these awesome guns from Destiny that have also been recreated according to the video game prototypes.

The Raze-Lighter Exotic Sword is another Destiny-inspired, way too cool 3D printed replica. This sword truly deserves the title of the king of 3D printed swords.

The replica showcases a great deal of detail, including the glowing crystal on the hilt. Despite a lot of details, the 3D model is pretty easy to print.

Raze Destiny 3d printed video game sword

The files can be downloaded here.

10. Scissor Blade for 3D printing

This sword is actually a half of a pair of gigantic scissors. There are two different sizes, depending on your 3D printer’s heat bed. The scissor blade is assembled from 11 separate parts that the designer recommends to be glued together, to make it stronger.

3D printed Scissorblade

The files can be downloaded at MyMiniFactory.


Regardless of the 3D design you choose to print, these 3D printed video game sword props are for fun, cosplay, and collection purposes only, and should not be considered real weapons.

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