Sickly Detailed Chaos Space Marine 3D Model – Press Release by Gambody

Team up with your friends and dive into the heat of Space Marine battle

London, 12 July 2016 – Warhammer video game universe teems with frightful, powerful and fearless warriors.

Inspired by the video game’s leading member of the legion, Chaos Space Marine 40k 3D model showcases the brutal, blood-thirsty warrior, serving with his body and soul the Dark Gods.

Space Marines are known to be fearless creatures, with superhuman bodies and strategic battle skills. Their thirst for blood and the genetic code unleash in them the desire to cast death and misery upon the enemy. Nothing and no one can escape their rage and psychopathic nature.

At Gambody, we’re always thrilled when a complex 3D design turns out into a great print. Chaos Space Marine 40k 3D model has recently joined our mind-boggling collection of 3D printed figurines. Consisting of 6 separate parts, to facilitate its printing, the model features astonishing surface detailing. The power armour of the printed Space Marine is adorned with skulls and horns that give it a devilish look, seeding fear in all who dare to throw a glimpse over him.

3D printer files of warhammer space marine model

The entire printing of the 3D printing gaming miniature took about 10 days and support removal another 4 hours, being extremely careful not to ruin the already perfectly-printed Chaos Space Marine 40k 3D model. This is due only to its highly detailed surface and the small elements that dress up the 3D print Chaos Space Marine armour.

Warhammer 3D printed video game character

3d printed video game character gambody

space marine 3d printer model from warhammer video game

The model printed clean, with a smooth surface, and is ready to take some paint on. No sanding technique has been used.

The STL files have been created in Maya and thoroughly checked and corrected in Netfabb, to avoid any errors. They then were handled in Cura 15.06 slicing program and printed on Ultimaker2 3D printer. The 3D model is printed in PLA, a very print-friendly material.

3d print model of space marine from warhammer

The 3D printed figurine stands 24 cm tall, 16 cm deep and 16 cm wide.

The 3D printed miniature files can be downloaded here for only $34.99.

All those interested in getting 3D printed Chaos Space Marine 3D print information kit can DOWNLOAD HERE.

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