Mystery Wednesday Campaign

Choose models with up to 35% off from On Sale section weekly

London, 15 April 2020 – The number of alluring proposals offered by Gambody keeps on increasing. To some extent, all of us admire secrets, mysteries and unknown things that at the same time promise lots of joyful moments. 3D printing hobbyists are no exception, especially when such mysteries imply discounts for the 3D printing models they have been craving for a long time. The moments of anticipation bring lots of amusement that is no less exciting than holiday sales or special offers.

For the purposes of surprising Gambody customers with unexpected sales and giving every 3D printing fan a chance to purchase random models at discounted prices, Gambody team introduces a new weekly running sales campaign –  Mystery Wednesday Campaign.

An unusual sale-teaser offers a new look at commonly encountered sales, allowing you to tempt fate every week and see if your desired model enters the On Sale list. Sounds like a mysterious and promising lottery!

Mystery Wednesday Campaign on Gambody to save up to 35% off 3D printing models

What is “Mystery Wednesday Campaign”?

Unlike the Happy Monday campaign that lasts one day only and allows you to get one 3D printing model at a highly discounted price, the Mystery Wednesday Campaign is going to last the whole week from Wednesday till Wednesday, allowing you to choose among the list of offered discounted models.

Every week starting from Wednesday, you will encounter several randomly selected 3D printing models being marked “On Sale”. The chosen models will be offered at discounted prices all week long, and as soon as new Wednesday arrives the models are replaced by the next group of “mysterious” ones. Thus, every Wednesday you get a chance to find out what exact models or figurines are on sale for the next 7 days and try your luck at finding your desired models for 3D printing.

What discounts does the campaign offer?

Mystery Wednesday Campaign allows you to choose among several randomly selected “On Sale” models that will be offered for purchase at a certain discount rising up to 35% off. Thus, every 3D printing model for sale will obtain its unique discount which is to be discovered alongside the lucky models’ reveal every Wednesday.

How to find the models on sale and make a purchase?

The models are going to be chosen for sale weekly and offered for purchase on the home page of Gambody marketplace. There you will find a banner displaying the selected mystery 3D printing models, as well as the corresponding “Mystery Wednesday” section featuring all the randomly selected “On Sale” items. Should you happen to encounter your desired model in this section or you simply fancy the offered discounted 3D printing models, don’t miss your chance to add them to your shopping cart. Once you have chosen the one/ones you fancy most, proceed to the Checkout page and complete the standard purchase procedure.

Mystery Wednesday discounts on 3D printing models from Gambody

Our team highly appreciates your choosing Gambody and we will always make sure your contribution is rewarded!

Thank you for choosing Gambody!

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