Special Christmas Offer 2020

Save up to 35% off and receive 55% back in credits this holiday season!

London, 24 December 2020 – The frosty air is filled with festive spirit as the year 2020 comes to an end, making us once again believe in miracles and hope that whatever is waiting ahead of us will be full of cheerful events and exciting beginnings. To assure that, Gambody has prepared a gift for all customers without exception – the Special Christmas Offer that will help you not only come up with a 2021 to-do list but also save for any 3D printing models you wish to buy in the future.

So get your shopping bags and Christmas stockings ready, the best holiday offer of the year is already here!

Special Christmas offer 2020 on Gambody 3D printing marketplace

What is this year’s Christmas offer about?

With the Special Christmas Offer 2020, you won’t need to write letters to Santa Claus anymore. All of the joyful presents are already here, among the breathtaking variety of Gambody 3D printing models that you’ve been wishing for. By taking advantage of the holiday campaign, all Gambody customers will be able to obtain them all with up to 35% discounts and receive 55% back to Gambody account’s balance in credits no matter how many orders you place!

How does the campaign’s scheme work?

  1. The 1st item added to your cart comes with a 15% discount;
  2. The 2nd item comes with a 35% discount;
  3. The 3rd item comes at a full price, but you receive 55% back in the form of credits to your Gambody account’s balance;
  4. The 4th item comes with a 15% discount;
  5. The 5th item comes with a 35% discount;
  6. The 6th item comes at a full price, but you receive 55% back in the form of credits;
  7. The 7th item comes with a 15% discount;
  8. The 8th item comes with a 35% discount;
  9. The 9th item comes at a full price, but you receive 55% back in the form of credits. **

NB: The promotion scheme applies in descending order of value: the less the 3D printing model costs, the higher the percentage of benefits that applies to it.

** The percentage of credits is calculated in accordance with the initial price of the items. 

Where do I see the applied benefits?

Add your chosen 3D printing model(s) to the shopping cart and go to the Checkout page. The Amount due will be automatically calculated with the Christmas campaign’s discount scheme already applied. The discounted sum will be indicated as well.

The Ge Credits field will reflect the amount of credits you will receive back to your Gambody account’s balance immediately upon completing the purchase:

How discounts apply Special Christmas offer 2020 Gambody 3D printing marketplace

1 credit on your account’s balance equals $1 and can be used to reduce the amount due when placing your future orders on Gambody. You may read more here.

How long does the Christmas offer run?

The 2020 Special Christmas offer will continue from 24 December (16:00 GMT) to 1 January (16:00 GMT). That means the above-mentioned discount scheme will apply to the items in your shopping cart for the whole duration of the campaign.

Happy Holidays and warm wishes for the New Year! 

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