10 Best 3D Printed Final Fantasy Figures: Tifa, Aerith Gainsborough and Others

The variety of Final Fantasy media instalments offers some great characters for anime, manga, film and video game fans. And with a 3D printer at your office or home, you can bring your most beloved heroes to life. It is fantastic to build a collection of 3D printed Final Fantasy figures from resin, PLA filament and other 3D printing materials.

You will enjoy working on the Tifa Lockhart FF7 remake figure, beautiful Aerith Gainsborough and dangerous Bahamut summoned monster. You can also recreate Cloud Strife, Barret Wallace and other characters for 3D printing.

Each project reviewed in this compilation comes with stunning details, a remarkable resemblance to the original Final Fantasy character and incredible opportunities for painting.

Best Final Fantasy 3D printed figurines

Final Fantasy Figures to 3D Print

Prepare to battle a great evil using your 3D printer and highly detailed STL files of statues and figurines from FF7, FF9, FFXIV and FFXV. Recreate your group of heroes and fantasize about their adventures.

You can find some fantastic models for 3D printing on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace. More projects are available on other resources. So, your collection of 3D printed Final Fantasy statues could impress every true fan of the FF universe.

1. Tifa Lockhart Figure for 3D Printing from FF7

The Cloud Strife’s childhood friend Tifa is a slender girl with impressive skills in martial arts. This charming Final Fantasy character might look too gentle and fragile, but she knows how to stand up for herself. No wonder Tifa joined the Avalanche group to fight against Shinra along with her friends.

You can download the Final Fantasy 7 Tifa Lockhart figure STL files on the Gambody marketplace. The 3D artist who sculpted this beautiful 3D printing Tifa model for 3D printing drew inspiration from the Tifa Lockhart FF7 Remake version.

Gambody’s talented hobbyists shared their 3D printed Tifa Remake figurines. The projects made by 3D artist 黃巽甫, enthusiasts Wee Liam Tai, Mickael Malet and Nathaniel Turner impress with details and stunning painting skills.

Tifa Lockhart FF7 Remake 3D printed figure
Tifa Lockhart FF7 Remake 3D printed by 黃巽甫 and Wee Liam Tai
Tifa Lockhart figure 3D printed
Tifa Lockhart figure 3D printed by Mickael Malet and Nathaniel Turner

These photos can motivate every Final Fantasy 7 fan to add the owner of the 7th Heaven bar to their collection of FF7 3D prints.

2. Aerith FF7 Remake Figure to 3D Print

The beautiful Flower Girl is also known as Aerith Gainsborough or by her first name Aeris. She has magical powers and can sense the life force on the planet. But she has to hide from the Shinra company all her life because of her extraordinary powers they seek to exploit.

Do not wait until FF7 Aerith meets Cloud Strife. Start her fight against Shinra using your 3D printer and charming Aerith FF7 Remake figure for 3D printing. You can download Aerith Gainsborough figurine STL files on Gambody marketplace and add this spiritually rich girl to your collection of 3D printed Final Fantasy statues.

Meanwhile, take a look at the gorgeous Aerith Remake figurines 3D printed and painted by Gambody enthusiasts Wayne Wong, Nathaniel Turner and Wee Liam Tai.

Aerith FF7 Remake figure 3D printed
Aerith FF7 Remake version 3D printed by Wayne Wong
Aerith Figure 3D printed FF7 Remake
Aerith figurine 3D printed by Nathaniel Turner and Wee Liam Tai

You will love every detail the Flower Girl model boasts and every feature that makes the FF7 Aerith figure so lovely.

3. Bahamut Final Fantasy Figure for 3D Printing

Even though Bahamut is often called the Dragon King, this beast is more than just a dragon. One of the most prominent magical creatures becomes a great addition to anyone’s collection of 3D printed Final Fantasy figures.

The highly detailed Bahamut figure for 3D printing, which STL files you can download on Gambody, is based on the creature from FF9. In the video game, Bahamut was Dagger’s eidolon. And you can now recreate this stunning dragon imagining how it uses its signature Mega Flare attack.

Bahamut Final Fantasy 3D printed dragon figure
Bahamut the Dragon King 3D printed by Marteinn – 3DP Iceland

You can control the spell powers of your 3D printed Bahamut. Be sure it will never use the Mega Flare on your shelf with other Final Fantasy figures.

4. Cloud Strife Figure to 3D Print

A former Shinra soldier, Cloud Strife figure, is the main protagonist of several Final Fantasy establishments. If you enjoyed playing FFVII and FF7 Remake, you would love to work on your Cloud Strife character using the model’s STL files for 3D printing (from cgtrader.com or myminifactory.com) and your 3D printer.

Users who brought to life the beautiful Tifa Lockhart and Aerith FF7 Remake figurines should also add the 3D printed Final Fantasy Cloud figure to their collection. This mercenary is a part of the Avalanche group, Tifa’s childhood friend and Aerith’s protector.

Cloud Strife figure Final Fantasy 3D print
Cloud Strife figure for 3D printing: CGTrader and MyMiniFactory

The 3D printing Cloud Strife video game character from FFVII becomes an impressive model for printing and painting.

5. Final Fantasy 7 Fenrir Motorcycle for 3D Printing

Making an FFVII Fenrir motorcycle model on your 3D printer is a great idea. Fenrir made its debut in the Final Fantasy 7 game. Cloud Strife used this motorcycle to travel as fast as possible and get as far as he needed.

The Cloud Fenrir 3D printing model will never go 400 km/h as it happens in the Final Fantasy 7 video game. But as a 3D print, this three-wheeled motorized vehicle with two wheels paired up in front becomes an outstanding collectable piece.

Fenrir motorcycle for 3D printing from Thingiverse

Build the Cloud’s favourite FFVII Fenrir vehicle to take you to Midgar wastelands and prepare for the Battle of Midgar.

6. FF7 Remake Sephiroth Figures to 3D Print

Not only heroes make the 3D printed Final Fantasy figures so attractive and must-have. The main antagonist of FF7 Remake, Sephiroth, can also enhance your impressive collection of iconic video game characters.

You can find several versions of the Sephiroth FF7 remake statue for 3D printing on cgtrader.com and cults3d.com. So, choose your preferred project or make a couple of different Sephiroth Final Fantasy figures on your 3D printer.

FF7 Remake Sephiroth figure for 3D printing
FF7 Remake Sephiroth for 3D printing: Cults and CGTrader

The Cloud Strife’s archenemy used to be a SOLDIER until he learned about the terrible experiments that made him and began to hate everything. Luckily, this 3D printed Final Fantasy model will not haunt you or wish to destroy the world.

7. Final Fantasy 7 Barret Wallace 3D Printed Figurine

Your Final Fantasy 3D printed militant group Avalanche will not be complete without its leader Barret Wallace. His anti-Shinra mood makes him a passionate fighter and a great motivating force for his allies.

You can download the Final Fantasy 7 Barret Wallace figurine STL files from prusaprinters.org or specialstl.com to 3D print this courageous character. You will not hear his powerful speeches in the form of a 3D printed FF7 Remake Barret figure, but you will love his modified body. The model’s right arm is turned into a firearm, just as in the popular video game.

Final Fantasy 7 Barret Wallace figurine STL
Barret Wallace and his gun for 3D printing: SpecialSTLs and PrusaPrinters

The impressive Barret Wallace is designed to protect the planet from Shinra company. So, breathe life into this Final Fantasy model to help Barret fulfil his mission.

8. FFXIV Minfilia Warde Figure for 3D Printing

A prominent non-playable character in FFXIV looks extremely beautiful and offers a bit of potential for cosplayers. Minfilia Warde’s costume inspires way more people than her role in the Final Fantasy game. Many players believe that she did not show much of personality, being just a quest dispenser.

Still, this FFXIV figure can be turned into a stunning 3D printed Minfilia Warde figurine designed by EllaArt.

FFXIV Minfilia Warde 3D printed figure
FFXIV Minfilia Warde figurine for 3D printing: CGTrader (EllaArt)

Her attractiveness and lovely face make this Final Fantasy character an excellent addition to your shelf with other manga and anime models.

9. Y’shtola Figure from FFXIV to 3D Print

Y’shtola Rhul is one of the most impressive FFXIV figures for 3D printing. Y’shtola (also known as Yshtola) wanders the lands of La Noscea and defends adventurers. She also investigates in Limsa Lominsa and other places and could meet her fate and disappear unless restored in time.

You do not need to replay the Final Fantasy games over and over again to bring Y’shtola figure back. Use your 3D printer for this purpose and download Yshtola STL files (by EllaArt) for 3D printing.

Y'shtola Rhul Final Fantasy 3D print
Y’shtola Rhul 3D printed figure by Reddit user Lusifur13 and 3D printed parts by EllaArt (CGTrader)

Make your new FFXIV project as detailed as possible and paint the stunning Y’shtola figure in bright colours to resemble her looks from Shadowbringers.

10. Shiva FF7 Remake Figure for 3D Printing

Complete your collection of Final Fantasy 3D printed figures with Shiva, known as ice-elemental summon. This unusual character is a part of many video game instalments. You can meet Shiva in different games, from FFIII through FFXV.

Let your list of Final Fantasy statues include the stunning blue-skinned woman inspired by FF7 Remake. Her most famous move, Diamond Dust, freezes everything at once in the game. But this will not happen in reality because you will freeze a beautiful Shiva figure in a fantastic 3D print this time.

Shiva FF7 Remake figure for 3D printing
Shiva FF7 Remake figure for 3D printing: CGTrader

All you need is Shiva figure STL files for 3D printing, your printer and some patience along with creativity.

You can find examples of other 3D printed Final Fantasy figures and have much fun breathing life into the most beloved characters. Whether you choose to make Tifa Lockhart FF7 Remake, gentle Aerith figure or another model, take many photos of your project. Let Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook admire your work and painting skills. This community is the best place to make new friends and share your 3D printing ideas.

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