July 3D Printing Figurines Pick of the Month

July is the hottest month of the year, not only in the matter of high air temperatures but also in the matter of 3D printing figurines. Did you know that there are more than 30 figurines that you 3D printed last month and shared their pictures in our Facebook Group? Amazing result so far. If we keep up this trend, we will be bragging about 100 3D printing figurines per month by the end of this year. What do you say, guys? Are you up for the challenge?

While you are thinking about whether to accept or not the challenge, we will be showcasing some of the best 3D printed models.

Batman Ninja

The mysterious Dark Night has travelled through Grodd’s Quake Engine time displacement machine to feudal Japan. Batman Ninja has the same looks, same costume, and same mission. However, this time, Batman has to face samurais working on Joker. For others it might seem a difficult task, but not for Batman Ninja.

Batman Ninja 3D printing figurine will stand 25cm tall. It features a removable cloak and sword.

Maker: Wayne Auditore

Bataman Ninja 3D Printing Figurine

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Clowns are funny, clowns are friendly, except for one clown – Pennywise. There is something mysterious about his chalk-white face and faux painted smile. Should you see him in flesh, run!

Thankfully, Gambody is stoked up with harmless Pennywise 2D printing figurines. Immortalized with a mischievous smile on his face and holding a balloon, Pennywise miniature is just another high-quality 3D printing toy you can add to your collection.

Maker: Oliver Gerstenberg

Pennywise 3D Printing Figurine

Pennywise 3D Printing Figurine

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You don’t want to mess with this guy. Hellscream is his middle name and rage is his nickname.

Garrosh Hellscream 3D printing figurine has been replicated several times. The recent one has been printed on a CR10S and Anycubic i3 Mega 3D printer at 0.16 mm layer height, with 60mms with CR10s and 45mms with I3 Mega print speed.

Enough about numbers. Let’s see who made it and look at some pictures.

Maker: Thomas Roßkamp

Garrosh 3D Printing Figurine

Axe of Garrosh 3D Printing Figurine

Axe of Garrosh 3D Printing Figurine

Garrosh 3D Printing Figurine

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Han Solo

Han Solo has recently got a movie dedicated all to him. Considered a veteran of the Star Wars franchise, Han Solo is one of the most beloved characters in the epic space chronicles.

He is first known to the audience as the main pilot of the Millennium Falcon and a good friend of Chewbacca’s, and later on as the love interest of Leia.

Han Solo may not be a Jedi but he has won our hearts nonetheless.

Maker: Montri Tong Sroymukda

Han Solo 3D Printing Figurine Han Solo 3D Printing Figurine

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StarCraft Diorama

Dioramas are becoming more and more popular with the 3D printing enthusiasts. The demand for dioramas that represent an entire scene depicted from a video game or a movie has increased and it is not hard to get the reason behind it. Dioramas involve more characters, additional settings and can be remarkable display pieces.

The StarCraft Diorama presented below has taken several months to complete. It includes the famous 50-cm long Battlecruiser ship and additional StarCraft characters.

Maker: Byoungyoung Choi

Star Craft 3D Printing Diorama

Star Craft 3D Printing Diorama

Star Craft 3D Printing Diorama Star Craft 3D Printing Diorama Star Craft 3D Printing Diorama Star Craft 3D Printing Diorama

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No need to run after this pokemon anymore. Pikachu has been quite busy for a while now trying to escape from the fiery trap of the dragon he has fallen into. It seems to us that this may take a long time. If you want to give Pikachu a helping hand, you can start by 3D printing the Pokemon Diorama.

Maker: Cleiton Junior Matos

Pokemon 3D Printing Diorama Pokemon 3D Printing Diorama Pokemon 3D Printing Diorama

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Captain America

There is a long-awaited addition to the superheroes that is already available at Gambody. Captain America, the leader of the Avengers, is the alter ego if the frail Steve Rogers, who has been subjected to an experimental serum to help the United States in the battle of the World War II.

Captain America 3D printing figurine shows the character in his superhero suit, holding to his protective shield. The miniature is printed at a scale of 150%.

Maker: Levian Hawk

Captain America 3D Printing Figurine Captain America 3D printing Figurine

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Atlas Titanfall

We know you all love shooter video games. And if the video game features robot-like machines, the video game is deemed to be a success. Good that we have 3D printing to help us in creating incredible video game figurines and miniatures of the craziest machines. Atlas Titan 3D printing figurine will stand no less than 35 cm tall. Of course, you can always scale it up to match your height.

Maker: Erick Taillon

Atlas Titanfall 3D Printing Model

Atlas Titanfall 3D Printing Model Atlas Titanfall 3D Printing Model

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Warcraft has given us great characters, some scarier than others. And Illidan is among them. He is also known as Illidan Stormrage, one of the most feared characters in the video game. The 3D printing miniature of Illidan features the video game character’s twin Azzinoth blades. It also comes on a supporting stand and it can be used as a collection piece.

Maker: Eliseo Lorenzo

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Jurassic Park

The Jurassic Park diorama will be greatly appreciated by those who have a special interest in dinosaurs. The diorama represents the scene from the already classic movie Jurassic Park directed by Steven Spielberg. Leave it to Spielberg to produce the best movies there are. Jurassic Park celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. It would be a sin not to have a memorabilia from the movie. Use 3D printing and the Jurassic Park diorama from Gambody.

Maker: Rodrigo Moraes

Maker: Nik JI

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Every superhero has a villain he has to deal with. Doomsday is Superman’s. He is a genetically-engineered monster in the prehistoric Krypton. He destroyed many worlds until he finally reached the Earth where he met Superman and made destroying the superhero his mission. He finally succeeds and kills Superman in a bloody confrontation. Although, superheroes don’t die that easily.

Doomsday bust replicates the angry Superman’s archenemy.

Maker: Jim Allen

Doomsady 3D Printing Bust

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The Wasp

You can see the Wasp character in the recent Ant-Man movies. There will actually be two of them: Hope and Janet Van Dyne. They finally reunite after a 30-year breakup period.

The Wasp 3D printing figurine is part of a bigger diorama involving the Ant-Man as well. However, you can print it as a stand-alone figurine. Like the guys below did it.

Maker: Jérémie Bizart

The Wasp 3D Printing Figurine

The Wasp 3D Printing Figurine for diorama

Maker: Thomas Roßkamp

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We see Jenner 3D printing figurine not so often. But when you build it, it is always a happy moment both for us and other MechWarrior 3D printing figurines fans. The Light Class of Mechs weighs only 35 tons and due to this is can develop a speed of 118 km/h being one of the fastest Mechs.

The Jenner 3D printing model we showcase today is replicated on an i3mega printer at 0.16 mm layer height.

Maker: Levian Hawk

Jenner 3D Printing Model

Jenner 3D Printing Model

Jenner 3D Printing Model

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Godzilla Heisei

You all know the movie about Godzilla, a monster that has terrified the entire world population. Its first appearance was attested in Japan. The sea monster is known to be awakened by nuclear radiation. It also confronted various characters from other franchises, including King Kong, the Fantastic Four and even the Avengers.

The Godzilla miniature available on Gambody is not a miniature after all. It stands 40 cm tall and 33 cm wide.

Maker: Ray Colon

Godzilla Heisei 3D Printing Figurine

Godzilla Heisei 3D Printing Figurine

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Jason Voorhees

Those who have seen Friday the 13th movie are acquainted with Jason. He is the main antagonist of the pop culture movie. He stalks and kills are movie characters or acts as a psychological threat to the protagonist.

The 3D printing miniature of Jason Voorhees will show him wearing his iconic mask. Actually, you can get two 3D printing figurines in one, as the model features two interchangeable heads of the character: one with the mask on and the other with the mask off.

Maker: Kenneth Sturrock

Maker: Felipe Machado

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Tim Burton’s comedy-fantasy film Beetlejuice has already become a classic, like most of his productions. Beteljeuse, pronounced as Beetlejuice is the name of the character hired by a deceased couple to scare away their house’s new inhabitants.

Beetlejuice 3D printing miniature represents the main character leaning against his tombstone.

Maker: Steve Dutton

Beetlegeuse 3D Printing Figurine

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Red Hulk

It doesn’t matter the colour this hero is represented, he is one of the most popular superheroes out there. We are accustomed to Hulk being green. But did you know that there is a Red Hulk as well? Apparently, the Red Hulk is the Green Hulk’s archenemy. The Red Hulk goes also under the name of Rulk and is the alter ego of the General Thunderbolt Ross. The latter, in its turn, is the father-in-law of Bruce Banner.

These two guys have inspired many artists until 3D printing came along. Now, you can 3D print the Green Hulk or the Red Hulk, or the Hulk in any colour you want.

You can see our recent selection of 10 Incredible Hulk miniatures here.

The Red Hulk is printed on Anycubic i3 Mega and Creality Cr10s printers at 0.16 mm layer height.

Maker: Thomas Roßkamp

Red Hulk 3D Printing Figurine

Red Hulk 3D Printing Figurine

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This MechWarrior belongs to the Light Class of Mechs. It was designed for urban combat and defence. Its weaponry made it a trustworthy ally in the battles, being equipped with an Imperator-B Autocannon/10 and a Harmon Light Small Laser.

The UrbanMech is a workable replica of the video game MechWarrior. It has a rotating torso and upper and lower limbs.

Maker: Levian Hawk

Urban Mech 3D Printing Model

Urban Mech 3D Printing Model

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Freddy Krueger

It’s awesome to see some of our friends customizing our 3D printing figurines and incorporating them into their small or big projects. Patrick Sevigny, for example, attended a Comicon event dressed as Jason and carrying Freddy’s head. He scaled up the head of Freddy Krueger miniature available for purchase at Gambody. You can a look at the pictures below.

Maker: Patrick Sevigny

And there are those who just 3D print the miniature just because Freddy Krueger doesn’t need additional effects.

Maker: Felipe Machado

Freddy Krueger 3D Printing Figurine

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We are used to seeing full-stature video game and comic book characters. Although the demand for busts has recently increased. Sometimes, the bust looks even more effective than the full-stature character miniature. Let’s take for example Pinhead’s bust. The focus of this character is, of course, his head.

Maker: Max Imprimarum

Pinhead 3D Printing Bust

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Mad Dog Mech

Mad Dog or Vulture Mech belongs to the Heavy Class of Mechs. It has gained the Vulture nickname because it waits for its pray like a Vulture and attacks only when there are high chances of success.

Mad Dog Mech for 3D printing consists of 44 separate parts that must be assembled. The miniature is workable and can be scaled up or down, depending on your own preferences.

Maker: Alejandro Gonzalez Soto

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Warhammer Mech is another Heavy Class Mech. It is equipped with 10 tons of armour. Even so, it can develop a speed of up to 65 km/h, allowing it to take part in most action missions.

Warhammer is one of the greatest MechWarriors in history and a representative of the Heavy Class Mechs.

If you decide to replicate Warhammer Mech 3D printing figurines, do take into consideration that you will be playing around with 30 cm tall bipedal vehicles. Also, it is a workable toy allowing you to have the best playing experience there is.

Maker: Scott Murphy

Warhammer 3D Printing Model Warhammer 3D Printing Model

By the way, you can see here a showdown of 3D printed MechWarriors.

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You know what is the best thing about 3D printing? It’s the fact that you can build one and the same model as many times as you want and surprise your friends with their favourite video game or movie character.

This was what one of our customers did. He printed Durotan figurine to surprise his friend.

Maker: Jason T.

Durotan 3D Printing Figurine Durotan 3D Printing Figurine

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Wrath of the Lich King

Arthas Menethil or the Lich King is the evilest and powerful creatures in the history of Azeroth. In his attempt to take command of his destiny and become a hero, Arthras falls into the trap of the Lich King’s power when he took the runeblade. Thus, Arthas became one of the greatest Lich King’s death knights.

The Lich King 3D printing figurine that replicates the video game character stands 40 cm tall on a beautiful support base.

Maker: Theodoros Kyriakidis

Lich King 3D Printing Figurine

If you lack inspiration in painting this guy, you can always have a look at this tutorial.

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Master Yoda has always something wise to say to his young padawans. He is one of the strongest and most powerful Jedi Masters in Star Wars Universe.

Star Wars would be different without this green-skinned, short Jedi Master. His race and planet of origin are still unknown but these make him even more mysterious than he already is.

Master Joda is the signature character of the franchise and he is quoted by many.

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

Maker: Ros Eric

Yoda 3D Printing Figurine

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This is it for July. Join us next week for a new dose of 3D printing figurines and visit our Facebook Page or Group where you can be up-to-date with the new releases on our marketplace.

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