Top 12 Tank 3D Model Designs

Remember the time when you were waiting for your birthday or Christmas to come so that you could get that awesome toy plane or tank that you played with at your best friend’s house? Well, all those times are gone now.

3D printing can make your childhood wishes come true. You can now 3D print and paint an entire army of warfare vehicles. The possibilities are limitless.

We collected 12 most awesome tank 3D model designs, for the little boy in every grown-up man. The 3D models are randomly listed, which means that we haven’t given the leading spot to any. They are all cool in their own way.

So, here we go.

1. T-80 soviet tank 3D model

T-80 soviet tank is a warfare vehicle designed by the Soviet Union. It first entered into service in 1976. This tank model is being produced in several former Soviet Union countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.

As warfare vehicles are very popular among boys of all ages, one super fan has modeled and printed the beast on his MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer. The T-80 soviet tank 3D model was modeled in 3DS Max (Autodesk) and later printed in plastic. Each part was printed separately and then all of them were glued together.

The entire assembly procedure took about 8 hours. The model then was subject to some sanding and other post-printing processing, before being painted.

t-80 soviet tank 3d model

You can read the entire modeling, printing, and processing procedures on Instructables.

2. T-62 Soviet Tank 3D model

This is another Soviet Era inspired 3D model of a main battle tank design. Holding the first line in the Soviet army, the war vehicle was produced between 1961 and 1975.

T-62 3D model STL files are created in Autodesk Maya modeling software. It consists of 62 separate parts, which have been printed on 18x19cm print bed of the Ultimaker2 3D printer.

62 separate 3D printed components of T-62 model

The wheel tracks are specially designed to be printed in resin. The 3D model is full of surprises. It features a rotating turret, workable manholes and main gun. And what’s more impressive is that the 3D model has the entire interior layout of the tank ready for 3D printing and assembly. There’s the driver’s compartment at the front, fighting compartment in the center and engine compartment at the rear.

Print design of T-62 Soviet tank

After assembly, T-62 soviet tank 3D model will stand 49cm long with the main gun in forward position, and 14cm tall.

The model is printed in gray PLA material and it awaits its painting moment.

Download STL files here.

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3. 1:48 T29 Tank from World of Tanks game

This is an American tier VII heavy tank that can be seen in World of Tanks video game. Its development started in 1944 and continued until 1947.

T29 tank 3D model consists of two parts – the hull and the turret. This means you won’t get frustrated when assembling it. Just fix the turret on top of the hull in the specially provided slots.

3d printed tank miniature

Buy the model on Shapeways.

4. T-34 Soviet Tank 3D model

T-34 tank design was considered one of the most effective and efficient tanks in the Second World War. This model was appreciated by the armored forces for its mobility and fast production times. It possessed an incredible firepower and mobility, and its 76.2mm tank gun provided increased firepower, putting it ahead of many of its contemporaries.

T-34 soviet tank was modeled for 3D printing by one of World of Tanks game fan. The 3D model features the turret of the tank, headlights and antenna, and handles on the hull and the turret of the tank.

T-34 was then printed and the result is pretty impressive.

3D printed soviet tank 3d model miniature

T-34 tank 3D model was designed by WeekendWarrior92 user of World of Tanks forum.

5. Mammoth Tank 3D Printing Model | Assembly Kit

Mammoth tank’s distinguishing feature is that it has 4 sets of caterpillar tracks. It has a bulky design, making it a war vehicle feared by the enemy.

There are 103 separate parts, all available in STL file format. The files are created to be easily handled in any slicing program. Also, the model can be printed on any type of 3D printer.

The assembled Mammoth tank 3D model stands 430mm wide, 151mm tall, and 212mm deep.

Mammoth tank 3d model

Download files here.

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6. 1:35 KV-1S Tank 3D model

Another World of Tanks 3D model to have and hold in the physical world. KV-1S tank 3D model features KV-122 mod, 1944 turret, and 122mm U-11 gun.

The model is 3D printed in white nylon with a matte finish and grainy feel. The 3d printed tank model stands 28cm tall and 9.4cm long.

KV-1S tank 3d model

Buy the model from Shapeways.

7. MG144-UK02 Centurion Mk 5 MBT 3D model (no skirts)

Centurion MK tank was introduced in 1945 and was primary the British main battle tank of the post-Second World War.

The design became one of the most widely used, being in service until the 1990s.

Its 3D printing replica has a slight difference from its original prototype – it doesn’t have skirts.

Nevertheless, the tank 3D model is a high-poly one, with impressive detailing, allowing for a beautiful printing.

Centurior tank 3d model

Order Centurion MK5 MBT 3D model here.

8. Tiger 2 tank 3D model [World of Tanks]

The Tiger 2 3D miniature will print in a single part. No assembly is needed. This 3D model is perfect for those who love war-driven table top games.

The Tiger 3D model is available for download in STL file on Thingiverse.

9. Warhammer Malcador InfernusTank 3D Model

The Malcador Infernus Tank 3D model shows intricate details of the outer shell fo the 3D model. The 3D model is printed in silver PLA at 0.1 mm layer height on an Ultimaker 2 3D printer. The beast is also painted with acrylic paints, following the prototype’s color palette.

Here are several pictures of the 3D printed and painted tank 3D model.

Malcador 3D model 3D printed warhammer 40k

3D printed warhammer 40k malcador tank

10. Bat.-Chatillon 155 58 Artillery Tank 3D model

Another interesting miniature inspired by the World of Tanks warfare vehicles. The 3D model files can be downloaded here.

According to the tank 3D model’s maker, he used the SketchUp program to create it. The model can be scaled up, by adjusting the X-axis only.

The 3D model consists of 6 separate parts. The maker suggests using metal pins to hold the gun, gun mount, and pistons.

 tank 3d model

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11. GB12 Conqueror Tank 1:16 3D Print Model | Assembly model

Another Great Britain tank 3D model has made our top 12 of tank 3D models. The original tank was created in 1949-1952 to counterpose the soviet tanks. It was produced between 1955 and 1959. During this time, about 185 tanks rolled out of the production lane.

The Conqueror tank 3D model is adjusted for 3D printing. It is created in Maya 3D modeling program and saved in STL files. There are 84 files to download and print.

conqueror tank 3d model

Download GB12 Conqueror Tank 3D model files here.

12. Merkava 2 Tank 1:24 Scale Size 3D Print Model | Assembly Kit

Merkava tank is an Israeli main battle tank, produced during 1978-1996. It was introduced into service for the first time in 1983.

Merkava MK2 is an improved design of the Merkava I tank model.

The 3D model is made up of 46 parts, all adjusted for 3D printing. The parts are designed to fit onto 18x19cm print bed. The model uses little support material at printing.

It has a rotating turret and a workable main gun and wheel tracks. The wheel tracks are optimized to be printed in resin.

The model has the entire interior layout designed and inserted into its hulls. Thus, you will have an incredibly detailed 3D printed war machine, with the interior and exterior accurate components reproduced with the help of 3D printing.

israeli tank 3d model for printing

interior components modeled and saved in STL files

Grab the files with 50% discount until 23 September 2016 here.


We hope this collection of 12 tank 3D model designs will inspire you and will give you something to get your spirit up, just in case you have run out of good mood.

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