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cm: 25 w x 16.9 d x 10.1 h
in: 9.843 w x 6.654 d x 3.976 h
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Printing Details

This 3d model consists of files in StereoLithography (.Stl) format that have been optimized for 3d printing.

Download parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 for free to check the printability and test the quality before buying all STL files of the 3D model.

Download Free Samples

Before printing the files, we strongly recommend reading the PRINTING DETAILS section.

File Name File Size Time / Filament
1 (repaired).stl
5.50 MiB 4 h 18 min
2 m
2 (repaired).stl
5.59 MiB 5 h 30 min
3 m
3 (repaired).stl
0.29 MiB 1 h 13 min
1 m
4 (repaired).stl
1.79 MiB 14 min
<1 m
5 (repaired).stl
1.79 MiB 14 min
<1 m
6 (repaired).stl
1.11 MiB 1 h 6 min
1 m
7 (repaired).stl
1.11 MiB 1 h 5 min
1 m
8 (repaired).stl
0.74 MiB 43 min
<1 m
9 (repaired).stl
0.47 MiB 31 min
<1 m
10 (repaired).stl
28.46 MiB 14 h 23 min
8 m
11 (repaired).stl
2.34 MiB 19 h 24 min
12 m
12 (repaired).stl
10.29 MiB 7 h 49 min
4 m
13 (repaired).stl
14.18 MiB 12 h 43 min
7 m
14 (repaired).stl
10.57 MiB 7 h 48 min
4 m
15 (repaired).stl
14.49 MiB 12 h 40 min
7 m
16 (repaired).stl
7.69 MiB 11 h 53 min
7 m
17 (repaired).stl
2.21 MiB 2 h 59 min
2 m
18 (repaired).stl
1.08 MiB 17 min
<1 m
19 (repaired).stl
4.84 MiB 8 h 6 min
5 m
20 (repaired).stl
2.21 MiB 2 h 59 min
2 m
21 (repaired).stl
2.63 MiB 1 h 53 min
1 m
22 (repaired).stl
1.04 MiB 28 min
<1 m
23 (repaired).stl
8.99 MiB 7 h 23 min
4 m

Malcador tank model for 3D printing is shaped according to the tank with the same name that appears in the widely known and played 40k war video game. The tank is included in the Imperial armed forces, although only in the second-line arsenal.

With an ancient design, Marlcador Infernus’ peak of production was during the Great Crusade as a variant pattern of the Malcador Assault Tank. Many tanks have rolled off the production line, being used by the armed forces in battles.

This Malcador heavy tank 3D model features a fuel trailer the tank tows behind. This design idea is not strategically brought into application. Due to the position of the fuel trailer the tank is subject to sudden explosions, if dealing with fire.

Malcador battle tank made for 3D printing showcases the fuel trailer attached to the tank’s rear. It is accurately reproduced and features another important element of the WH40K Malcador Tank – its Inferno Gun, capable of throwing immense flames. Its fuel trailer and Inferno Gun gave the tank the name of flame thrower tank, clearing mine areas and making them safer for passage.

Malcador Tank 3D Print Size

The 3D printable Malcador is showcased with its fearful gun in forward position. The model’s replica has all design elements of the game model. It consists of 23 parts, all optimized to fit onto 16x16cm print bed. The engine hoses at the tank’s rear were the most difficult parts to model.

The 3D model is designed to save filament and use little support when being printed. The files have been checked and corrected in Netfabb and have been executed in Cura 15.06. The error-free files can be printed on all types of 3D printers.

Malcador heavy tank size in assembly form is: 169mm depth, 250mm wide and 101mm tall. The modeling took about 22 hours.

Download Malcador 3D files by clicking on the “Buy” button. Enter your PayPal or credit card details at checkout and download the files of a wonderful battle tank.


On 19.12.2016 the model files have been optimized and made solid. They now are adapted to be 3D printed using any slicing program. 3D model files are already available for purchase and download. 

This model was tested in cura 15.06. To avoid printing problems, we recommend:


  • Layer height - 0.1mm
  • Initial layer thickness - 0.3mm
  • Bottom/top pattern - lines
  • Horizontal expansion - 0.04mm (when entering 0.04mm index, the 3D printer perceives the model as monolith, i.e. as having no hidden layers).

Check this **Simplify3D User Guidelines to avoid any 3D printing problems with this software.
**On 19.12.2016, the 3D model files have been optimized. You can print them without following these Simplify3D guidelines, as the model is solid.

As a STL file provider, our goal is to ensure that the files are error-free and printable in the most accurate way. This is why, we only test print the most difficult segments of the model’s parts.

The model’s parts have been tested and printed in PLA. In case you need advice where to get your filaments from, check our partner's website.

Speed setups:

  • Infill speed - 50mm/s
  • Outer shell speed - 30mm/s
  • Inner shell speed - 20mm/s
  • Top/Bottom speed - 20mm/s
  • Support speed - 50mm/s
  • Travel speed - 150mm/s
  • Skirt speed - 30mm/s
  • Amount of slower layers - 4


  • Infill Pattern - Grid
  • Line distance - 3mm
  • Infill Overlap - 20%
  • Infill Layers - 0


  • Enable Support - check
  • Placement - Everywhere
  • Overhang angle - 30°
  • X/Y Distance - 0.7mm
  • Top Distance - 0.2mm
  • Bottom Distance - 0.2mm
  • Stair Step Height - 0.5mm
  • Join Distance - 0.7mm
  • Area Smoothing - 0.6mm
  • Use towers - check
  • Pattern - Lines
  • Line distance - 1.5mm

Platform Adhesion

  • Type - Brim
  • Brim Line Count -12 (up to 20, depending on the model’s height)

The model’s parts have been test printed in PLA


All parts will arrange on the print bed in such a way as to get a clean printing, all basic settings by default.


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