Doom Scale Model from Dota2 (Static Figure)

cm: 12.5 w x 7.6 d x 17.8 h
in: 4.921 w x 2.992 d x 7.008 h

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Thisdark and scary melee strength hero from a well known MMOG will be a true gem ofevery collection. His ability to deal irrecoverable damage to a single targetmakes him an enemy to be reckoned with. He also possesses an ability to devour neutralunits and obtain gold and abilities from them. His unique set of abilities makehim a sought after hero and worthy opponent.

Ourteam of 3D designers have adapted this model for 3D printing so that you don’thave problems with printing it. This model was also adapted for printing on twotypes of 3D printers: sla/sls and Fff, which gives you a chance to print themodel on a regular 3D printer, instead of using an expensive one.

3Dmodel of Lucifer will be a real gem in any true fan’s collection. It isprintable in various sizes, so it will ideally match any token in your boardgame or any action figure in your collection.


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