Defense of Elders category has been created on our 3D printing platform to give all enthusiasts and true fans of the renowned video games, such as Dota 2, League of Legends, Nosgoth, Heroes of the Storm, The Witcher Battle Arena, Adventure Time: Battle Party, Dragons and Titans, Bloodline Champions and other, the chance to plunge into the incredible world of adventure and the possibility to have their favorite video game characters displayed on their shelves, to make a present or surprise someone on special occasion.

Background to Showcased 3D Printable Models.

This category has been added to address the desire of the renowned video games fans to have their video game characters in “flesh and blood”, or “plastic and ink” in this case. The purpose for designing these 3D models was to give a helping hand to those who are truly passionate about the video games heroes and everything that relates to them.

That’s why all models have been crafted to the tiniest accuracy and detail to meet every fan’s dream. They are truly eye-catching and if you have special sympathy for one or another of them, now is your chance to enjoy them in tangible form.
Here you will find your beloved heroes, their items and mechanics. We thought about everything that might interest the game nerd in you. If you want to make your collection impressive, just add to the shopping cart all the models that appeal to you, print them on your 3D printer and make all of your friends envious of you.

The Ideal 3D Marketplace for True Game Fans

Defense of Elders category is the place that allows you to create your own game outside of the game. Axe, Shadow Deamon, Ursa, Pudge, Night Stalker, Earthshaker are only a few of the 3D printable models that are available for sale on our platform. Browse through, choose, buy and print. All models are provided in STL files, so that printing will be effortless.

Build your own 3D adventure with these agile, intelligent, ferocious and adventurous heroes and their inventory!