Earthshaker Dota2 Hero Scale Model

cm: 18 w x 9 d x 25 h
in: 7.087 w x 3.543 d x 9.843 h

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Power and intelligence are the mainfeatures of this hero, capable of shattering the earth. Despite the fact thathe is considered to be a strength hero, he is frequently played as anintelligent one because of the extremely powerful spells he can cast. He caninflict damage to the entire line of enemies, create enormous earth mounds thatare impenetrable to any enemy. Such abilities help this hero to remain one ofthe most popular and sought after in the game.

Our designers have adapted model of thishero for 3D printing. Now, you canprint it without fearing that it will turn out with any defects. Moreimportantly, it is adapted for printing on two different types of 3D printers: Fff and sla/sls, whichhelps you get a decent result without splurging on an expensive printingmachine.

It will be a true gem in a collection of a real fan.  This 3D model is scalable, so you can print it in any size you want to fit other action figures in your collection.


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