Greek Candle Holder

cm: 5 w x 4.7 d x 14.8 h
in: 1.969 w x 1.85 d x 5.827 h

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File Name File Size Time / Filament Object Size
(x/y/z mm)
Roman_Column_Candle_Holde r_0001_Final_STL.STL
10.68 MiB 19 h 10 min 14 m 48 x 50 x 148 Download

With the introduction of 3d technologiy interior design received truly infinite possibilities. Now you can turn your home into a magnificent ancient temple with the help of candlesticks designed as Greek columns. This item will help you to create a unique interior design, using only your inexpensive 3d printer. You can also download this 3d model to make a special gift for someone's wedding or house-warming party.


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