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Futurama Fry

cm: 5.79 w x 6.84 d x 10 h
in: 2.28 w x 2.693 d x 3.937 h
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File Name File Size Time / Filament
Futurama_Fry (resize).STL
4.37 MiB 12 h 4 min
7 m

Good news everyone! Now you can enjoy a 3D model of Fry from Futurama. High level of detalization will make Fry look exactly the way he looks in the cartoon. Out talented 3D designers have adapted it to be printed on 3D printer and tested it, so you won't have any problems. Moreover, you can now use two types of printers: Fff and slap/sls, which is why you will be able to print it even on a simple 3D printing machine and get a decent result, instead of printing it on an expensive one. 

This 3D model will become a nice office accessory and a perfect gift for a Futurama fan. It will also look great as a token for a board game or action figure set-up. 





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