3D Printed Cartoon Characters

How many times have you dreamt to have your favorite cartoon character toy? Every release of a cartoon movie has always been accompanied by companies putting cartoon toys on the market. Children became hysterical whenever going into a store and seeing the shiny toys and parents were facing a tough choice: to have one additional play item in the house or to hear their offspring’s sobs for the next couple of days, until their kid’s interest into the cartoon faded away.

Of course, those marketing cartoon toys were and still are expensive and not everyone can afford to buy them. However, with 3D printing technology turning your children’s wishes into reality has become easier.

How 3D Printing Cartoon Miniatures Are Created

They come in STL files format that you download on your computer and start 3D printing. Every file is adapted to be printed on any type of 3D printer. For accurate results, you will get full 3D printing instructions and recommendations.

The best part about 3D printing a cartoon figurine is that you can involve your kid in the process. Give them some brushes and paints and let their imagination and artistry bloom.

You buy once the STL files of 3D printing cartoon miniatures but you can have as many figurines as you want.

The Choice is Limitless

Browse through our large variety of Cartoons 3D printing miniatures. You can find the famous Asterix and Obelix, the evil Bender, the funny Pickle Rick and many more are to join them. Check the category frequently as additional 3D printing cartoon miniatures are added on a weekly basis.

Enjoy having any of your dream cartoon characters near you.