The anime category contains many of your favorite characters from Japanese cartoons culture. Incredible monsters, heroes, and villains are collected in one place. All of them are unique in their own way and have special capabilities or a special story. Everyone can find a model close to him in order to diversify not only the collection of his 3D prints but also arrange an informal duel between the famous anime universes.

3D Printable Characters

All models that are in this category have their own characteristics and unique looks created by the authors of Gambody who are real fans of their business and have a unique view of the things they create. You can see the result yourself. The best way to get the highest quality is to do what you like! Excellent high-polygonal models for 3D printing. Thanks to the inspiration from the Anime and the Manga, our authors create truly believable and beautiful miniatures.
If you want to plunge into the world of Fantasy and become the owner of one of the key characters of your favorite anime universe you can easily choose a character that you like. Start your Hunter exam with Meruem or defeat the demons with Ane Naru, maybe you want to fight on Arena with Jiren. All of them will perfectly fit into your interior or just on your desktop. Surprise friends or please them with such a gift printed on your 3D printer.

Get your own Anime Model

Rate all the characters in this category. Perhaps some of them will interest you in viewing a new Anime or reading Manga. So you will be twice more pleased to be the owner of the 3D printed figure. After purchase, the files will always be available onto your account. You can create your own collection, which you can always expand with new models, as the authors are always happy to release something new for you. So that every Gambody user knows that attention to details is always valued here and that every buyer will be happy with his purchase.