MaxLab Technologies's Models for Sale 12 items

MaxLab creates drawings and projects of mechanical toys in digital format.
This service is aimed exclusively at owners of 3D printers of all kinds or, in the best of cases, production factories.
The prints you see in the photos are prototypes made in order to test the project with all its features.
Why mainly make toys or transformable robots?
Simple ... because it's fun!
When adapting an existing toy for 3D printing, several challenges have to be faced.
The final product must be entirely achievable with only the help of the printer, therefore no metal parts or springs.
All the mechanisms and joints are redesigned to be functional only with printable materials, this alters the dimensions and the consequent bulk, often forcing the redesign of the entire toy.
Even if toys and robots are our daily bread, we do not discard the application of digital drawing in other contexts as well.
In fact, MaxLab also provides this service to Cosplayers and users who need spare parts for all kinds of mechanical objects:
appliances, drones, cars, motorcycles and so on.