3D Anime Miniatures – Take 2

A year ago we put together the first roundup of 3D anime miniatures we found on the internet. Since then, our marketplace got stocked with 6 more 3D printer anime figures that are worth to be showcased in a separate blog post.

Anime is the Japanese term for animation. That’s why it is widely associated with Japanese animated media in particular. You have probably noticed the vivid colours and the interesting story-telling of the Japanese cartoon. The characters are also depicted with really big eyes and enhanced facial expressions.

Anime is an industry that dates many years ago. Anime-themed conventions are one of the most popular ones where true fans dress as their favourite cartoon character to impress the crowd.

Now, we cannot organize an Anime Convention because we would not dare to compete with the pros of the business, but we can showcase some of the most beautiful printable anime figurines.

To cut it short, here they are.

Goku 3D Anime Miniature

Goku 3D Printing Figurine

What is it? That’s why we like 3D printing so much. Because one can have his favourite anime character in physical form.

This 3D printer anime miniature replicates the anime and manga character from Dragon Ball, Goku. He is known for his signature hairdo which you will find depicted in his figurine.

There are 2 versions of files of Goku: one for FDM/FFF 3D printers, consisting of 5 separate files and one for SLA/SLS/DLP 3D printers, consisting of a single file.

Where can you get the files? At Gambody, of course.

Rei Ayanami

Rei Ayanami 3D Anime Miniature

What is it? It replicates the character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rei Ayanami. The 3D printing miniature is available is STL, OBJ, FBX, AND 3DS file formats. It is also perfect for those who already have some ideas of changing the original model.

The miniature is more a sculpt than a standing figurine. Nevertheless, Rei Ayanami 3D print will make a perfect collectible in your collection.

Where can you get the files? Cgtrader has them

Majin Buu 3D Anime Miniature

Majin Buu 3D Printing Figurine

What is it? Majin Buu comes from Dragon Ball Z manga. He appears in many disguises and each of them has different personality making them separate individuals.

The replica of Majin Buu 3D printing collectable is available for FDM/FFF 3D printers and counts 10 files, while the SLS/SLA/DLP version is available in one file only. The Dragon Ball 3D miniature is created on such a way as to save 3D printing material.

Where can you get the files? Only at Gambody.

Dante 3D Anime Miniature

Dante anime figurine for 3D printing Dante 3D Printing Figurine Photo 2

What is it? Dante is the main protagonist of the Devil May Cry video game. Half-demon, half-human, Dante’s mission is to find and destroy those who killed his mother. Needless to say that Dante possesses superpowers to fight evil.

You can actually have 3 versions of Dante:

  • one with the gun pointed out while he is reaching for the sword with his right hand
  • one with the left hand resting on the sword while he holds a gun in his left hand; and
  • one with guns in both hands.

Where can you get the files? Check at Gambody for the FDM, SLS/SLA versions of the 3D printer anime figure.

Shaiapouf Chimera Ant 3D Anime Miniature

Shaiapouf 3D Printing Figurine

What is it? He is one of the antagonists from Hunter x Hunter manga and anime series. He is a butterfly-humanoid Chimera Ant and believes as being the most sophisticated among his peers.

You can print Shaiapouf 3D miniature in a single piece as there is only one file available. The miniature stads on a support base to avoid falling over.

Where can you get the files? Gambody has them.

Jiren 3D Anime Miniature

Jiren 3D Printing Figurine

What is it? Also known as Jiren the Gray, this is the replica of yet another Dragon Ball character. He represents a muscular humanoid. His mission is to protect Universe 11.

Jiren miniature comes in 2 separate files: one for the actual miniature and the other for the base. If you fancy table games, Jiren will make a great piece for your next battle.

Where can you get the files? When he is on a break, you can find his 3D printer anime figure at Gambody.

Meruem 3D Anime Miniature

Meruem 3D Printing Figurine

What is it? Meruem is one of the antagonists of Hunter x Hunter manga series and the King of the Chimera Ants. He had a rather muscular and toned physique of a humanoid.

Meruem 3D printing miniature is split into 10 parts, ensuring an easy 3D printing experience. The maker also offers detailed printing recommendations for those who are new in 3D printing.

Where can you get the files? Find the STL files for the printable anime figurine at Gambody.

Neferpitou 3D Anime Miniature

Neferpitou 3D Printing Figurine

What is it? Another member of the Chimera Ant group is made ready for 3D printing. Neferpitou anime 3D print has a cat appearance, thanks to the ears, claws and tail.

Neferpitou 3D print figurine will take only 3 hours and only 2m of printing filament to complete. Give it a try and show us the results. Read about the Money Back Campaign here.

Where can you get the files? Expand your Chimera And army by adding this 3D printer anime figure to the collection, by buying the STL files from Gambody.


Voltron 3D Anime Miniature

What is it? You will want to possess one of this character’s replicas in your collection of printable anime figurines. Voltron is not just a robot. He is a Super Robot that is piloted by astronauts. The anime series has different Voltron variations. We have found one only for you.

Where can you get the files? Go to Cgtrader to get them.


Totoro 3D Anime Miniature

What is it? This anime character and printable figurine does not require an additional introduction. And if you don’t know anything about Totoro we advise you to start researching because it’s a shame to be ignorant of one of the greatest characters ever created in animation.

Where can you get the files? Thingiverse is the right place to look for them.

Pikachu & Charizard

Pikachu & Charizard 3D Printing Diorama Pikachu & Charizard 3D Printing Diorama

What is it? Welcome back to childhood. We’re convinced that many of you have at least watched one episode of the cartoon with the iconic Pikachu. Just like Totoro, Pikachu printable anime doesn’t need an introduction.

Also, if you want something more spectacular, there’s a Pikachu diorama we believe you will like. Featuring the iconic character and a dragon breathing fire, the diorama is split into 15 parts to make 3D printing easier.

Where can you get the files? Get the files for Pikachu 3D printing figurine at Thingiverse and the STL files for a whole diorama of Pikachu at Gambody.


Gundam 3D Anime Miniature

What is it? Gundam is a mobile suit resembling the well-known mechs. What started as a TV series became an entire science fiction media franchise, conquering the hearts of robot anime fans.

Therefore, if you want to diversify your collection of battle suits, now it is time to switch to Gundam 3D print anime figurines.

Where can you get the files? Thingiverse

Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife 3D Anime Miniature

What is it? He is the main protagonist of the Final Fantasy VII role-playing video game. The character is a human and his weapon is a sword.

Cloud Strife is a complex character that’s why many of those who have at least once played it in the video game, would like to have it in the physical form.

Where can you get the files? You can get the STL files for Cloud 3D printing anime figure at Thingiverse.


Lightning 3D Anime Miniature

What is it? Lightning is the female main protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII. Throughout Final Fantasy video game series she has been seen wearing different suit armours. In the Final Fantasy XIII-2 she wears a Valkyrie-like silver and gold armour, a shield on her arm and a double-edged sword.

Her character also evolves throughout the series, becoming a compassionate person in Lightning Returns series.

Where can you get the files? Download the STL files for Lightning 3D print anime figurine at Thingiverse.

Zentradi Officer

Zentradi 3D Anime Miniature

What is it? Zentradi comes from the Robotech Universe. The 3D printing replica of the Robotech 3D print figurine is poseable. It features battle damage and is enhanced with joints for extra movement.

Where can you get the files? The STL files for Robotech anime 3D print are available at Thingiverse.


What 3D printer anime figurines would you like to see made ready for 3D printing. Sound your choice in the comments below.

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