Valentine’s Day 3D Printing Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is 4 days away. Make the most of V-Day with 3D printed accessories you can find on the Internet. Here’s our list of love-inspired little things that can help make the day cuter.

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1. Love Is… Sculpture

Love is 3D printed sculpture for Valentine's Day

Kick off the day by showing her/him that love is the small things. The nice Love Is… sculpture will remind of the beautiful moments you shared together and the fluttering feeling in the stomach whenever she/he receives a smooch from you.

Download 3D Model

2. Harley 3D Model

We’re pretty sure there are couples who love giving funny gifts to each other and take the day less serious than most of the love birds out there. Harley can make a great gift by showing him that quirky side of yours.

Download 3D Model

3. Valentine’s Day Ring with Heart

Valentine;s Day Ring with Heart

Valentine’s Day is about making two hearts beat faster. Surprise your better half with a 3D printed, heart-shaped ring. The cost varies depending on the material you choose. So, don’t save on your love.

Download 3D Model

4. Personalized Kissing Hearts

3D printed personalised hearts keychain

3D printed kissing hearts keychain can be personalized with your names or any other text you want.

Download 3D Model

5. 3D Printed Heart-Shaped Chocolate Box

Valentine's Day Chocolate Box 3D printed

Give her chocolates in the nicest chocolate box. 3D print it in red printing material with an impressive white bow. Fill it with her favorite chocolates and you’re set.

Download 3D Model

6. Twisted Heart Vase

3D Printed twisted heart vase

This little thing can prove to be very in handy. Remind her that the vase must always hold flowers.

Download 3D Model

7. Geared Heart Hand Crank Edition

Remember the ballerina music boxes? Well, this geared heart works just like the music box, just without the music. There is a hand crank and a motorized version of one and the same geared heart.

Watch below how the hand crank edition works.

Download 3D Model

8. 3D Printed Roses

Now, she already has a 3D printed vase, why not give her 3D printed roses as well. The advantage of these roses is that they never fade away and she can always look at them and remember the beautiful moment.

Download 3D Model

9. Valentine’s Kiss

Valentine's Day 3D Printed Kiss

Present your love with a big 3D printed kiss. The print doesn’t use support. This means that material consumption will be minimal.

3D Printed Lips for Valentine's Day

Download 3D Model

Let Valentine’s Day come sooner!

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