Best Rick and Morty 3D Printing Models with STL Files

The long-awaited premiere of animated series Rick and Morty Season 5 excites every fan of the misadventures of a mad scientist and his family. If your collection of 3D prints still lacks Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith, 3D printed portal gun and other Rick and Morty 3D models for printing, make them now.

Did you enjoy Rick and Morty Season 5? Then you will love the opportunity to turn on your 3D printer and begin your sci-fi shenanigans by breathing life into your favourite Rick and Morty 3D models for 3D printing.

Rick & Morty 3D printing models STL files

Rick and Morty STL Files for 3D Printing

In Rick and Morty Season 5 and previous seasons, cynical and fretful characters get themselves into hilarious situations and unforgettable interdimensional adventures. These cartoon-like personalities, their guns and fantastic devices can be easily turned into 3D printed collectables.

You can find some of the highly detailed Rick and Morty 3D print files on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace. Some models, such as a portal gun, mask, flying car, etc. can be found online. But you do not have to search yourself, as we have compiled a list of the best 3D printing models you will love to make in 2021.

Before you choose your new project, enjoy a short episode of Rick and Morty Season 5:

1. Rick and Morty 3D Print Model

Two relatives, crazy scientist Rick and his grandson Morty, easily get into dangerous, humorous and original adventures. Armoured with massive laser guns, the two relatives are on the lookout for alien parasites.

This Rick & Morty Fight Scene for 3D printing perfectly captures the insane grandfather and his not-so-intelligent grandson. You can download Rick and Morty STL files and turn this diorama into a 3D printed project.

Rick and Morty 3D models for printing

With an iconic 3D printed portal gun in Rick’s hand, energy gun in Morty’s hand and bewildered facial expressions, this duo becomes a stunning model for 3D printing. Only look at the Rick and Morty 3D print talented hobbyist Håkan Bylund made. It combines several Gambody’s 3D models and uses LEDs to light up the portal.

Rick and Morty 3D print
Maker: Håkan Bylund

But even without LED lights, this Rick and Morty 3D model transforms into a stunning 3D printed diorama as proved by David Seredyński.

3D printed Rick and Morty
Maker: David Seredyński

2. Rick Sanchez 3D Print

The irresponsible old scientist knows how to turn Morty’s regular day at school into fantastic adventures. Often, the boy simply skips his classes because of his grandfather, favouring interdimensional and universal experiences over his ordinary studies.

Imagine that you are inside the cartoon. How would you look like when you just popped out of the portal? You will most likely remind this Rick Sanchez 3D printing figurine.

Rick Sanchez 3D print

You can create a hilarious Rick Sanchez 3D print once you download its STL files on Gambody – Premium marketplace.

3. Morty Smith Figurine

Morty’s grandfather never asks the boy if he is willing to go into another absurd trip. Rick Sanchez simply confronts the fact of a new adventure.

There is a fun Morty Smith figurine for 3D printing on Gambody marketplace. It is a 2-in-1 model that makes your favourite character look puzzled and unarmed or evil and armoured with a massive rifle.

Morty Smith figure for 3D printing

4. Pickle Rick 3D Print Model

Insane scientists often transform into various not-human-like forms in animated cartoons and movies. Among the different Rick and Morty 3D models for printing, you can find a cult Rick’s appearance as Pickle Rick.

The giant cucumber with or without a laser featuring human legs and arms is a fantastic model to add to your collection of cartoon 3D prints. Gambody enthusiasts Roman Wolf and Phillip Brown created life-like versions of the hilarious Pickle Rick 3D printing model.

Pickle Rick 3D print model
Makers: Phillip Brown and Roman Wolf

Hobbyist RCLifeOn went further and upscaled the model to make the 3D printed Pickle Rick figurine reach 40 cm in height. The enthusiast spent 2 days on printing and 30 more hours on painting this model.

Pickle Rick figure 3D printed by RCLifeOn

Download Pickle Rick STL files for 3D printing if you like the appearance of this fictional character.

5. Rick Sanchez 3D Print Mask

It is always fun to dress like a character from a movie or cartoon for Halloween, Christmas, Birthday, and various celebrations. Fans of sci-fi adventures who could not wait to watch the new Rick and Morty Season 5 can also 3D print Rick Sanchez mask or work on a 3D printing Rick’s helmet.

Rick Sanchez 3D print mask and helmet
Images: Thingiverse

Both projects can help you create a one-of-a-kind costume for a child or yourself.

6. 3D Printed Portal Gun Rick and Morty

Getting Rick and Morty portal gun STL files is a fantastic idea if you need an accessory for a dress-up party or another holiday. The innovative equipment looks relatively simple, but it takes the two crazy relatives through a portal into interdimensional adventures in the movie.

Your Rick and Morty portal gun 3D print can be upscaled or downscaled by you. Everything depends on the occasion you would use this model for. Get inspired by a 3D printed portal gun made by other Rick & Morty fans.

Rick and Morty portal gun 3D print
Image: MyMiniFactory

You can get these portal gun STL files or use the portal gun part of the Rick and Morty diorama for 3D printing found on Gambody.

7. Rick and Morty Flying Car

Hobbyists who have 3D printed Morty Smith figurine, and Rick Sanchez figure might think of making more accessories for the famous duo.

While waiting for Rick and Morty Season 5 release, simply rewatch older episodes and the latest fifth season teaser. The two relatives sometimes use a flying car, and you can add this model to your collection of 3D prints.

Rick and Morty flying car 3D printing model
Image: Thingiverse

Get Rick and Morty flying car STL files for 3D printing if you wish to recreate this model.

8. Rick and Morty Gun Models for 3D Printing

The list of impressive Rick & Morty 3D models for printing includes not only figures of fictional characters. The cartoon shows various innovative guns that help the grandson and his grandfather protect themselves from aliens and dangerous creatures.

You can have much fun while making the Plasma Pistol 3D printing model, the famous Laser Gun used by Rick Sanchez or Mind Eraser Rick tried to use on Morty.

Rick and Morty 3D printing gun models Mind Eraser, Plasma Pistol, Laser Gun
Images: Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory

Choose the accessory and be armed to the teeth for any upcoming party.

9. Mr Meeseeks Figure

Powder-blue humanoid figures you can see in your favourite sci-fi cartoon are Mr Meeseeks. They are tall, have giant eyes and various face expressions.

You can easily 3D print Mr Meeseeks figure, but don’t let this model inhabit planets across the universe! While the characters typically live for only a couple of hours, they are known to lose their sanity and kill other Mr Meeseeks.

Mr Meeseeks figure for 3D printing Rick & Morty
Images: Cults

So give them a purpose to decorate your shelf with other Rick & Morty figures to avoid any misunderstanding.

10. Rick and Morty Cookie Cutters

It is fantastic when you can bake cakes and cookies in the form of various fictional characters.

Waiting for the official Rick and Morty Season 5 release is more fun with a full stomach. Make yourself a dish filled with cookies shaped like Pickle Rick, Morty Smith, original Rick Sanchez or Lemon Morty.

Rick & Morty cookie cutters for 3D printing
Images: Cults

You will enjoy turning cool Rick and Morty cookie cutters STL files into unique 3D printed forms for baking activities.

11. Pass the Butter Robot from Rick & Morty

By the name of this fictional sentient machine, you can guess its purpose. The Butter Robot was created for passing butter. Rick Sanchez loves constructing unexpected things, so one day he thought of getting a helper who can make toasts for the scientist.

Rick is known for torturing his own family, so making a robot with a meaningless existence is very like him.

Pass the Butter robot from Rick & Morty for 3D printing
Image: Thingiverse

You can 3D print the Butter Robot from Rick and Morty to give this sad little machine the purpose of decorating your shelf or table.

12. Jerry Smith Figurine for 3D Printing

Rick’s son-in-law and Morty’s father Jerry Smith is another character from the TV series you might love to 3D print.

Jerry is often in conflict with Rick Sanchez. That is why you should turn Jerry STL files into a 3D printed figure. Maybe outside the Dimension C-137, the two will finally become friends.

Jerry Smith figure for 3D printing from Rick and Morty
Image: Thingiverse

13. Vindibeacon Model for 3D Printing

A Vindibeacon is a glowing purple crystal you see in the “Vindicators 3” episode in Season 3. It really calls for unforgettable adventures, so make sure to use the fantastic Vindibeacon model STL files to bring this accessory to life.

Vindibeacon Rick & Morty 3D printing model
Images: Thingiverse

Of course, you will not meet the Vindicators or get into the nightmare caused by jealous Rick Sanchez. But you can have some hours of entertainment while printing and painting the crystal. You can even turn it into a night lamp for a bedroom.

14. Rick and Morty Logo and Stencils

Many people love to decorate their walls with paintings and framed photos. But users who have a 3D printer at home often choose to make stencils and logos instead.

Rick & Morty 3D printing logo and stencils
Images: Thingiverse

If you enjoy the insane adventures of the crazy duo, you can use Rick and Morty logo STL files and turn the cartoon stencils into pieces of wall art.

15. Rick & Morty Accessories: Fidget Spinner, Pin, Pencil Holder, Badge

Using elements from a sci-fi TV series in your home decor is a neat idea. There are so many unique pieces you can 3D print that you will have hours of pleasure.

Rick & Morty Accessories for 3D printing pin, pencil holder, badge
Images: Cults and Thingiverse

For example, you can create a unique Morty Citadel logo pin. Or make yourself Rick-Diculous Council of Ricks badge. Also, 3D print a freakish pencil holder for your writing instruments.

Fans of fidget spinner toys can also 3D print a unique Rick and Morty fidget spinner. It is designed with modified caps, so it should not wear out too soon. You can download the STL files of Council of Ricks Fidget Spinner and recreate this piece in PLA or another 3D printing material.

Rick and Morty fidget spinner
Image: MyMiniFactory

16. Mr Poopybutthole Figure

A long-time Smith family friend, Mr Poopybutthole, is not from the same dimension as the duo. But Mr Poopybutthole sometimes accompanies the two relatives in their wild and often violent adventures.

Mr Poopybutthole figure 3D printed
Images: Thingiverse

One day the man was even shot by one of the Smiths in the chest. You can help him recover by 3D printing Mr Poopybutthole figure for your Rick & Morty models collection.

We hope you enjoy our selection of Rick and Morty 3D printing models. Create Rick-Diculous figurines and enjoy sci-fi shenanigans right in your room. Make sure to share your prints’ images with other enthusiasts in Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook.

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