High-Speed FLSUN 3D Printer V400 Review

A new FLSUN 3D printer, FLSUN V400, promises high-speed 3D printing, outstanding printing quality, advanced features, and delta kinematics. This super printer looks attractive and should be a pleasure to use. Read a comprehensive Gambody’s FLSUN delta 3D printer review to see how you can benefit from getting this ultimate desktop machine.

Delta 3D Printer

A delta 3D printer has become popular in the market of FDM 3D printing, even though such devices are usually way more expensive than Cartesian-style machines. But they deliver higher 3D printing speeds and help you build bigger models saving about 70% of the time.

FLSUN 3D printer

Super printers with kinematics may not be the best options for newbies because their moving system is intricate and requires much experience. Yet, once you master a delta printer, you can create tall models way faster than with other types of FDM machines.

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FLSUN 3D Printer V400 Review

Gambody team received FLSUN V400 3D printer for review. The manufacturer positions this machine as a budget one. Still, the $850 price tag can scare away newbies who see many affordable FDM 3D printers for $200-$300 in the market.

FLSUN delta 3D printer
Batmobile 2022 model printed with FLSUN delta 3D printer

The new FLSUN 3D printers with a delta structure boast many incredible benefits, including a high speed of 400 mm/s, fantastic print quality, auto-leveling, pre-installed full Klipper firmware, online printing, etc. Compared to other delta 3D printer alternatives, FLSUN V400 is considered a budget machine.

FLSUN Delta 3D Printer Unboxing

The new V400 comes in a big cardboard box with FLSUN 3D printer assembly instructions and all the parts secured with polyethylene foam. Even if the heavy (over 44 lbs or 20 kg) box falls, nothing terrible will happen to the device.

FLSUN 3D printer review

The first thing you see during FLSUN delta 3D printer unboxing is a checklist with all the parts included. Once you remove the top layer of polyethylene foam, you will notice the big linear shafts that give you an incredible feeling of super printer size (in fact, the printing size is Φ11.8 x 16 inch).

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What’s Inside Delta Printer Box

Each FLSUN delta 3D printer’s linear rail guide comes fully assembled. Wide belts are pre-tensioned, and reasonably large stepper motors are mounted with a damping pad to reduce vibrations and noise.

Below the rail guides, you will see an assembled delta printer base, a cover, a hot end head, cables, bolts, and FLSUN Speeder Pad.

FLSUN 3D printers

At the FLSUN 3D printer base, a PEI Spring Steel Platform makes it easy to print without glue because of firm bonding. Anycubic 3D printers boast similar PEI plates; you can read more about them here.

The 450 watts power supply is under the magnetic platform. It heats the V400 hotbed, so expect it to take time. It may be an excellent idea to adjust the initial G-code in the slicer to heat the Hot end and platform simultaneously. Also, the base holds a switch between 110 and 220 volts.

The cover houses an intermediate processor. The MKS Robin Nano V2.1 board has a GD32F303 chip and a removable 4 x TMC 2226 Driver, which help adjust and calibrate the steps in the super printer configuration. The 7-inch FLSUN Speeder Pad has pre-installed Full Klipper Firmware, an intermediate link to control the stepper motors and printer sensors. Such a solution prevents the 32-Bit Motherboard from overloading and gives the FLSUN delta 3D printer more stable operation without straining.

Super Printer

The whole system is cooled by a cooler paired with a perforated cover, which provides excellent cooling.

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FLSUN 3D Printer Assembly Instructions

FLS did a great job of easing the delta printer assembly. Even a strong child can cope with this task. Gambody team spent less than an hour on FLSUN 3D printer assembly, following the included instructions.

You must screw the three shafts to the base and cover correctly. Then attach the printing head. This big delta 3D printer by FLSUN comes with all necessary tools, such as diagonal pliers, screws, screwdriver, PTFE tube, wrench set, grease, heating rod, thermistor, clean needle, brush, etc.

How FLSUN delta printer prints
Batmobile 3D printed with FLSUN delta printer

You will be pleased that the included toolkit includes extra screws of each type, so there is nothing to worry about if one of the screws accidentally gets lost during the FLSUN 3D printer assembly.

The instructions are clear. Still, if you need help understanding any steps, watch the video assembly guide provided on the flash drive that arrives with the super printer.

FLSUN V400 Hotend

The FLSUN high-speed 3D printing machine has an E3D Volcano hotend with a direct drive extruder designed by FLSUN (it can print Flex, TPU, and other filaments without issues) — the feeder processes filaments relying on gear similar to a BMG extruder. The hotend is cooled from both sides by fast cooling fans so powerful that it’s best to screw them a bit when working with refractory materials to avoid plastic becoming brittle.

Delta 3D printer

The printing head has a powerful backlight. It outlines the printing process, letting you observe any imperfection or issue. What amazes us is the minimal weight of the printing head mounted on special carbon fiber rods. It allows the printer to move very quickly with minimal inertia.

FLSUN Speeder Pad

The 7-inch display, FLSUN Speeder Pad, is mounted on a small plastic structure, making it feel like a separately connected device rather than the 3D printer part.

In fact, the Speeder Pad is more than just a display. It is a full-fledged single-board computer with 1G DDR4 memory, on-board 16G EMM, wide-angle IPS, Linux Ubuntu operating system, and pre-installed Full Klipper Firmware.

Delta printer

The interface is convenient and user-friendly. Gambody noticed no issues while using it. FLSUN makes it possible to adjust speed and airflow and also calibrate the flow and extruder height above the platforms while 3D printing. Such an option is very convenient.

Besides, the 7-inch display lets you see the 3D printing progress from a distance and track the main settings, including the extruder coordinates. It supports Wi-Fi remote control and allows one to closely monitor the 3D printing process by connecting an external camera.

However, hobbyists can use the flash drive to observe the high-speed 3D printing being next to the super printer if they prefer traditional methods.

FLSUN V400 Calibration

The delta 3D printer calibration is not an ordinary process. Attaching the magnet height sensor to the printing head is necessary before you can select the “Calibration” setting from the Menu.

High speed 3D printing

Remove the sensor after calibration and use a sheet of paper to manually set the nozzle distance from the platform. By default, the nozzle stays 2 mm higher.

FLSUN 3D printer manual

There is no need to re-calibrate the platform every time you print. But it is best to keep the sensor nearby because calibration is needed occasionally due to plastic pieces affecting the surface evenness when sticking between the steel platform and the magnet.

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Test Print

The flash card that comes with the FLSUN 3D printer has its assembly instructions and several test models provided by the manufacturer. Gambody used the default settings supplied by FLSUN when printing the first test model.

FLSUN printer

Recreating the bolt with a nut took approximately an hour. FLSUN V400 delta printer prints incredibly fast and provides high quality. What an outstanding result!

FL SUN 3D printer

3D printing the 20 x 20 x 20 mm calibration cube was also very fast and, most importantly, accurate. The same can be said about the test rabbit model. The out-of-the-box calibration was perfect! Of course, the test models coming with FLSUN 3D printers are simple without complex elements and tiny details, so it’s too early to conclude.

Printing Gambody 3D Models with FLSUN V400 Printer

The FLSUN 3D printer review will only be complete with breathing life into one of Gambody 3D models using this high-speed delta machine. We chose to print Batmobile 2022 3D printing model, which has small and big parts, intricate details, complex mechanisms, and other things that help test the printer’s potential within one project.

FLSUN 3D printer assembly instructions

The new delta printer is indeed a powerful and fast machine that delivers high quality and saves up to 70% of the time. Still, it has nuances you should consider.

Big, simple parts with enough adhesive area are printed excellently at 400 mm/min speed. However, large complex shapes with multiple supports printed at a speed of 150 mm/min can cause issues if you use PLA filament. When printing, the edges of the PLA lift slightly. If the nozzle catches those edges at high speed, it can tear out the supports while the model remains in place due to the large adhesive layer. Cura settings address this problem by setting the Z Hop to 1 mm during runs between layers.

While small, simple shapes are printed at high speed without issues, it is advised to low down the speed for the first several layers. It will help the first layer to lay accurately. Do your best to avoid over-adhesion, the nozzle sticking to the filament and ruining your print, and the first layer not sticking to the super printer bed. You can use glue to adhere the model to the bed and increase Brim to 20 layers for reliability.

And while printing small, complex parts with supports, it is better to turn the steel platform upside down to use its smooth surface. Add glue and print the first layers at 50 mm/s.

Super-Fast and Top Quality High-Speed 3D Printing

The new FLSUN 3D printers with delta kinematics are efficient, quiet, and super-fast. After using the V400 version for 50 hours, Gambody fell in love with the machine so much that it became our laboratory’s primary FDM printer.

Super printers

We would advise you to turn off the Combing Mode in Cura and enable the Z Hop settings to prevent the nozzle from clinging to the plastic. Besides, you should test print a small object to adjust the FLSUN V400 Tension Belts tension to stabilize your models. Make sure the PEI platform is clean too.

After performing all the tests with the new high-speed delta 3D printer, Gambody can summarize its pros and cons.


  • PEI magnetic platform;
  • Nice equipment;
  • Easy assembly;
  • Availability of paper and video assembly instructions;
  • Remote management and printer control;
  • Great social media community with local experts ready to provide help;
  • Excellent firmware;
  • Big 7-inch display;
  • High 3D printing speed;
  • Wonderful printing quality;
  • Silent machine;
  • Great Cura settings;
  • Impressive direct extruder;
  • Nice appearance;
  • Powerful cooling fan blowing at hotend.


  • Giant size;
  • Flimsy display support;
  • Filament holder that needs some work;
  • Inability to resume 3D printing after power outage;
  • High price;
  • No ability to upgrade.


FLSUN did a great job creating its V400 delta 3D printer. Newbies and advanced hobbyists will love using this machine to recreate models from Gambody.com marketplace. The enormous size and fantastic delta structure allow it to print at 400 mm/s, which means you can save about 70% of printing time compared to ordinary FDM 3D printers.

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