Top 10 Airplane 3D Model Designs

Airplane 3D model designs, just like most of the 3D prints that are popular among consumers of 3D printing stuff, fall in the category of hobby and toy 3D printing. One 3D printed airplane can easily become your child’s next beloved toy, or you can simply collect incredible airplane models. As collection miniature airplanes are expensive, 3D printing could give a helping hand without messing your budget too much.

Airplanes have always been crafted by children of all ages. Paper airplanes are probably some of the most common crafts that we all, as children, made from every available sheet of white paper or newspaper. They were flying around the classroom, making teachers lose their temper. Ah, the good old times!

Now, however, children prefer toys from stores, with a shiny and glossy surface, with incredible built-in mechanisms that allow them to fly their airplane and maneuver it with a remote control.

Nevertheless, amazing airplane 3D models keep appearing on the Internet, with incredible geometry and surface detailing.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 airplane 3D models that we consider worthy of your attention. The models are presented randomly.

Here we go!

1. C47 Dakota Airplane 3D Model

What started as a test for 3D printed scale models turned into a C47 Dakota Airplane used in WW2. The 3D model is printed in PLA material at 0.1mm layer height. Although the model printed inaccurately, with holes, the user went as far as giving it a coat of paint.

2. Messerschmitt ME 262 Airplane 3D Model

This World War II airplane 3D model STL files can be downloaded on Cults3d for $5.03. The Messerschmitt ME 262 was a fighter aircraft used by Nazi Germany during the horrible WWII.

It is an assembly model, consisting of 16 separate parts that must be put together.

messerschmitt ME 262 airplane model for 3D printing

The 3D model is printed in PLA material, at 0.2mm layer height and 220°C on an FDM 3D printer. The model also comes with a support, to facilitate its display on the shelf or desk.

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3. Fighter Airplane 3D Model With Shark Nose And Tail

If you have 3D modeling skills you can model a unique and custom airplane 3D model, never seen before. Just like this one. It features a shark nose and tail and is absolutely badass.

For a time-lapse of the printing process, check the video below, although the person behind the camera speaks Swedish.

4. 3D Printed Supermarine Spitfire Airplane 3D Model

Another World War II aircraft 3D model. This time, it is about a British fighter aircraft, one that was used to hold the front line and in other secondary roles throughout the WWII until the late 1950’s. The aircraft is a single-seat model that was produced in greater number than any other British aircraft.

3D model of Spitfire aircraft

The Spitfire Airplane 3D model is printed using Stratasys Polyjet Technology, on a Connex 260 3D printer. It is a 3D model that commemorates all men and women who served during the War.

5. Concept Fighter Jet 3D Model

In this Instructable you will find the step-by-step process of 3D modeling and printing a concept fighter jet. The user shares his experience of modeling a jet for 3D printing from scratch. He uses 123D design software to create the aircraft.

Taking the reader through the entire process, the user explains in details every step, illustrated with pictures.

3D printed concept fighter airplane 3d model

At the end of his hard work, he got a nicely 3D printed conceptualized fighter jet.

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6. Boeing 737-300 Airplane 3D Model

The advantage of 3D printing is that you can reproduce almost anything, even a Boeing 737-300 in miniature.

3D model miniature of Boeing 737-300

The airplane 3D model STL files are available on at MakerShop and can be downloaded for free.

7. Jet Powered Aircraft 3D model

Jet Powered Airplane 3D model for printing

This Jet Powered Aircraft 3D model is another printing figurine, featured on MakerShop. Again, the STL files can be downloaded for free.

8. 3D Printed Airplane 3D Models

In this short video, you can see some impressive airplane 3D models.

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9. Sailplane 3D Model

Good news! Now, you can print and assemble a sailplane. The files for sailplane 3D model are made available at Thingiverse.

The modeler attempted several flights of the 3D model. Without any success, with some adjustments and upgrades to the files, we are convinced the model will fly like a bird.

workable sailplane 3d model

The model is designed to incorporate electronic components.

10. 3D Printed and Operating Drone

This 3D model of an operating drone is the dream of all the boys. Ho wouldn’t want to create and fully functional, remote controlled drone?

The two guys, engineering students at the University of Virginia accomplished their dream and created a beautiful drone. If you think that the process was easy, you’re wrong. Months of work, redesign, and refine have been put into the project to make it a success. Even though the first attempt to make it fly failed, due to a broken landing gear, the brothers didn’t give up. They quickly returned to their workshop, redesigned the landing gear, and in a matter of a week, they had a perfect drone that had to be tested. This time, the testing went smoothly.

Wendy, named after their mother, has a sophisticated Android aircraft system incorporated into the airplane 3D model’s body, in the shape of a common Android smartphone.

operational drone airplane 3D model with 3d printed body

Source: WIRED


We hope these 10 impressive airplane 3D model designs will get you all enthusiastic and you will start designing and prototyping your own aircraft model for 3D printing.

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