The More You Buy, The Less You Pay – Press Release by Gambody

“Less is more!” sales promotion.

London, 20 September 2016 – Autumn has just rolled in and we, at Gambody, have rolled our sleeves up and put our minds to work to prepare a special promotion for our customers and the entire audience.

Since we have been receiving a lot of queries about discounts applicable to customers who buy more than one 3D model, the following promotion scheme has popped into our heads. The promotion is set up with the purpose to encourage people to buy more 3D models and reward them for choosing Gambody as a 3D printing files marketplace.

What is the promotion scheme?*

The promotion scheme is as follows:

You pay for the first 3D model its full price.

The second 3D model added to the shopping cart comes with 25% discount.

The third 3D model – with 35% discount.

The fourth 3D model – with 50% discount.

The fifth 3D model – with 75% discount.

The promotion scheme applies in descending order of value. It means, that the less the 3D model costs, the higher the discount that applies to it.

* The non-discountable items are excluded from the promotion scheme and any other sale that is running on the site.

Promotion scheme doesn't cover the non-discountable items

How does the promotion work?

It is very simple, actually.

STEP 1. Browse through our marketplace’s website and see the wide range of awesome STL files of cool 3D models.

STEP 2. Once you identify the STL files of the 3D models you would like to buy, add them to your shopping cart by clicking the green Buy button, in the top right corner of the 3D model’s picture slider.

Buy button

STEP 3. Now that you have added all the 3D models you want to buy to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout.

STEP 4. The discount promotion scheme will automatically apply on the 3D models that are displayed in your shopping cart. You will see the full price and the price with the discount you will be paying.

Save money by buying more 3D models at a time! The promotion is applicable on all 3D models available on Gambody’s marketplace.

About Gambody
Gambody is the premium 3D printing marketplace. It brings together a large community of video gamers by giving them the possibility to have their beloved game character or game item in tangible form, through 3D printing. The marketplace provides highly detailed STL files, optimized for all 3D printers and connects virtuality with reality. To learn more visit

Media Contacts
Yurii Yefimov
Gambody Marketplace Manager
Email: media [at]
Twitter: @_Dark_Stalker

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