This is the category where every fan of robotic fighters will find their favorite chassis of ferocious warriors. Here you will find famous and powerful robots from Mech Warrior, Hawken, Armored Core V, Front Mission Evolved, Battles Rage: The Robot Wars, Mobile Suite Gundam:Crossfire, Metal Wof Chaos video games and many more.

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Our 3D Marketplace displays a wide range of battle machines that can be maneuvered and used in complex combats against any type of foe. Light, medium, heavy and Assault mechs – you can find models from every class. They are powerfully armored to avoid damaging and assault from the enemy, are equipped with different types of weapons, such as ballistic, energy, missile and other. It all depends on the type of robot you choose. The heavier the robot, the slower it will move, but the more battle equipped will be.

So, if you are envisioning of throwing yourself into the heat of the battle and you are looking for a fearless companion, here is the place to find one. Choose the one that meets best your goals and objectives. Every 3D model is designed to the tiniest details and with striking accuracy to the video game graphics. You will find that the models are a genuine replica of the machines that you maneuver in the computer game environment. Beautifully enhanced with the latest technology, these impressive machines will leave no chance to the enemy.

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This category will be appealing to those who are big fans of robotic fighters. Browse through our Mech Warrior category and find the fighter you want to add to your army of iron soldiers. You can use them in your board games with your friends, inventing apocalyptic missions. Or, you can give them to your friends, fans of the hugely popular video games. They will also nicely complement any collection of 3D printable models. Whichever their use, you will definitely be satisfied with the result.