August Roundup: 3D Models of the Month

August at Gambody was definitely MechWarrior Online month. There were many fascinating mechs’ models released. Though they can seem all the same to the person who hasn’t played the game, real fans know the difference. So, here we go with our August roundup.

Mad Cat MkII 3D Printing Miniature

Mad Cat MkII is a powerful assault combat machine that uses a pair of Gauss rifles to defeat his enemies. Though his speed isn’t high, powerful weapon and 90 tons of armor will be useful in the fight.

Size: FDM version – 293mm high; SLS/SLA – 176 mm high.

Download STL files here.

BattleMech Female Pilots

July ended with male pilots 3D printing miniatures released. And August started with releasing female ones. They look pretty good in their fighting suits and will fit perfectly to any mech.

Size: 30mm high.

Purchase them here.

Highlander BattleMech

Highlander is one of the most popular mechs’ among game fans. In addition to a powerful M-7 Gauss rifle, it is capable for a maneuver called “Highlander Burial” which leaves his enemies with no chance to survive.

Size: FDM version – 333mm high; SLS/SLA – 200mm high (if to take antennas into account).

Buy one here.

Phoenix Hawk 3D Printing Miniature

Improved firepower, superior armor, maneuverability – this is all about Phoenix Hawk, which is the most popular mech of Stinger class. He is so cool it can fight at any position.

Size: FDM version – 275mm high; SLS/SLA – 165mm high (if to take shoulder guns into account).

Purchase your own at Gambody.

Hunchback 3D miniature for 3D print

Hunchback is a powerful and one of the most feared mechs. Just look at the huge autocannon on its shoulder. Terrifying, isn’t? And it should be. Such kind of a weapon can blow away more than a ton of armor in seconds. If this is not enough for you, there is also an additional weapon kit you can purchase.

Size: FDM version – 225mm high; SLS/SLA – 135mm high

Buy Hunchback here.

Summoner BattleMech for 3D print

Summoner is heavy and speedy at the same time, which makes it a really good combat vehicle. It also has another name – Thor, which it got because of its simple but powerful arsenal.

Size: FDM version – 275mm high; SLS/SLA – 165mm high (if to take shoulder weapon into account).

Purchase one here.

M1M2 Abrams Tusk Tank Miniature

And, for dessert, in the end of August, a miniature of real American armed forces’ tank was released. It is designed to be as much alike its’ prototype as it is possible. If you are the collector of military vehicles miniatures, you’ll definitely want to have this one.

Size: 95mm high, 132 mm wide, 285 mm deep

Download STL files.

That’s all for August. But we are sure September will bring even more awesome items, subscribe to Gambody and don’t miss anything!

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