Edible 3D Printed Food and Kitchen 3D Model Projects

If a lot of people have already become accustomed to an inexpensive 3D printer on their home desk, then hearing about 3D printed food in 2022 is still amazing. Gambody offers to learn more about a special 3D food printer and look at different kitchen 3D model ideas that will help you bring more comfort to your life.

Can you eat 3D printed food? Where can you find edible 3D printer filament? What stunning kitchen 3D prints is it easy to build yourself using your home 3D printer? You will find answers to these and many other questions in our post.

3D printed food

3D Printed Food

3D printing technology turns having a meal into a funny game both children and adults adore. When a new device, 3D food printer, has been introduced, it changed everything. The idea became so catchy, that at the moment we have many devices that are ready to give you food in any shape you want.

The 3D printed food represents real meals that are created with additive technology. Can you 3D print food at home? Absolutely! All you need is a special machine and edible 3D printer filament.

3D Food Printer

To make 3D printed food real, you will need a special 3D printer food machine. Many modern 3D printers help to shape food using various ingredients (powders), but in most situations, you will need to cook such a piece of art in a regular oven after your dish has been 3D printed.

Exceptions also exist. You can find a 3D food printer like the PancakeBot which indeed extrudes the real batter (in any chosen shape) onto a heating plate to cook it. But even this “edible” 3D printer needs human help because the machine cannot flip the pancakes itself.

Food 3D printer
Image credit: pancakebot.com

3D food printing becomes more affordable. Thus, anyone who is willing to pay about $450 for the PancakeBot can now own this 3D food printer and bake pancakes of the most extraordinary shapes right in their kitchen.

The list of 3D printers that can 3Dprint food is growing every year. Today, you can choose from tens of machines that can help you create all sorts of culinary arts. For example, you can shape your chocolate sweets with byFlow 3D Chocolate Shaper, Choc Creator V2.0 Plus, or mycusini® 2.0.

Can you 3D print food
3D printed chocolate: 3dbyflow.com

Users who love making meals from liquid and paste-like foods can rely on the WiibooxSweetin device. Those who cannot imagine their lunch or dinner without cheese pizza can 3D print food with SMRC’s 3D printed food system.

If you prefer cooking from fresh ingredients, you can get a Foodini 3D food printer. And anyone who loves making edible figurines and baking culinary masterpieces will fall in love with Brill 3D Culinary machine.

Edible 3D printed food
Photo credit: naturalmachines.com

You might have read about 3D printed food restaurant menus, which are today available in several countries worldwide. Such companies usually use professional devices like Procusini 5.0 food 3D printer.

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3D Printing in Food Industry

Even though the number of 3D food printer machines increases, their high prices (professional devices cost thousands of US dollars) don’t make them a regular kitchen accessory for most families.

But anyone who wants to know, “Can you 3D print food?” should hear a loud, “Absolutely!” Expensive 3D food printers are mainly used for gourmet dining and help small businesses to bake and cook fantastic meals. The technology keeps developing even though it takes much time for it to mature and appear in every bakery, restaurant, and cafe across countries.

Some 3D printed food restaurant ideas like Food Ink turned into futuristic projects that excite people even today. Food Ink, for example, transformed into the first-of-a-kind 3D printing restaurant that uses only 3D printed food, kitchen gadgets, and furniture. Everything you see, touch, or taste here is 3D printed.

Edible 3D printed food today means beautiful wedding cakes, cake toppings, pizza, plant-based meals, and all kinds of creative dishes and a bakery.

Edible 3D Printer Filament

How can you 3D print food at home or business? The technology is pretty similar to regular 3D printing. You need “filament” that will be fed through the nozzle onto the “bed.”

But when we talk about 3D printing food, we require special edible 3D printer filament. And that “material” depends on the printer brand you are using. Edible additive manufacturing does not refer to plastics and resins because you cannot 3D print food (pizza, chocolate cake, pastries, and other meals) from PLA, ABS, etc.

Modern 3D printers can make food and significantly low down the food waste in your kitchen, restaurant, or cafe. Besides, it is the most creative way to make custom meals and offer one-of-a-kind masterpieces to your clients.

Edible 3D printer filament
Photo credit: procusini.com

The edible 3D printer filament can be:

  • Chocolate (cocoa beans);
  • Caramel;
  • Honey;
  • Jam;
  • Cheese;
  • Mashed potatoes;
  • Beans;
  • Mousses and vegetable or fruit purees;
  • Frostings and jellies;
  • Wet or dry ingredients (supported by device);
  • Powders, binders, liquids, etc.

Some 3D food printer brands come with pre-filled cartridges and others offer you steel capsules that you can fill yourself.

Also, you need OBJ, AMR, STL, or other supported 3D printing files to recreate any 3D model in the form of edible food. The machine will melt and extrude your materials and build an authentic complex-shaped meal out of them layer by layer. Many devices also come with a monitor that lets you see the printing in real-time and a control panel for you to control the process.

Printable Food

Great attention has been gained by The Sugar Lab, which sells 3D printed sugar, beautifully shaped as various geometrical figures. The creators of the brand say that one day they need to make a birthday cake for their brand, but their oven wouldn’t work, so gave their 3D printer a try. The result was so great, that they continued their experiments, which lead to making these sugar pieces of art.

3D printing food
Image credit: sugarlab3d.com

We also have some good news for all burrito lovers, since now you can have your favorite meal with the help of new technologies. Burritobot is a start-up funded by Kickstarter, which will make you any burrito you want. One can choose from the list of ingredients and be sure they eat the most futuristic burrito possible.

Printable food
Photo credits: burritob0t.com and engadget.com

Examples of printable food also include dough, pizza, cakes, cookies, vegetable meat, and all other types of meals you can only imagine. Still, the 3D printing food technology has not gained commercial success like regular 3D printing (as of today).

Printing on Food

Even people who are not fully convinced that a 3D food printer can replace the microwave and oven can use such a machine for printing on food.

Be it a birthday cake or cute Christmas cookies, you can always add a company logotype or special message on top using a food 3D printer. Some manufacturers release machines that come with pre-made templates of various 3D models and staff the 3D food printer can write on top of your culinary masterpiece.

3D food printer
Image credit: mycusini.com

Thus, if you are tired of icing your cupcakes or other meals with your hand, get a special machine and edible 3D printer filament and let the robot decorate your pastries with professionally written notes.

Kitchen 3D Model

A kitchen is a sacred place in any house. It’s hard to find a person, who wouldn’t like to have a few beautifully designed and highly functional accessories at their cooking corner. And 3D printing technologies suit best for providing you and your friends with an abundance of stylish and non-standard kitchen 3D model ideas.

There are so many ways one can use 3D printers for creating 3D printed kitchen gadgets. You can make anything you want from forks and spoons to tables and kitchen cabinets. Your fantasy and printer size are the only limits to making your kitchen a perfect place.

3D Printed Knife

Plastic knives are not popular in the kitchen because they cannot cut as greatly as regular knives. Thus, making a 3D printed knife for cooking is not something you want.

However, there are many great 3D printed knife accessories you can create to organize your space and protect your hands. For example, you can recreate the sheath with windows for every knife you have using Sheath STL files.

3D printed knife sheath
Image: Thingiverse

Also, you can 3D print a classic Butter Pig model to slice butter or margarine with ease. You won’t have to wash the knife after every cut. Besides, different attachments allow you to extrude butter in different shapes (flowers, cubes, waves).

Can 3D printers make food
Images: Thingiverse

You will fall in love with the 3D printed knife organizer created by swtchrwr. This tribute to the micro-KITCHEN lets you store all your knives and other kitchen staff aesthetically and save space on your countertop.

3D printed knife organizer
Picture: Thingiverse

Fans of buns and sandwiches who wish to slice buns quickly and professionally can make the 3D printed slicer mold. This free 3D printing project consists of several parts that fit different bun sizes and help you protect your fingers while making the hamburgers.

3D printing in food industry
Photo: Thingiverse

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3D Printed Kitchen Gadgets

Modern 3D technologies let you have a cup, spoon, or plate with any character you want. No matter whether you enjoy Futurama, Mortal Kombat, or Sailor Moon you can be sure somewhere on the Internet you can already find all the STL files you need to create 3D printed kitchen gadgets with your favorite heroes.

1. Measuring Cups and Spoons

Every householder and culinary fan loves having all types of measuring cups and spoons in the kitchen. Thus, these are top priorities on our list of 3D printed kitchen gadgets.

Kitchen 3D prints
Photos: Thingiverse

Using free STL files of measuring spoons and measuring cups, you can recreate the most common kitchen accessories with a help of any affordable 3D printer.

These models are rather simple and let you know how much of ingredients you can quickly measure with their help.

2. Whisk

Many simple meals need a whisk. And if your previous one is broken and you need to manually whisk eggs or water with flour, you can turn on your 3D printer and download Whisk STL files.

How does 3D printing food work
Picture: Cults

This is not exactly a whisk you are used to. It consists of a connector you can 3D print. But you will be required to have something like bamboo sticks to assemble a kitchen utensil.

3. Press “Bucket”

Users who don’t cook garlic too often might lack a press “bucket” to turn peeled garlic cloves into small bits. While a stainless steel press is the best solution, you can make a 3D printed “bucket” yourself.

What is 3D printed food made of
Picture: Thingiverse

A plastic garlic press can do the job just as stunning as its stainless steel alternative. The free STL files make this press project even better! With a little bit of 3D printing material, you can make several printable pieces and screw them.

4. Bottle Opener

It is easy to open any size bottle, including juice, soda, sports drink, pop tops, canned drinks, and even more if your 3D printer helps you make the bottle opener using free STL files (these or those).

3D print kitchen
Pictures: Thingiverse

While making this project, make sure your infill is high (of at least 60% or closer to 100%). This way your bottle openers will be strong enough to open your drink. You can use supports and PLA material and build as many gadgets as needed.

To open jars, it is best to use Jar Opener STL files for 3D printing.

3D food printing technology
Picture: MyMiniFactory

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5. Juicer

A simple Juice Squeezer you can 3D print for your kitchen can help you make fresh juice using limes, lemons, oranges, and other citruses. This easy project does not require much filament, and you can use support structures and a 10% infill to make it real.

3D printed kitchen gadgets
Photo: Cults

Once your model is printed, you can manually squeeze the juice out of fruits and make your family happy every day!

6. Sushi Molds

Are you a big sushi fan? This is not 3D printed food, but you can get a 3D printer’s help to make easy-to-use molds and cut sushi in different shapes.

Get Sushi Maker Set STL files for free and recreate regular square and rectangular boxes along with heart shapes and circles. Yes, your sushi can now take any of these shapes and amaze your friends and family.

Can you eat 3D printed food
Pictures: Thingiverse

Such 3D printed kitchen gadgets are designed for manual use. But they look cute and let you make professional-looking meals no matter where you are.

7. Bag Clips

Having bag clips in your kitchen is very handy. And luckily these 3D printed kitchen gadgets are very affordable. You can select your favorite 3D model and download regular Bag Clips STL files and Bag Clip with a Screw 3D printing files.

Food 3D printing
Photos: Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory

Ensure all your bags are now securely closed after being opened. Simple bag clips that snap together and clips with a screw and cap preserve your food from becoming hard or stale too fast.

8. Note Holder

You can 3D print kitchen note holders to place on your table. The Snail Note Holder STL files offer you a free project that requires no support. You can 3D print these small models to organize your time.

3D printed kitchen notes holder
Image: Thingiverse

Stick notes inside the snail house and you will always remember all your daily tasks.

9. Kitchen Sink Drain Strainer

Protecting your kitchen sink from pieces of food and unwanted staff is easy. You can download the free Kitchen Sink Drain Strainer STL files and 3D print this useful accessory.

3D printed kitchen sink drain strainer
Picture: Thingiverse

Please note that the creator of this project designed a model that fits sinks with a diameter of 50mm, a depth of 16mm, and a border of 15mm. The holes you see are 4mm. Still, with minimal skills in using free 3D modeling software, you can adjust this model to your needs.

10. Cookie Cutters

When you cannot make 3D printed food at home but still wish to use your 3D printer to help with your meals, think of crafting cookie cutters. You can use them to bake cookies and pies in the most unusual shapes.

Batman cookie cutter 3D model

It is easy to download Batman cookie cutters, Facebook Like cookie cutters, and all kinds of molds for your delicious projects. It is fun to search for Christmas 3D printing ideas, find molds with comic heroes and villains, make cookie cutters shaped like your company logotype, etc.

Facebook cookie cutter 3D model

P.S. You can also search for free STL files to make other useful 3D printed kitchen gadgets. For example, you can build egg and bag holders, utensils and spice racks, toothpick hedgehogs, spook (fork) drainer, etc.

3D Printed Kitchen Cabinets

Years ago it was hard to imagine real 3D printed kitchen cabinets. But today you can order such furniture to make your home unique. And you can always 3D print miniature kitchen cabinets for your or your daughter’s dolls.

3D printed kitchen cabinets
Photo: Thingiverse

Right now, most kitchens are still manufactured from wood and don’t rely on 3D printing technology. But many users find it fun and handy to 3D print kitchen cabinet handles and knobs, hinges, paper towel roll holders, dispensers, and other things.

3D printed kitchen paper towel holder
Photo: Thingiverse

You can easily 3D print a wine glass holder or mini shelves to organize space in your kitchen.

3D printed kitchen cabinet
Image: Thingiverse

Let your imagination free and make kitchen 3D prints that will make you happy.

The future of 3D printed food and stunning things you can 3D print for your kitchen looks impressive. The technologies change and improve so fast that one day we could find ourselves surrounded by all kinds of 3D prints related to the food industry. Join Gambody Facebook 3D Printing Community to share pictures of your printed figurines and models.

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