3D printing for kitchen

Kitchen is a sacred place of any house. It’s hard to find a person, who wouldn’t like to have a few beautifully designed and highly functional accessories at his cooking corner. And 3D printing technologies suit best for providing you and your friends with an abundance of stylish and non-standard kitchenware.

3d-porcelain-ceramicsThere are so many ways one can use 3D printers for making his kitchen stand out from the crowd. You can literally make anything you want from forks and spoons to tables and even designed food. You phantasy and printer size are the only limits in making your kitchen a perfect place.


Modern 3D technologies let you have a cup, spoon or plate with any character you want. No matter whether you enjoy Futurama, Mortal combat or Sailor Moon you can be sure somewhere in the Internet you can already find all 3D printing files you need to print yourself kitchenware with your favorite heroes. 3D printing technology turns having a meal into a funny game both children and adults adore.

But making kitchenware is not the biggest piece of news connected with kitchen and 3D printing technologies. Recently a new device – 3D printer for food has been introduced. The idea became so catchy, that at the moment we have a number of devices that are ready to give you food any shape you want.

for kitchen
Great attention has been gained by The Sugar Lab, which sells 3D printed sugar, beautifully shaped as various geometrical figures. The creators of the brand say that one day they need to make a birthday cake for their brand, but their oven wouldn’t work, so gave their 3D printer a try. The result was so great, that the continued their experiments, which lead to making these sugar pieces of art.


We also have some good news for all burrito lovers, since now you can have your favorite meal with the help of new technologies. Burritobot is a start up funded by Kickstarter, which will make you any burrito you want. One can choose from the list of ingredients and be sure he eats the most futuristic burrito possible.

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