Most Popular 3D Print Models of August

It is more fun to download 3D models STL files when you see someone’s 3D printed examples of them. Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace offers you a new selection of the most popular 3D print models of August. All these pieces of art were made by Gambody enthusiasts whose printing and painting technique wows and inspires to new accomplishments.

Looking at these impressive 3D prints from the Star Wars universe, popular movies and videos games, you will indeed find something motivating and captivating for your collection.

Popular 3D prints of August

Popular 3D Print Models: August Trends 2020

The end of summer was marked by significant interest to Star Wars characters and models. We also adored new striking 3D prints of famous fictional dragons and unique 3D prints of models from popular video games (WoW, MWO, Last of Us, etc.) and movies (Alien, Terminator, Matrix, Joker, Spider-Man, etc.).

You will find STL files next to the popular 3D print models shared by Gambody enthusiasts so that you can start working on your new 3D printing masterpiece as soon as possible.

Amazing 3D Prints from Star Wars and The Mandalorian

The vast Star Wars universe and “The Mandalorian” TV series introduced the world to many fantastic characters, awesome spaceships and armoured transport. The list of popular 3D print models of August includes the most iconic and recognizable creations from this franchise.

1. Gorilla Walker from Star Wars

The 3D printed AT-M6, better known as Gorilla Walker, looks fantastic. Larry Day printed this popular machine on Anycubic Chiron and made sure to paint every detail impressively to make it stand out.

Gorilla Walker Star Wars popular 3D print models
Maker: Larry Day‎

Get Gorilla Walker STL files to create your version of this articulated model.

2. Razor Crest Gunship

The iconic Razor Crest 3D model from “The Mandalorian” TV series 3D printed at 1:47 scale looks fantastic. This popular model looks very lifelike, and it seems that Din Djarin will soon come on board to fly into a new adventure. Maker Steve Perry printed it on Creality3D Ender-5 Plus. The scratched up yellow parts on the ship were made with the hairspray technique.

Razor Crest Mandalorian popular 3D print models
Maker: Steve Perry‎

Download Razor Crest STL files to begin working on this gunship right away.

3. Baby Yoda 3D Print

When you wish your Baby Yoda figurine to look even cuter, you can add some baby hair as hobbyist Kevin Richard did. His version of the popular alien looks stunning!

Baby Yoda popular 3D print models of August
Maker: Kevin Richard

Get Baby Yoda STL files and create your unique version of this lovely creature.

You can also discover more fantastic Mandalorian 3D models for 3D printing if you wish to enlarge your collection.

4. Master Yoda Figure

Here is the first 3D print made and shared by Paul Andrew Dixon. This small Master Yoda figurine can be your motivation for starting a Star Wars collection.

Master Yoda miniature
Maker: Paul Andrew Dixon‎

Would you also like to 3D print such a figure? Get Master Yoda STL files to begin your project.

5. Boba Fett Figure

Working on popular 3D print models is so much better when you add a unique touch to the project. Hobbyist Ashley Young, for example, added an exclusive cape and base to Boba Fett 3D printed figurine, and its bright colours fascinate.

Boba Fett amazing 3D prints
Maker: Ashley Young

Get Boba Fett STL files to turn this model into life.

6. Darth Vader Figure

It is hard to imagine the list of popular models to 3D print from the Star Wars universe without Darth Vader. This famous antagonist from the original story becomes a superb 3D printed figurine. Here is a great example made by Björn Kamprad.

Darth Vader Star Wars popular models to 3D print
Maker: Björn Kamprad

Get Darth Vader STL files to create an impressive figure on your 3D printer.

7. TIE Interceptor 3D Print

Scaling up the 3D printing models is fantastic because you can enjoy painting more area and create your most favourite fictional starfighters in almost any scale of your choice. Hobbyist Eric Eberle scaled up the famous TIE Interceptor by 42% and added fibre and lighting optics to light up the guns.

TIE Interceptor Star Wars 3D print
Maker: Eric Eberle

Download TIE Interceptor STL files for 3D printing this beautiful starfighter model.

8. Stormtroopers Figures

Just like some hobbyists love to scale up the 3D printing models to peer into all the details, some makers enjoy scaling down STL files. Laszlo Halmos, for example, 3D printed fantastic Stormtroopers figurines on Anycubic Photon S. These models have been scaled down to 1:35.

Stormtroopers figures amazing 3D prints from Star Wars
Maker: Laszlo Halmos

You might also love to recreate the iconic elite shock troops after downloading Stormtroopers STL files.

Top 3D Printed Models from Popular Video Games

Playing a video game excites the mind and eases thoughts at the end of the hard-working day. No wonder that millions of people from all over the world are big fans of various video games. The fantastic adventures, exciting combat missions and popular action role-playing games have many incredible characters that you can take out from the screen and put right onto your shelf.

So, which popular 3D print models from video games did Gambody enthusiasts make in August?

1. The Last of Us Ellie Figure 3D Printed

The release of The Last of Us 2 in 2020 brought much attention to the grown-up Ellie character. This tender girl who has to face so many dangerous adventures keeps attracting the minds of the 3D printing community.

Hobbyists Kevin Richard and Mickael Malet recreated the girl in the form of popular 3D print models, with an acoustic guitar in her hands.

The Last of Us Ellie with guitar popular models to 3D print
Makers: Kevin Richard and Mickael Malet

It is also possible to recollect how Ellie used to look when she was younger. Enthusiast Кирилл Колосков‎ 3D printed a beautiful diorama that features Ellie and Joel. This impressive 1/8 scaled scene was made on two 3D printers and painted with acrylics and oil.

The Last of Us Ellie and Joel figure models to 3D print
Maker: Кирилл Колосков

You can download Ellie STL files to add your favourite heroes from The Last of Us to your collection of 3D prints.

2. Titanfall 2 BT-7274 figure

Popular shooter video games such as Titanfall 2 provide not only hours of entertainment but also motivation to display the most impressive models as 3D prints. Hobbyist 문동화 shared his 3D printed Titanfall 2 BT-7274 figure. It is 50 cm (20 inches) in height and boasts 90 points of articulation. The enthusiast upgraded the original design and created a fantastic action figure at 1/12 scale.

Titanfall 2 BT-7274 figure amazing 3D prints
Maker: 문동화

Get Titanfall 2 BT-7274 model’s STL files to 3D print this amazing piece of art.

3. Popular MWO Game Models to 3D Print

MechWarrior Online game amazes many players. MWO boasts millions of fans, many of whom are more than happy to download popular models to 3D print and turn them into outstanding masterpieces for wargames or shelf display.

Enthusiast Jonathan Caron printed MWO Locust model at 1/60 scale, making it look very smooth.

Popular MWO models to 3D print Locust
Maker: Jonathan Caron

For some people, 3D printing allows making their childhood dreams come true. Thus, hobbyist Mike Stimpson fulfilled his dream by 3D printing one of his most favourite characters, MadCat Classic model. It looks incredible even without paint.

MWO MadCat Classic model for 3D printing
Maker: Mike Stimpson

Hobbyist Alan Murray 3D printed MWO UrbanMech in resin at 1/100 scale and prepared this fantastic mech for Urban Combat.

MWO UrbanMech top 3D printed models
Maker: Alan Murray

You can enrich your collection of amazing 3D prints with these popular MWO mechs:

4. WoW Top 3D Printed Models

World of Warcraft is another popular video game that boasts a significant number of amazing characters. Each one looks stunning as a 3D print. No wonder that so many fans of WoW universe who have a 3D printer at home bring their beloved heroes and anti-heroes to life.

Hobbyist Greg Iwinski printed an impressive beast from the WoW world. This Deathwing model was scaled to 125%, and the painting took approximately 120 hours!

Deathwing dragon amazing 3D printed models
Maker: Greg Iwinski

Enthusiast Mariusz Flower presented his fantastic version of 3D printed Gul’dan figurine with a unique base. And hobbyist Václav Durčík made another impressive 3D printed version of the famous warlock.

Gul'dan figurine impressive 3D prints
Makers: Mariusz Flower and Václav Durčík

Weeks of hard work have transformed into a beautiful Sylvannas figurine from the World of Warcraft video game. Hobbyist Anita Laneyrie used amazing Citadel colours such as Screamer Pink, Grey Knights Steel, Barak-Nar Burgundy and Khorne Red to breathe life into the model.

Sylvannas figurine popular WoW models to 3D print
Maker: Anita Laneyrie

Enthusiast Dominic Ellis created a stunning print of Varian Wrynn in resin. The famous fictional warrior is not painted yet, but it still looks gorgeous with every detail naturally outlined by the lights and shadows.

Varian Wrynn top 3D printed models
Maker: Dominic Ellis

If you also wish to make impressive 3D prints from the popular World of Warcraft universe, you can download the WoW models STL files on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

5. Tomb Raider Lara Croft Model

Fans of Tomb Raider might love to 3D print a beautiful archaeologist Lara Croft who loves dangerous quests and adventures. Hobbyist Pandora-sofia Konstantinou shared great photos of the 3D printed Lara Croft figurine that is 40 cm (16 inches) tall.

Lara Croft 3D print
Maker: Pandora-sofia Konstantinou

Get Lara Croft model’s STL files for 3D printing if you love playing Tomb Raider and wish to see one of the most popular heroines on your shelf.

6. Dead Space Isaac Clarke Figure

When you are trapped on a space ship for a long time, you can quickly get hallucinations. The main protagonist of Dead Space shooter has to overcome dementia, but he still looks stunning as a 3D print. Here is an excellent example of detailed “hunted” Isaac Clarke figurine 3D printed by Matouš Kraus.

Isaac Clarke figurine 3D print
Maker: Matouš Kraus

Get Isaac Clarke STL files for 3D printing if you are also a fan of shooter games.

7. StarCraft Hydralisk and Terran Marine Figures

Do you play StarCraft? Then you will love this 3D printed figurine of Hydralisk. Tuğbay Yağcı made this SLA version of zerg basic front-line creature and painted it in beautiful colours.

Hydralisk figure from StarCraft 3D print
Maker: Tuğbay Yağcı‎

If you like this zerg, you can download the Hydralisk model’s STL files for 3D printing.

Another impressive character from StarCraft which you can make a reality on your shelf is Terran Marine. Hobbyist Tuğbay Yağcı enhanced his collection with a stunning resin figurine that reaches 11 cm (4 inches) in height.

StarCraft Terran Marine figurine
Maker: Tuğbay Yağcı‎

Get Terran Marine figurine’s STL files to work on this fantastic project.

8. Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat 3D Model

The famous Mortal Kombat fighting video game has many fans across the globe. One of its most popular characters, Sub-Zero, becomes a great 3D printing model. It looks impressive as a 3D print made by David Gidony.

Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat model for 3D printing
Maker: David Gidony

Sub-Zero face masks 3D printed by Dan Pazdnik and Thomas Mulligan also amaze with their quality and stunning details.

Sub-Zero face mask for 3D printing
Makers: Thomas Mulligan and Dan Pazdnik

Get Sub-Zero face mask for 3D printing and Sub-Zero model’s STL files to transform your favourite character into a figurine.

9. Doom Slayer 3D Print

Do you play Doom or Doom II? The game’s protagonist Doom Slayer is always ready to rip and tear. Hobbyist Ralf Bullymann spent approximately 120 hours on 3D printing and painting a fantastic Doom Slayer figurine.

Doom Slayer impressive 3D printed model
Maker: Ralf Bullymann‎

And you can also create such a model once you download Doom Slayer model’s STL files on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

10. Diablo Figure

The real Lord of Terror gives so much room for imagination for fans of Diablo games. Enthusiasts Gustaf En Bernadette VanderNest and Mély Limouzin-Tanguay‎ did a stunning job on painting their 3D printed masterpieces.

Diablo popular 3D prints from video game
Makers: Gustaf En Bernadette VanderNest and Mély Limouzin-Tanguay

You can get Diablo figurine’s STL files as well to breathe life into the main antagonist of popular video games.

11. Fallout T-60 Power Armour Figure

An exoskeleton from a widespread video game Fallout is a fantastic 3D printing model. Hobbyists Michael Thackray and Mehmed Dedic‎ recreated an impressive fictional armour that can protect its user from radiation.

Fallout T-60 Power Armour model for 3D printing
Makers: Michael Thackray‎ and Mehmed Dedic

Now it is your turn to work on this incredible model. By the way, you can get Fallout T-60 Power Armour model’s STL files on

Impressive 3D Prints from Popular Movies

Most of us have a list of favourite movies that warm our hearts and give us power, motivation and relaxation. If watching these movies over and over again gives us pleasure, then working on popular 3D print models that resemble our beloved characters will also amaze us. Many Gambody hobbyists have already turned Terminator, Joker, Neo, Spock, Harry Potter, Sauron and other fictional heroes and villains into fantastic 3D prints.

Take a look at their impressive models, and you might also love to run your 3D printer and create a unique figurine for your collection.

1. Joker 2019 3D Model for Printing

The story told in Joker 2019 movie, and the character portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix touched many hearts. 3D printing enthusiasts love to make this Joker figurine and paint it into bright colours just like Stephan Winkowski, Michael Azzopardi and Mark Furlong did in August.

Joker models STL files
Makers: Stephan Winkowski and Mark Furlong
Joker popular 3D print models
Maker: Michael Azzopardi‎

Download Joker figurine STL files to add this fantastic project to your 3D printing records.

2. Jurassic Park 3D Print

There are many ideas where to display your top 3D printed models once the project is finished. Some people use 3D prints to decorate their aquariums, and others, like hobbyist Paul Storey, recreate an impressive scene from Jurassic Park to place it inside their daughter’s snake tank.

Impressive Jurassic Park dinosaur 3D print
Maker: Paul Storey

Get Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary 3D Figurine in Diorama STL files if your snake tank also needs the exclusive Tyrannosaur decor.

3. Terminator 3D Print

Adding T-800 and T-1000 to your collection of impressive 3D printed models is a fantastic idea. Hobbyists Joner Weld Diorama and David Gidony already shared photos of their highly detailed figurines from Terminator. Both projects look fantastic!

Terminator 3D printed diorama
Maker: Joner Weld Diorama
Terminator T-800 and T-1000 models for 3D printing
Maker: David Gidony

Choose among the top-quality Terminator models STL files for 3D printing and say “Hasta la vista, baby!”

4. Matrix Neo 3D Model for Printing

Being one of the greatest movie characters of all time, Neo deserves a special place in a 3D printed collection of every fan of Matrix. Enthusiast João Pardinha made an impressive figurine on Creality LD-002R and Tevo Tornado 3D printers painting it with Vallejo acrylics and Liquitex paint.

Matrix Neo 3D model for printing
Maker: João Pardinha

Would you like to see The One on your shelf? Get Neo STL files on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

5. Star Trek Spock Figure

Hobbyist Luigi Tomasello printed Spock in resin at 1/8 scale on Elegoo Mars. The figurine has been painted with love to every detail. It reaches 20 cm (8 inches) in height.

Spock figure from Star Trek impressive 3D print
Maker: Luigi Tomasello

Download Spock STL files to 3D print this impressive figurine. Live long and prosper!

6. Harry Potter 3D Model for Printing

The young wizard printed in resin has his wand always ready to protect himself and those he loves from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Hobbyist Laurent Guglielmetti recreated this adorable Harry Potter scene.

Harry Potter 3D model printed
Maker: Laurent Guglielmetti

The highly-detailed Harry Potter STL files are waiting for you to be downloaded and turned into a beautiful diorama.

7. Spider-Man 3D Printed Figurines

Peter Parker’s heroic incarnation as a Spider-Man looks fantastic as a 3D print. Hobbyists keep showing their beautiful scenes with a famous wall-crawler. The works by Paul Andrew Dixon, Thomas Little‎ and Bob Chitester‎ amaze a lot with their intricate details and bright colours.

Spider-Man impressive 3D printed model
Maker: Paul Andrew Dixon
Spider-Man figurine for 3D printing
Makers: Bob Chitester and Thomas Little

Get Spider-Man figurine STL files to start working on this superhero project now.

8. Game of Thrones Night King Figurine

When you are working on a 3D printed scene, you can use all your talent and imagination while painting it. Hobbyist Martin Slam Duncan created a fantastic figurine of Night King on SLA 3D printer and chose transparent blue material for the ice which was dry brushed with white colour.

Game of Thrones Night King impressive 3D printed model
Maker: Martin Slam Duncan

Get Night King model’s STL files to recreate this popular scene for your collection.

9. Beetlejuice 3D Print

If you remember the fantasy comedy film Beetlejuice, you might love to create a stunning welcome sign at your front door. Hobbyist Annie Moberg whose fantastic 3D printed Bonsai Tree Pot resembles Hobbit House made another incredible project, Beetlejuice model standing at 36 cm (14 inches) and reaching 29 cm (11 inches) in width.

Beetlejuice 3D printed diorama
Maker: Annie Moberg

This fun project is waiting for you to be printed and painted once you download the Beetlejuice model’s STL files.

10. Lord of the Rings 3D Models for Printing

The Lord of the Nazgûl, Sauron’s second-in-command, feared servant, and Sauron himself are two great figurines to 3D print if you love The Lord of the Rings universe.

Hobbyist Chris Aldersey printed a fantastic figurine of Sauron on Anycubic i3 Mega. Printing took approximately 150 hours, but the final result is so stunning that it is worth it.

Lord of the Rings Sauron popular models to 3D print
Maker: Chris Aldersey

Hobbyist Michael Thackray recreated a stunning figurine of the leader of Nazgul on Anycubic Predator 3D printer. This Witch-king turned out very lifelike.

Nazgul 3D printed figurine
Maker: Michael Thackray

You can download many incredible Lord of the Rings models’ STL files on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

11. Alien vs Predator 3D Print Models

The two popular universes, Alien and Predator, are now a fantastic crossover that unites fans of both stories. Thus, seeing both Xenomorphs and Yautja impressive 3D prints in Gambody community gives us pleasure.

Hobbyist Roel Kroes shared a photo of his 3D printed Predator Hunter. This Yautja is very realistic and sends chills will his fearful look, muscled body and giant claws.

Predator Jungle Hunter impressive 3D prints
Maker: Roel Kroes

Alien Xenomorph looks fantastic when 3D printed in a diorama. Take a look at these great projects shared by Eric Provencal and Kiri Sute. Whether airbrushed by Eric or printed in gold PLA by Kiri, these figurines impress with their intricate details and shining polished skin.

Alien Xenomorph popular models to 3D print
Makers: Eric Provencal and Kiri Sute

Here is a beautiful Alien Xenomorph Bust 3D printed by James Fitz-Costa. The project boasts a unique lighted-up platform.

Alien Xenomorph Queen 3D model for printing
Maker: James Fitz-Costa

When Alien is printed, and you wish to enrich your collection of impressive Xenomorph 3D prints, you can look at the Ovomorph, Alien’s eggs. These 3D printing models feature Facehuggers that are ready to jump out of their incubation capsules and find a new victim.

Hobbyist Kun István‎ recreated a Facehugger peering outside the Egg.

Facehugger popular models to 3D print
Maker: Kun István‎

Makers Felixx Welliver and Bullets Ie showed the Facehuggers being already activated and ready to hunt.

Facehugger impressive 3D pints
Makers: Felixx Welliver and Bullets Ie

And Robert Salvador spent 47 hours on printing the Facehugger and its Egg. He completed the scene with a figurine of Alien Queen. This diorama looks fantastic.

Facehugger and Alien Xenomorph 3D printed diorama
Maker: Robert Salvador

Get popular STL files from Alien vs Predator crossover to bring the most impressive models to life.

12. Spawn 3D Print Model

Jimmy Gavilanes impressively recreated a well-known superhero Spawn in resin on Phrozen Transform 3D printer. The hobbyist scaled the files to 200%. Even without a cape and paint, this figurine is superb.

Spawn impressive 3D printed figurine
Maker: Jimmy Gavilanes‎

Get Spawn figurine STL files for 3D printing this scene.

13. Hellboy 3D Print

The highly-detailed Hellboy bust 3D printed by Thomas Kunert is ready for painting. Still, even with no paint, it looks incredible.

Hellboy 3D print
Maker: Thomas Kunert

Get Hellboy bust STL files if you enjoy this project.

14. Warcraft Orc Figure

The 2016 Warcraft movie inspired the design of this fantastic Orc figurine. It looks astonishing when made by Joner Weld Diorama. The scene is exceptionally detailed and painted in bright colours.

Warcraft Orc figure for 3D printing
Maker: Joner Weld Diorama‎

Download Warcraft Orc model’s STL files to start working on this figure now.

15. Asterix and Obelix Figurines

Two good friends from the animated movie, Asterix and Obelix, become impressive 3D prints. They can look bright and colourful if you paint them as Charbel Dagher did. This diorama is stunning.

Asterix and Obelix figurines for 3D printing
Maker: Charbel Dagher

Download Asterix and Obelix models’ STL files and 3D print your scene from a popular animated story.

Gambody hopes that the list of popular 3D print models of August will inspire you to be creative and use your free time wisely. Choose the character or model you wish to bring to life, download 3D models STL files and make sure to share your creation with other hobbyists. Join Gambody 3D printing community on Facebook, and you will find a new family of like-minded people and creative inspirers of your next 3D prints.

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