How Do You Paint Your Chaos Space Marine 3D Model? – Press Release by Gambody

Bring the Chaos Space Marine 3D model to life with your brush and some paint!

London, 7 September 2016 – Gambody’s online workshop of printed and painted 3D models has a new addition – the Chaos Space Marine 3D model.

Descending from the Warhammer Universe, this 3D figurine is not a simple one to deal with, but it is certainly worth a spot in your collection of printed armies of ferocious characters.

Chaos Space Marine 3D model is not like any other collectible that has been featured in our online workshop so far. It is the dark looks that he displays that make the character a perfect project for those who enjoy gloomy table top games.

The 3D model is an impressive project, standing 25cm tall. It is a static model that suits perfectly in your 3D printing collectibles arsenal, or simply as a piece that you can display in a visible spot, to the envy of your friends.

To ensure that the Chaos Space Marine 3D model prints well, the model has been broken down into 6 separate parts. This means, you will be handling 6 separate STL files in your slicing program.

All 6 STL files are created in Autodesk Maya modeling program and checked and corrected in Netfabb. Printing requires support for the overhangs. Other than that, the model prints clean, with accurate detailing and superb outer shell.

Warhammer 3D printed video game character3d printed video game character gambody

We used regular nippers to remove the support material. Some sanding was also used, but be careful when do it, because of the many tiny elements that adorn the 3D model’s outer surface.

space marine 3d printer model from warhammer video game3d print model of space marine from warhammerAs you already know, Gambody has launched its online workshop for 3D printing and painting 3D models. The project aims at showing our users the way the models print. We 3D print mostly in PLA material, as it is more affordable and thus more targeted at hobby 3D printing. Also, in the online workshop you can have a look at the painting process of the printed figurines.

For the painting process of the Chaos Space Marine 3D model we use regular painting brushes, primer, acrylic paint and some painting skills. We use these simple, yet efficient tools for painting, as they are less expensive and thus they won’t create a hole in your budget.

First, we cover the model with white primer. The primer is necessary because it masks the 3D model’s color of the printing material and also ensure perfect adhesion of the acrylic paints to the surface.

primer covered chaos space marine 3d model
We painted Chaos Space Marine 3D model based on a picture found on the Internet. We stayed true to the color combinations and the choice of hues.

For a more convenient process, we have broken down the 3D model into 6 separate parts and painted each of them separately.

painting process of space marine 3d modelpainting space marine 3d model from warhammerwh40k 3d model painting
After intense work, this is how the Chaos Space Marine 3D model looks like in painted mode.

warhammer chaos space marine 3d model painted

If you’re a true fan of video game characters, getting your hands on the 3D printing and painting one really is worth it.

Watch below the time-lapse of the entire painting process of Chaos Space Marine 3D model.

Buy Chaos Space Marine 3D model STL files here for $34.99

All those interested in getting 3D printed and painted Chaos Space Marine 3D print information kit can DOWNLOAD HERE.

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