Leave Your Black Friday Frenzy on Us

Get the best Black Friday bargains for 3D printing files from the comfort of your sofa!

London, 23 November 2017 – Another year is coming to its end and we’re pleased to announce that we kick off winter holiday season with huge reductions of up to 75% for Black Friday.

Black Friday is the day when you can allow yourself to buy things you never dared to during the year. Because there is no other better day to indulge in your dark desires than on Black Friday.

To heat up the day, Gambody bombards you with a 3-day saleathon to remember, lasting from 24 to 26 November 2017. And the great thing is that you don’t have to wait hours on end in the line to get your hand on the item of your dreams. You can do it in a relaxing atmosphere of your own home.

Are you convinced? Not yet? Hold on then. Here comes the best part!

Save more on every additional model you add to shopping cart

It means that the more items you buy, the more money you will actually save. Here’s a detailed explanation of how this sale scheme works:

You add to cart the 1st item with 15% discount;
+2nd item with 25% discount;
+3rd item with 45% discount;
+4th item with 75% discount**.

** The promotion scheme applies in descending order of value. It means, that the less the 3D model costs, the higher the discount that applies to it.

Black Friday Warning!!! Save double on 3D model files that are already on sale as they also fit into the deal.

Black Friday is only once per year

Don’t miss the opportunity to stock on 3D printing files at an attractive price tag. Give yourself the pre-Christmas gift and acknowledge the effort you made this year. And remember, Black Friday, just like the birthday, happens only once in a year.

About Gambody
Gambody is the premium 3D printing marketplace. It brings together a large community of video gamers by giving them the possibility to have their beloved game character or game item in tangible form, through 3D printing. The marketplace provides highly detailed STL files, optimized for all 3D printers and connects virtuality with reality. To learn more visit Gambody.com

Media Contacts
Yurii Yefimov
Gambody Marketplace Manager
Email: media [at] gambody.com
Twitter: @_Dark_Stalker

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