Gambody Releases the Most Detailed, 490mm Scale 3D Model of T-62 Tank

Go back in time and see how the historical T-62 tank was designed

London, 28 April 2016 – For all those who want to see how the legendary model of T-62 tank took shape, and are eager to take part in its assembly, Gambody offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience this thanks to 3D printing technology.

T-62 model for 3D printing has been inspired both from the popular video game World of Tanks and the real T-62 tank model that used to hold the first line in the Soviet army. This war vehicle was mass produced between 1961 and 1975 and it is still being used in other countries in army conflicts, as a powerful weapon against the enemy.

The 3D model of T-62 tank is the genuine replica of the Soviet war vehicle, with only small changes and optimizations made to facilitate its printing. The objective that Gambody sought to accomplish was to design a detailed 3D model, with all interior and exterior elements. The 3D modelers analyzed various Internet sources and video game graphics to design an authentic T-62 miniature.

Although miniature it can’t be called. Being 490mm long with its gun in forward position, the 3D printed T-62 tank model will make an impressive piece in everyone’s collection. It includes interior and exterior elements.

T-62 3D printable model.

The 3D printed T-62 tank will have the hull, the turret, the main gun, the general-purpose gun mounted at the right of the main gun, two drum-type fuel tanks at the rear and movable caterpillars that have been optimized to be 3D printed in resin.

The interior of the tank features the driver’s compartment, the fighting compartment and the engine compartment. After assembly the gun will lift to 45 degrees, the turret will rotate to 360 degrees and all the manholes on the turret will open to 180 degrees, opening a clear view to the interior elements of the tank.

The 3D modeler spent about 80 hours to build the entire tank’s construction. It consists of 62 parts, all of which are designed to not exceed 100mm height. The largest part is 175mm long/wide. Each part is designed to fit onto 18x19cm print bed. All parts are converted in STL files and are optimize for all types of 3D printers.

T-62 Tank parts

There is also a 5+ minute long video, in which the step-by-step assembly procedure is shown. All parts are numbered to simplify the procedure for the assembler.

World of Tanks T-62 3D model will be 156mm deep, 492mm wide, and 137mm tall after assembly.

There are also accurate and correct 3D printing recommendations available on the model’s page.

All those interested to get T-62 tank informational kit can DOWNLOAD HERE.

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