Merkava 3D Model is Added to Gambody’s Armoured Warfare Collectibles

Merkava main battle tank 3D model is here to wow you

London, 23 June 2016 – Go behind the driving levers of Merkava II 3D model, printing a detailed replica of the Israeli war machine. Thanks to the 3D printing technology you can experience the adrenaline-driven feeling that rushes through the blood veins of the tank commander when staying behind the drive mechanism of the tank and shouting orders to the tank’s crew.

War is what this armoured beast was designed to deter and fight. Equipped with powerful 105mm cannon and missiles that don’t miss any target even during the darkness, fog or thick cloud weather, the tank is a trustworthy war machine against the enemy.

Merkava tank has known difficult history since its inception until the moment it was dislocated on the battlefield. It was in 1956 when Israel decided to build a tank that would be used as the decisive weapon on the battlefield.

Merkava II model was first introduced in April 1983 as an improvement to Merkava I.

Merkava original tank.Merkava 3D Printing Design

Merkava II 3D model features all the outer elements of the Israeli tank: the main gun, machine guns, side-skirts that partially cover the caterpillars of the tank, and the turret that crowns the top of the tank. The caterpillar designs will allow users to have them printed in resin material.

The interior layout of Merkava MK2 3D model consists of the engine compartment at the front, the driver’s compartment in the middle, and the ammunition storage compartment at the rear of the tank.

Merkava Interior Layout 3D Printable. merkava-tank-14

The entire 3D model consists of 46 parts, all optimized to be printed on all types of 3D printers. Every part has been designed to fit onto 18X19cm print bed and to be handled easily in any program for 3D printing.

Merkava 3D Printer Files - 45 Parts.

The assembled 3D print model of Merkava MK2 will be 158mm wide, 167mm tall, and 345mm deep with articulated manholes, guns and workable caterpillar tracks.

Add an impressive replica of Israeli Merkava tank to your range of 3D printed figurines.

All those interested to get Merkava tank information kit can DOWNLOAD HERE.

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