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London, 28 June 2016T-62 3D model has entered our marketplace in late spring. The renowned Soviet tank, produced between 1961 and 1975, used to hold the first line in the army.

Designed 100% according to the original tank, T-62 3D model will wake up the “little boy” excitement in every man.

Today, Gambody is proud to show off T-62 tank 3D model in printed form. The model took almost 3 weeks to print on a single 3D printer and about 70m of printing material (PLA filament) that was extruded and shaped into 62 separate components.

62 separate 3D printed components of T-62 model

All 3D printed parts of T-62 3D model

The largest components of the entire structure are the parts that make up the hull of the tank, where the T-62 interior layout is to be fitted in. The printing of one of these components requires approximately two days. The hull parts of the tank have been modeled to be printed accurately and strong, thus ensuring enough force to hold the interior driver’s compartment, fighting compartment and engine compartment.

We put up a detailed video of the step-by-step assembly procedure of T-62 3D model. The 12-minute long video shows the exact place of each component of the war machine. Also, in the video you can clearly see that all the manholes and the main gun that are fitted on the tank’s turret are workable and that the turret itself rotates to 360°.

All components of T-62 3D print model are designed to fit onto 18 x 19 cm print bed of a 3D printer. The largest part can reach 18cm long, considering the print bed size we mention above. However, if you are willing to print a larger 3D model, you can do it only if you have 3D modeling skills and are able to enlarge all the tank’s components in a 3D modeling software.

The 3D model has been divided into 62 separate parts to facilitate its printing in large scale.

Our printed T-62 Soviet tank is about 49cm long with the main gun in forward position.

Print design of T-62 Soviet tank

Soviet tank 3D model in printed form

T-62 3D print

T-62 3D model - view from top

The model is available for download in STL file format. All files have been created in Maya and corrected in Netfabb and can be easily handled in any 3D printing software. There are detailed Printing Recommendations available on the model’s page for all those who want to print an accurate replica of the Russian warfare beast.

All those interested in getting 3D printed T-62 tank information kit can DOWNLOAD HERE.

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