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[blockquote source=”Wikia”]Justice comes on swift wings.[/blockquote]

London, 30 August 2016Kayle 3D model, stylized alias of the League of Legends video game character, has won a spot in our online workshop for 3D printed and painted gaming figurines.

After long hours of work, this beautiful fighter for justice displays her mesmerizing looks for all her admirers. Anyone who sets his eyes on her is bewildered by her beauty and courage.

For too many years, she fought against evil to protect her people. Her only allies in this difficult mission are her sword and the armor, forged by an extinct race of craftsmen, that shields her from the outside wicked world.

Kayle 3D model STL files were uploaded on Gambody’s marketplace by one of its contributing 3D modelers in early spring. The model consists of three files, saved in STL format: by one file for the left and right wings and one file for the body.

Created in Autodesk Maya 3D modeling program, the figurine’s files feature a high number of polygons, to ensure outstanding printing results.

As a matter of fact, we 3D printed the files on our in-house Ultimaker 2 3D printer and the model printed clean, without defects, and using little support for the wings. The advantage of having the wings designed apart from the body of the Kayle 3D model will save you print time and material.

3D printed figurine of league of legends character

printed League of Legends character
The body of the model has 2 special slots where the wings are fitted.

But we didn’t stop at just having this beauty in plastic only. We wanted to dress her and show how she looks like in her usual role.

So, she was subject to scrupulous painting procedure. It started with applying four coats of white primer, to mask the golden color of the PLA material the 3D figurine is printed in.

White coated 3d model of Kayle LOL

Then, several coats of different acrylic paints covered the entire Kayle 3D model’s surface, to attain the video game looks and effects.

Painting by GambodyKayle 3D model from League of Legends - painting by Gambody
Red and golden colors are predominant on the model’s cloth and armor. The wings feature warm yellow and soft red colors.

Gambody painting League of Legends Kayle character
The technique used to paint the model is that of brush painting, by mixing and matching different paint colors to achieve the right hue.

The lifelike and realistic Kayle 3D model is now one of the figurines that get most of our attention.

We even created a video to let you peek in the painting process of the Kayle the Judicator 3D model.

Kayle 3D model files can be downloaded here for $24.99

All those interested in getting 3D printed and painted Kayle 3D print information kit can DOWNLOAD HERE.

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