LoZ Adventure Takes Shape with 3D Printing

In the far kingdom of Hyrule, lives a courageous and fearless hero. He has a mission to accomplish – to save the Princess and his honor. This category of 3D print models brings you the opportunity to hold your favorite, high-fantasy action-adventure video game character in hands and play with him whenever you like. There is no need to turn your computer screen on and interact with him. Now, you can do it in real life, too.

This category has many heroes and villains made ready for your 3D printing.

LoZ 3D Collectibles for Board Games

All 3D print models are created in Maya 3D modeling software with the utter accuracy. The modelers follow the in-game graphic lines and reproduce the slightest of details so that you can print a detailed and clean 3D model. The 3D designs are optimized for all types of desktop 3D printers.

The models can be used for your entertainment: be it a board game, or simply an interactive live game with your friends. Use your imagination and engage the 3D figurines in dangerous quests, save the kingdom from ferocious enemy, and bring the Princess to safe land.

STL Files of LoZ Characters

All the STL files are thoroughly checked and corrected in Netfabb, to avoid any printing error. We make sure to upload optimized files that can be sent to your 3D printer right away. Join in the adventure of LoZ characters. Download 3D print models, print your team of brave heroes and start the mission of a lifetime. Forget about the computer screen for several hours and dive into the memories of your childhood, where everything you played with could be held and touched. Bring your playground to life with these incredibly accurate and clean printing 3D models.