3D Printed Houses come into reality

If you could print anything you want with your 3D printer, what would it be? A human? A car? And maybe a house? Recently the ambitious plan of some Dutch lovers of 3D technology came in action and pretty soon a 3D printed house in Amsterdam will be welcoming its guests. Since it will be located near one of the Amsterdam canals it’s called 3D Print Canal House.


The building of tomorrow belongs to the German company Henkel, known for its production of chemical goods. 80% of the construction material is bio based hotmelt and the construction itself is performed with the help of 3.5 meter tall printer KamerMaker XL. The essence of the project lies in printing construction pieces and then assembling them together.

the-Specially-designed-machineOne should mention that the design of this building also includes interior design of the rooms. As authors of the project say, each room has its specific design features tailored to the peculiarities of sin and shade in the specific position a room will be placed at.

Besides, the interior of every room will be devoted to a certain research area, since 3D Canal House is undoubtedly a breakthrough in modern science implementation.


3D Print Canal House is undoubtedly a great architecture masterpiece, but it also gives hope to plenty of organizations to improve the problem of affordable housing. It is already calculated that such houses will cost much less than modern ones. Besides, this technology has less negative impact on the environment due to the type of construction material used by printers. What is more, one doesn’t have to wait for months for the proper materials and details to be delivered, since all he needs is a good 3D designer and one and only type of construction material.


3D printing technology turns house construction into a fascinating LEGO game, which playfully solves plenty of housing and architectural problems.

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