Gambody is Looking for 3D Modelers with Artistic Flair

Gambody is a marketplace willing to accept in its family all 3D modelers who want to share their artistic skills and earn money from 3D modeling. This shoutout goes to all those who have the aptitude to create high-poly and error-free 3D model STL files inspired by video games, comic books, movies, anime and other entertainment media.

We don’t look for professionals or hobbyists located in a particular geographical area. Regardless of your country of residence, you can join us.

What Does Exclusive Artists Program Mean?

We appreciate our artists’ time and we strive to use their little to no time. From your side, you are encouraged to upload STL files on Gambody marketplace. We will take care of other matters so that you can focus on your 3D modeling activity.

Exclusive Artists Program is designed specifically for those artists who are willing to create 3D printing content and sell it exclusively on Gambody online marketplace.

If you are familiar with video games, movies, comic books, anime trends and you have 3D modeling skills, then you are invited to join the Program and earn profit share from every sale.

Gambody’s aim at tailoring this Program is to gather as many talented persons under its wing and help and assist them from the start to the end of the process, shaping together an interactive, fast-forward entertainment 3D printing market.

As an Exclusive Artist, you are entitled to a larger profit share from the sale of your 3D printing models.

Once you join our Exclusive Artists Program you undertake to sell the 3D models created for Gambody only on Gambody marketplace.

What Do I Get Being Gambody’s Exclusive 3D Modeler?

– We help you sell your 3D printing files.
We have Guru staff who know exactly the kind of audience that your STL files appeal to. You won’t have to deal with numbers, everything is controlled by us in a transparent way. You have full access to the sales statistics of your 3D models’ STL files and you can monitor the dynamics of sales from your own Gambody account.

– We have a large community focused on video and board games, movies, comic books, anime, and etc.
We’ve been expanding our community since we started working in the 3D printing industry and are now proud to have a devoted, loyal, and responsive community, for which we work. It helps us decide on the 3D printing content we publish on our marketplace.

– We are well known in the 3D printing mass media online outlets and communities.
We’ve been working closely with media outlets, such as SolidSmack,,,, and the like who cover our exclusive stories and share them across their social media.

– We handle the promotion of the 3D models created by our artists/partners.
We are well versed into social media promotions. Your 3D printing model’s release will be immediately shared on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ profiles. You only have to sit back and relax.

– We help 3D modelers create perfect, premium, and error-free STL files.
All files that are uploaded on our marketplace are thoroughly checked by our in-house 3D modelers. If the files are errored, the author is guided to correct them and make them perfectly printable.

– We help 3D modelers create promo materials for models (photos, videos, 3D printing recommendations, painting tutorials).
All visuals are handled by our staff, but we will appreciate some help from you as well. For more details. refer to the Guidelines: How to upload 3D model files on Gambody and start making money.

– We create SEO-targeted descriptions for the items.
We research keywords and write compelling description for your item so that it can be easily found by search engines.

– We test and provide correct settings for successful printing of a 3D model on FDM printers.
We run several 3D printers (from budget to high-end) and are constantly testing and printing 3D models that 3D modelers like you upload on our marketplace. We do it to provide to our mutual customers the best settings for an error-free and fuss-free 3D printing experience.

– We offer 50% – 80% profit share from sales to 3D modelers.
The profit share will gradually increase, depending on your history with us on your transparency and compliance with our Terms and Conditions.

– We cover item support.
Our Customer Support Department makes sure that all questions concerning a 3D model are duly and correctly answered. You don’t have to worry about logging in and answering a swirl of questions every day.

– We share with our artist new features & know-how in modeling action & assembly figures.
You can always contact us and ask us for support in any problem you are facing along the modeling process. We’ll be glad to help and make our cooperation a pleasant one.

What’s In It For Me As A 3D Modeler?

We start our partnership with the 3D modelers on a 50/50 share basis which will gradually increase as the partnership develops and proves fruitful for the both parties. Thus, as an exclusive 3D modeler you can reach an 80% profit share in a short time.

To reach the 80% profit share threshold you must comply with Gambody’s Terms and Conditions for Exclusive Artists Program, provide accurate and error-free STL files of on-demand 3D models, and avoid selling them on any other 3D printing file repository.

As soon as Gambody tracks that you are selling one and the same STL files on several online marketplaces, you will be excluded from Exclusive Artists Program and your profit share will decrease accordingly.

How Can I Join The Program?

It is very simple.

First, you need to create STL files of a 3D model you would like to put up for sale on our marketplace. Mind that the STL files are error-free, high-poly, and made solid before you upload them for sale. If you don’t know how to make your STL files solid, we will help you.

As soon as your 3D model is approved for publication, you enter Gambody’s Exclusive Artists group. Your membership is indefinite, provided that you comply with the terms and conditions and the requirements that apply to this Program.

When Can I Send In My First Model’s STL Files?

Now is a perfect time.

It doesn’t matter if you send files for one or a bunch of 3D models, we will get back to you as soon as we check them and schedule them for the release on our marketplace.

Due to our specific niche, we only accept 3D printing files of models that are inspired by video game characters and other items. Have a tour of the marketplace and see what other 3D modelers like you are selling.

Welcome aboard!

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