Black Friday 2019 Storewide Sale

Every available 3D printing model comes with 35% Black Friday discount

London, 28 November 2019 – As we have welcomed Thanksgiving by getting together with our loved ones and expressing our gratitude for every good thing that happened to us in 2019, now it’s time to prepare for the biggest shopping event of the year – Black Friday! Have you already decided on Christmas presents? Don’t worry, that’s what Black Friday is for.

There is no better time to get your gift list and tick off everything you need for a holiday season, as this special day offers massive discounts and deals everywhere and Gambody marketplace is no exception.

Black Friday sale on Gambody 3D printing models in 2019

What does Gambody offer this Black Friday?

Take a unique chance to obtain new 3D printing projects for yourself and your close ones at a highly advantageous price by getting any 3D model with a 35% discount.

This Black Friday period all 3D printing models available on our marketplace (almost 500!) are on sale. Everything has already been calculated for you – every single item on the website is marked “ON SALE” with the discount being already applied and the old price stricken:

Black Friday sale on Gambody 3D printing marketplace

How long does the Black Friday sale run?

The 2019 Black Friday Sale on Gambody marketplace starts on the 28th of November at 16:00 GMT and ends on the 1st of December at 23:59 GMT.

Do any other offers or campaigns work during this time?

During Black Friday Sale you are free to use those credits you have on your Gambody account’s balance that you received by the terms of the Customer Loyalty Rewards campaign.

All other running campaigns, discount codes or bundle offers that were active on Gambody marketplace are not available during the Black Friday period. When you add a model to your shopping cart during Black Friday Sale, you can see that it’s non-discountable, meaning that no other discounts besides the Black Friday one will work:

Black Friday 2019 Gambody sale non-discountable price meaning
“Non-discountable” 3D printing model example

What about Cyber Monday?

The 2019 Black Friday Storewide Sale on Gambody marketplace that ends on Sunday, the 1st of December will be immediately followed by Cyber Monday offer that will be available all day long on the 2nd of December. Our Cyber Monday campaign will offer a one-time 40% discount code “GECYBER19” that all customers will be able to apply when purchasing any models and figurines for 3D printing on the marketplace.

At the time the Cyber Monday offer will be active on Gambody, our customers will also be able to make use of all other running campaigns, discount codes or bundle offers that are available on the marketplace.

Have a successful shopping with Gambody!

About Gambody

Gambody is a premium 3D printing marketplace. It brings together a large community of 3D printing enthusiasts by giving them the possibility to have their beloved movie/video game/comic book characters or objects in tangible form, through 3D printing. The marketplace provides highly detailed STL files, optimized for all types of 3D printers and connects virtuality with reality. To learn more visit

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