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How to make money from 3D printings?

  1. Create a 3D printing - the first thing you need is a good 3D design that other people would find useful and would want to buy. It can be anything starting from a vase and ending with a part of a car. Just have a look at our examples.

  2. Upload a 3D printing - a 3D designer is to register at to upload a file. Your 3D printing is to be in .stl format and don’t forget about documentation. The more attention you pay to your 3D printings the more likely to sell them.

  3. Set a a price for 3D printing - it’s up to you to put whatever price you would like, but we highly recommend you to study the market first to make the price realistic.

  4. Relax and make money from 3D printings - it’s enough to have a look at Google trends statistics to make sure 3D printings are a hot trend now. At the moment 3D printing business is evaluated to approximately $300 billion. Our website is a great platform that allows everybody to become a part of this market.

Payment rates provides you with a perfect chance to start earning from your 3D models right away. We have flexible payment system that allows you receiving up to 80% from total profit. Want to learn more? Check out our payment rates schedule.

Getting started with

Getting started with is as easy as ABC. Use our 3D printing service to promote your models and earn money! Just follow our simple instructions to proceed:

  1. Register at
  2. Read carefully our FAQ below
  3. Read our 3D tutorial for designers

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can you give an advice how to make more money from 3d models in your service?
A: The clue to success lies in providing high quality models that meet the latest market trends and customers preferences. To achieve this one should keep up with the latest news of 3d world, which can be made with the help of our blog. One can earn additional funds by joining our referral program and spreading the word about the project.

Q: How am I paid for the printings sold?
A: Have a look at information here.

Q: Does have its own referral program?
A: Yes, it has. In case your referral makes a payment for 3d models from you or any other user, you receive 30% from his first payment. Read information here to learn more details.

Q: Does an author retain his rights for 3d printing?
A: Yes, sure. is just a platform for selling 3d printings, so you preserve all your rights.

Q: What about my payment rate? Can it decrease?
A: Unlike the majority of 3d printing companies who offer a venue for sales, will never decrease your payment rate no matter how many 3d images you sell.

Q: Does anyone review the files uploaded?
A: Yes, all files are thoroughly checked to make sure they meet the quality standards. We don’t accept low-quality 3d printings because we want to provide our customers with only the best products.

Q: Can I sell absolutely different files here and at another platform? Or is the exclusivity based on an author not a file?
A: Yes, you can sell different 3d printings at different platforms; this wouldn’t be a violation of our rules and you will still receive exclusive percent from sales.

Q: Who is carrying responsibility for preserving copyright?
A: It is totally an author’s responsibility. In case you use any template for creation of your 3d printing please make sure you are not violating any rights. If you have doubts please contact the author or a lawyer.

Q: How is the price of 3d printing determined?
A: It is up to you to decide the pricing for 3d printing. But we advise you to check the prices for some similar items first to make your file commercially competitive. Our team only makes sure the prices meet quality standards, complexity and potential demand.