Assassins category is the place where you can find your favorite 3D print models characters from the well-known video games of Earth’s survival quest. It is no secret that these heroes are everybody’s favorites.

They are renowned for their courage, ability to fight the enemy, strength and wit. With the multitude of fans out there, these models will certainly be the perfect gift for anybody who wishes to have one in their collection.
If you are a fan of Assassins Creed, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Far Cry 4, Infamous 2, Infamous Second Son, Just Cause 2, Thief and others you will certainly like the models that showcase in this category

3D Printable Assassins

As with other models from all our categories, the purpose for their design is to give every game fan the opportunity to have a beautifully crafted static model of their beloved character. You will see that the models are accurately designed to convey the allure of the video game character.
Our contributing designers have thought about the demand of users and are constantly trying to respond to it. Thus, the heroes 3D models that are displayed in this category are among the most popular from the video game franchise. They also strive to design the model with a custom-tailored approach and high definition details, which are characteristic of the game’s graphics.

All 3D models for printing showcase unique weapons, armor, artifacts and moves that are beautifully produced. The meticulousness which the designers use makes the figures come alive under their outstanding skills. If you were in search of a perfect addition to your amazing collection of static figures and the Assassin model is the one that you lack, order the 3D printable model of the hero you prefer and enjoy the sight of it on your shelf.

Assassin Heroes’ 3D Marketplace

Assassins’ squad that is available on Gambody is every video game fan’s dream. It is appealing and innovative. And now you can dive into this action/adventure-driven world by simply buying one of our 3D print designs. Forge your own division of Assasins on your 3D printing machine and use the figures for interactive board games with your friends, or simply add them to your collection.