This is Our Land!

The sheer beauty of the computer-generated imagery is undoubtedly one of the main factors that make James Cameron’s expensive and incredibly impressive fictional universe a sensation. The people that inhabit the magical Pandora and animals and plants one can meet on the moon of the Alpha Centauri star easily inspire lots of creative minds with their unworldly appearance. Gigantic Hometrees and phosphorescent plants, tall blue-striped Na'vi people and hammerhead dragons, highly valuable mineral with unbelievable name “Unobtanium” and majestic predatory Great Leonopteryx swishing high in the sky.

The world of the Avatar universe is exceptionally diverse and abundance of special effects makes it totally one-of-a-kind that it is not surprising that many 3D artists and 3D printing enthusiasts take great interest in characters and beasts that are native to the rich fairytale woodland. Fortunately, thanks to the technological advancement and talent of our contributing 3D artists Gambody marketplace now has 3D printing figurines and models to offer any sci-fi fan!

Incredible Pandora inhabitants for 3D printing

There is no denying that immersive imagery of Cameron’s work greatly contribute to the long-lasting effect of the cinema experience. But it must be the characters that become the heart of the fictional universe and that inspire 3D artists with creative ideas that yield great results showcased in this category. Now every 3D printing enthusiast has a chance to capture the story of Avatar Program participant Jake Sully and beautiful Neytiri by simply printing the heroes on a 3D printer. Or the huge Last Shadows whom the Pandora inhabitants ride like horses during ferocious battles and who can also now become a unique 3D printed piece in any 3D printing fan’s figures collection as a diorama with 3D printing Toruk Makto.

That is how a wonder world of Pandora moon is now closer than ever - find your favourite scenes inspired by Avatar universe in this category, download the STL files and print them by means of your home 3D printer!

STL files to start a unique 3D printed AVATAR collection

All 3D printing figurines presented in the Avatar category as well as all models that are available on Gambody marketplace were carefully reviewed and thoroughly checked for errors by Gambody team. Moreover, it was made sure you’ll have no trouble turning the 3D printing idea into reality by means of your 3D printer - all models are comprised of files in STL format that are adapted for all types of printers, i.e. FFF/FDM, DLP/SLA, and SLS types of 3D printing technology. Full technical support for the 3D printing design for life also comes with every order you place on Gambody. So don’t hesitate - purchase the high-quality figurines inspired by Pandora people on our marketplace and recreate the brilliant imagery at home!