Halo Military Universe has a Place in the Real Life

The Halo category features 3D printing video game characters and content for the delight of all those who enjoy shooting games.

The military topic is very popular among men of all ages. Soldiers, weapons, vehicles, weapons and dangerous missions increase the adrenaline and make you stick to your computer screen for hours on end. You care for the fate of your favorite character and you deploy all your instinct to come out clean from every duty.

In this category, you will find stylized 3D printing content from such video games as Halo, Warframe, Battlefield, Resistance, Crysis, PlanetSide 2, BioShock, Dead Space and many more.

3D Printing Miniatures to Enlarge Your Military Force

All 3D models featured in this category are adapted for 3D printing on any type of 3D printers. The files can be purchased and downloaded in STL format. All files pass thorough checking and correction in Netfabb.

A lot of works goes into designing and optimizing the 3D models for 3D printing. We make sure to provide Printing Details to every model, thus facilitating your job of printing it.

Halo Nation Beware!

Fancy having your military video game character or any other item in tangible form? 3D printing is the answer. We give you the opportunity to 3D print your favorite character and enjoy it beyond your computer screen. The 3D miniatures are perfect as a gift or as a collection piece. Paint them and you will have a lifelike figurine on your desktop or shelf.

The 3D printing gaming miniatures can also be used as table-top game pieces. Mix and match different characters, vehicles, mechs, and other video game content and set up a Universe that has never existed before.

Enjoy building your toys from scratch with the help of 3D printing!