LoL Adventure Comes into the Real World

Fighting for justice has never been so exciting. LoL category of 3D printable models gives you the chance to have your favorite video game character right on your board game or for the adventure you have imagined and are eager to put into effect.
Here you will find heroes and villains, creatures and other content for 3D printing from League of Legends, Dota2, Heroes of the Storm, Adventure Time: Battle Party and many more video games . All LoL figurines that are displayed here showcase amazing surface details and accurate graphic lines, keeping true to their original prototypes.

League of Legends Figurines for Your Entertainment

All LoL 3D print designs are optimized to be printed on any 3D printer. They are designed to give you a piece of the video game world in physical form. Enough spending time in front of your computer screen, playing the video game times on end and interacting with your favorite character through a keyboard. Now you can grab and hold it and even create your own battle adventures.

LoL 3D Printer Files

Team up with your friends, divide into two and more teams and start the battle of a lifetime with your League of Legends figurines. You can invent your own play script and guide your heroes through terrifying assignments. The figurines can also become a great gift to your friends who know and enjoy the video game, a lacking piece on your board game, or a statuette on your shelf or desktop.

Just download LoL STL files of the model you like, send them to print and you will be holding one of the most accurately designed 3D models of League of Legends characters. Thanks to 3D printing technology you can have a piece of the digital video game into the real world.